Arctic Cruises

Explore the land of the midnight sun and discover the pristine, unobstructed scenery of the Arctic. From the fascinating landscapes, untouched beauty, and extraordinary wildlife, your trip will be unlike any other.

Arctic Ocean

Adventure into the wilderness of the Arctic Ocean and embrace the unique experiences this special cruise destination has to offer. Behold the staggering beauty of the Northern Lights or witness a sky speckled and dotted with stars. The wide variety of activities offered by this area are completely one of a kind. Feel free to choose from cross-country skiing, sledding with huskies and reindeer or exploring geothermally active valleys.

Rest assured that the cruise ships that dare to embark into the mysterious waters of the Arctic are well prepared for the extreme yet endearing weather conditions that come with it. Relish up-close views of real life icebergs from the comfort of your warm and luxurious ship, and don't forget throughout your journey to keep your eyes peeled to catch a glimpse of the native Arctic wildlife including Polar bears, seals and many more.

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Expert tips for cruising The Arctic Ocean
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Sail from Tokyo with the Crystal Endeavor
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Journey with the MS Spitsbergen to Kirkenes from Bergen
This 6 night cruise leaving from Bergen will take you on an adventure visiting the best of Norway. Enjoy the spectacular views from the luxurious comfort of your cabin on board the MS Spitsbergen.
Our advice:
Enjoy some time in Bergen before set sailing on this fascinating journey. Bergen is known for being the gateway to the Norwegian Fjords.

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13 day trip from Greenwich to Reykjavik
Spend 13 days at sea on board the luxurious Silver Whisper as you sail from the UK and Scottish highlands to the beautiful island of Iceland.
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Enjoy an overnight stay in Edinburgh, Scotland's cultural hub and capital city. Spend one day wandering around the beautiful medieval district in the Old town, and another in the more urban, modern part of the city. There's something for everyone!

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  • 06.06.2020

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Sail with the Island Princess from Southampton
Embark on this 16 day adventure time sailing from Southampton to New York. Explore the best of Iceland, Greenland, and Canada!
Our advice:
On your visit to the Shetland Islands be sure to take in the beautiful, rugged Scottish landscape.

  • Southampton - New York
  • Transatlantic,Northern Europe,Northern Europe
  • 23.07.2020

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Top Ports in the Arctic
Reykjavik, Icelandfrom

Reykjavik, with a population of approximately 120,00 may not be the biggest European capital, but it is widely regarded as an exciting destination and Icelands cultural and economic center, having been established as a city in the 18th century. Reykjavik provides the perfect base for exploring nearby landmarks such as fjords, glaciers and more. There are strong connections between the city and the Vikings, with many visible signs still remaining today, such as the Longhouse at Hofsstaðir Historic Park.

Akureyri, Icelandfrom

Akureyri is a city with an approximate population of 18,000, located in northern Iceland. The city is known for having a stunning natural landscape, which means that there are many opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. One of the most unique opportunities which can be enjoyed in Akureyri is the chance to witness the Northern Lights between September and April. Akureyri is located at the base of the Eyjafjordur, another example of the stunning natural surroundings.

Isafjördur, Icelandfrom
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Isafjordur is a small town in north-western Iceland. The city is characterized by its industrial and fishing ports, which are some of the city's main attractions. The city is very impressive and has a variety of old and colorful houses. Enjoy the site of the beautiful lighthouse or visit some of the restaurants to try the local Icelandic specialities.

Hammerfest, Norwayfrom

Hammerfest is a city located on the northwestern coast of Norway. For a long time, Hammerfest was the northernmost city in the world. Today, its slogan is still "the most northern town in Europe". Hammerfest is a great starting point for an outdoor adventure. The landscapes surrounding it - impressive mountains and sandy beaches - are beautiful. Fishing is another attraction of the area around the city, the numerous lakes and rivers are full of top notch quality trout and char.

Seydisfjordur, Icelandfrom

Seyðisfjörður is a small town in eastern Iceland tucked inside the fjord of the same name. The town itself and surrounding area is strikingly beautiful and home several waterfalls. You might consider taking a hike along the river on the popular trail that starts in the town. The town is well known for old wooden buildings and the “blue church” is one of the most recognisable sights.

