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Cruises from Australia

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Cruise Offers for Australia

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Cruises from Australia
On every cruise departing from Australia, you are guaranteed to encounter enchanting coastlines, vibrant cities and stunning landscapes. Be ready to immerse yourself in the diversity and fascination of culture down under. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and with Australia’s unrivalled and breathtaking nature, divine weather, white sandy beaches and that air of relaxation wherever you wander, it never fails to be a hit with both locals and tourists. Embark on your Australian adventure from a multitude of different locations, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth – and cruise locally or further afield to exotic destinations in Asia. Allow your spirit of exploration and discovery come alive in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam or Hong Kong; embrace tropical tranquillity in a range of South Pacific destinations like Fiji, Vanuatu or New Caledonia; or venture to new heights in New Zealand’s incredible Fjordland National Park. Australia is an incredibly popular departure point for long- and short-distance cruises, so you will always be able to find route itineraries that are practically tailor-made for you! Whether it’s a cruise to America, Africa or the Middle East, with shore excursions to deserts, remote islands or buzzing metropolises, there’s sure to be something for everyone aboard an Australian cruise!
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Travel Tips for Australia

The Best Time to Cruise

First things first, booking a great cruise around Australia is best done around the months of October to April, when the famous Wave Season starts, so you can catch the best:

  • Itineraries
  • Prices
  • Ships
  • Special offers

Cruising is best in the winter months of June to August, and here is why:

  • Its low season, so the prices are lower
  • The crowds are fewer
  • The weather is better suited to exploring places

Top Cruise Lines

There is a great number of cruise lines sailing in Australian waters and offering beautiful itineraries. If you are cruising with the family and are on a budget, go with one of the following cruise lines – they are anything but expensive, offer fun activities for all members of the family and are Australian-oriented:

Couples, first-timers and families will enjoy a cruise on board these cruise lines – they offer outstanding entertainment options for all, some of which are unique and innovative, plus the selection of restaurants is spectacular:

Looking for a traditional, old-fashioned cruising experience? Here are the cruise lines for you:

Luxury sailors that are looking to fall in love with cruising once and for all, should check out one of the following – they offer an all-inclusive extravaganza, some of them are more laid-back, others – ostentatious:

Top Departure Ports


Experience the natural beauty of Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and Australia’s most famous harbour city. Lose yourself in this bustling city and admire its impressive architecture that dates back over 200 years. The perfect mixture of old and new, Sydney is truly unique:

  • Sydney Opera House is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations – the shell-shaped, multi-purpose venue houses:
    • A recording studio
    • Eateries
    • Bars
    • Cafés
    • Retail outlets
  • For a terrific cultural experience, join the city in celebrating dynamic events which are held throughout the year, from the world-class New Year’s Eve fireworks display to the colourful Mardi Gras.
  • Explore Sydney’s most famous coastal beaches: Bondi, Palm Beach and Bronte.

One of the best options from Sydney is to embark on a cruise to New Zealand, making sure it stops by Milford Sound. Its proximity to Australia, and breathtaking landscapes, make New Zealand perfect for cruising!


Melbourne is known as Australia’s “melting pot” city that’s full of:

  • Eclectic bars
  • Ever-evolving retail industry
  • Cultural diversity

Melbourne offers holiday-makers the chance of a unique Australian sightseeing experience:

  • – The city’s past and present merge together in perfect harmony, with old Victorian buildings alongside towering skyscrapers.
  • – The Old Melbourne Gaol is one of Melbourne’s oldest surviving buildings and a site where some of Australia’s most infamous criminals were held.
  • – Melbourne hosts some of Australia’s most iconic events:
    • Australian Open
    • Melbourne Cup
    • Melbourne Fashion Week
    • Melbourne International Comedy Festival

There’s never a dull moment in this exciting city. Cruising from Melbourne will start your holiday with a bang!


With friendly locals and a modern, vibrant atmosphere, Brisbane’s a city full of life.

Enjoy Brisbane’s beautiful open spaces under the Queensland sun – there is something for everyone in the city:

  • Walk along the South Bank and enjoy a delicious coffee from one of the excellent local cafes
  • Explore the shopping malls, they are some of the best in Australia
  • Cool off on the Streets Beach – the only city beach in the country

The Brisbane port offers a range of cruise departures:

  • Around Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Asia

Perth – Fremantle

Fremantle is a port city 30 minutes from Perth, the capital of Western Australia. With its mix of alternative and arty types, Fremantle has a feeling like no other. Whether you have a few days before you depart or it’s a short stopover on your cruise, you will not be disappointed.

If you are after a true Fremantle experience, look no further than the ‘Cappuccino Strip’:

  • Wray Avenue
  • South Terrace
  • Lively cafes
  • Micro breweries

Take the short journey to Perth to discover:

  • – The blend of modern art and infrastructure
  • – The natural beauty of King’s Park – one of the world’s biggest city parks
  • – Aboriginal history
  • – Bushland trails
  • – Urban villages


Nestled in Oceania, Australia, along with the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands, holds the title as the world’s sixth-largest country and 12th largest economy. A cruise around Australia is bound to inspire in so many different ways.

Diverse Landscapes

The natural scenery and the landscapes of Australia are some of the world’s most varied. There is a whole range of iconic and distinctive scenes:

  • Uluru (Northern Territory) is the country’s most recognizable natural monument. The ochre-red rock formation is also a sacred site for the Aboriginal population of Australia.
  • The Whitsunday Islands Beaches (Queensland) are remarkable in their pristine beauty. The perfect white sand and the crystal clear turquoise waters are a must-see.
  • The Pinnacles (Western Australia) are dotted around the Nambung National Park desert like tombstones. To think that they were formed out of seashells millions of years ago is bewildering.
  • The Twelve Apostles (Victoria) is another mind blowing site. The twelve (now only eight left) dramatically shaped rocks have been there for 10-20 million years and were formed by erosion.
  • Australian Alps (Victoria/NSW/ACP) that are snow-capped in the winter are fantastic for skiing. Glacial lakes on Mount Kosciuszko are well worth a visit, too.

Unique Wildlife

When it comes to flora and fauna, Australia is absolutely fascinating – 80% of the country’s wildlife is unique and cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Some of the animals living here are well-known and, have even become Australia’s icons. Others are still not fully studied.

  • Koala
  • Wombats
  • Echidnas
  • Kangaroos
  • Australian Southern Cassowary
  • Mistletoebird
  • Tasmanian Devil
  • Kookaburra

Food & Wine

Australia boasts a fantastic food and drink scene that has to be experienced to be believed. Its all about the ingredients and where they come from. The country’s extraordinary landscapes also come into play by extending the incredible taste of the meal.

  • Culinary tourism is on the rise, you can try rock lobster, abalone, sea urchin and other sea creatures straight from the water. Go on a Seafood Seduction Tour in Tasmania for a unique experience.
  • – Explore the lands near Canberra and Margaret River in search of truffles to then savour a beautiful meal that showcases their delicacy.
  • – Visit a city distillery and taste some of the best vodkas, gins and whiskies in the country.
  • – Do something great for the environment and go with a sustainable restaurant. They serve simple delicious food in true Aussie no-fuss style.
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Experts Tips for cruising in Australia

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With great weather, bustling cities, quaint beaches and epic scenery, you really don’t have to sail across the world to find the perfect cruise destination, Australia offers it all! Whether looking to enjoy a city break in Sydney, Perth or Melbourne, or longing for a scenic escape by the beach, we’ve got you covered!

There is a range of cruises starting from short two night breaks to seventeen night expeditions, the options really are endless. Cruise with P&O Australia, Carnival or Princess to be taken on a journey of a lifetime!