Ny Alesund (Spitsbergen), Norwayfrom

Ny Ålesund is a research town located on the island of Spitsbergen in Norway. Spitsbergen Island makes up part of the Svalbard Archipelago. The town is home to only about 30 people living here permanently. Every summer this number grows to an amazing 130 with scientists flying in from 15 different countries. A visit here would be like visiting a completely different world - the area is so naturally beautiful and remote.

Eyjafjördur, Icelandfrom

Eyjafjörður is the longest fjord in Iceland and is located in the central north of the country. The fjord is long and narrow and measures 60 km from mouth to bottom. The region of Eyjafjörður is Iceland's second most populous one after the Capital Region in Southwest Iceland. The total population of the region is approximately 24,000. The scenic fjord is surrounded by hills and mountains on both sides and makes for idyllic sightseeing. Many rivers flow into Eyjafjörður, the most significant being Eyjafjarðará, Fnjóská and Hörgá.

Heimaey, Icelandfrom

The island of Heimaey is a volcanic island and makes up part of the Westman Islands archipelago. It lies off the south coast of Iceland.

Grundarfjörður, Icelandfrom

The fishing village Grundarfjöður is located on the Snaefellsnes penninsula and is surrounded by a diverse landscape. Here you can find volcanoes, glaciers, lava and rock formations as well as various bird species.

North Cape Passage, Norwayfrom
Vigur Island, Icelandfrom

Vigur is a small island in the northwest of Iceland. Visiting Vigur is one of the best ways to get a glimpse into the Icelandic past. The island is a home to thousands of birds e.g. eider ducks, arctic terns, puffins, black guillemot and more.

Djúpivogur, Icelandfrom

The town is home to fewer than 400 inhabitants and with its many colorful houses, is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Iceland. Explore the small town and its beautiful surroundings and try the local fresh fish!

Alta, Norwayfrom

Alta is a town of 20,000 inhabitants in northen Norway. It is a popular location for tourists interested in seeing the Northern Lights and also for birdwatchers, as many species stop here on their migration route.

Hrisey, Icelandfrom

Hrisey is an island located off the northern coast of Iceland and is the second largest island of Iceland. There are just over 100 people living there and they travel to the mainland via a ferry.

Beechey Island, Canadafrom

Beechey Island is located on the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in Nunavut. It had its first European settlement in 1819 by Captain William Edward Perry. It was used as a base for many polar explorers during the 1800's and is a Territorial Historic Site since 1975. There is plenty of Arctic wildlife to be discovered so be sure to bring your camera to capture these breathtaking moments.

Arctic Ocean

The world’s northernmost territory is something awesome to behold. Unlike the South Pole, which lies on a land mass, the North Pole is actually situated in the middle of the Arctic Ocean amidst constantly shifting icefloes, and as such is a destination that only few researchers are privileged to visit. Instead, cruises around the Arctic will take you to breathtakingly beautiful destinations in Iceland, Greenland, Spitsbergen and Norway.

The summer months between July and September are the times to visit since this is when the ice packs recede. This is also the time of year when this extreme weather region enjoys a brief respite from the harsh wintery conditions and the Arctic summer kicks in. A cruise in the Land of the Midnight Sun will be unlike anything you have ever experienced – an endless day lends life an utterly relaxed pace and is very freeing. Combine this with the beautiful remote scenery that you sail past and you have a recipe for a magical and utterly otherworldly holiday.

Snow-covered mountains, bird-covered islands, boiling mud pools, spurting geysers, jaw-dropping glaciers and imposing waterfalls are just some of the sights that await you on a cruise in the Arctic Circle. The Arctic region is also home to a staggering variety of flora and fauna – polar bears, walrus, seals, manatees, musk ox and narwhal are just some of the species you can spot either from the decks of your ice-breaker vessel or whilst on a shore excursion. Whale-watching is another once-in-a-lifetime experience that you must do whilst on a cruise here. Other shore excursions will see you snow shoeing, being pulled along on a sled by husky dogs, hot air ballooning, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and of course taking plenty of photographs all the while. In short – prepare yourself for an exhilarating time!