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World Cruises

Looking for an adventure of a lifetime? These cruises will see you exploring countless countries, cities and cultures.

World Cruises
Broaden your horizons and take on the world with a life changing expedition. The chance to circumnavigate the globe comes once in a lifetime and will leave you with incredible memories. You will get the opportunity to learn how diverse the lifestyles and cultures can be from one continent to the next. Discover the world's most pristine beaches like those in the Seychelles, Maldives, Hawaii and the Mediterranean. Savour the cuisine of each continent and visit countless sacred sites like the St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City or the ancient Mayan temples in Mexico. Experience the fascinating and sometimes harsh contrast in the world's weather and climate as you cruise from one port of call to another. The world that is full of quirky traditions, unique architecture and colourful experiences is there to be explored. There are plenty of world adventures starting from your home port, others will finish in Australia. Whatever you choose, follow your dreams and discover the world!
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Travel Tips for World cruises

The Best Time to Cruise

There is no ideal travel time for a cruise holiday around the globe, solely because so many climate zones are crossed. You will experience the most varied weather.

Top Cruise Lines

Most cruise lines will offer a complete world voyage and also sections of it. So, depending on how much time you have and how much of the globe you want to see – you decide.

Cunard cruises around the world – one of your best options for a trip around the world, and here is why:

  • Luxurious ships
  • Royal service
  • Queen Elizabeth departs from Sydney

Princess cruises around the world – offering a wide range of beautiful itineraries, plus departures from Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland. Discover:

  • The wilderness of Africa
  • The magic of the Orient
  • Follow the explorers of South America and the South Seas
  • Asia will impress you with its unique culture and diversity
  • Explore the North American continent with its incredible expanses and natural landscapes
  • See the beautiful Europe

Top Departure Ports

Setting sail on a voyage of a lifetime is always best from a home port near you, so here are your best options:



Cruising around the world – what could be more exciting? Experience our planet’s diversity and travel to some of the top destinations around the world.

The world consists of:

      • 193 countries
      • 7,5 billion inhabitants
      • 7 climate zones
      • 7 continents
      • 5 oceans

Plus, countless mountains and rivers, deserts and rainforests, cities and small villages – they can all be discovered on a cruise around the world.

Wonders of the World

A cruise around the globe allows you to see some of its most famous wonders, be it natural or man-made, explore every country’s history and culture, indulge in different cuisines and much more:

      • Walk along the Great Wall of China
      • Enjoy spectacular views of Paris from the Eiffel Tower
      • Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty in New York
      • Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
      • Gaze at the wondrous pyramids in Giza in Egypt
      • Admire the Taj Mahal in India
      • Visit the world-famous Christ-oaks in Rio de Janeiro
      • Discover the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru

A cruise around the world will leave you with memories that last a lifetime, so stop dreaming, start cruising!

World cruises - We will be glad to make you a great offer!

Expert Tips for cruising on a World Cruise

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See the world in a completely different light on board a cruise ship. Enjoy the freshness of the ocean breeze. Experience spring, summer, autumn and winter travelling to all climate zones on a world cruise. If you are seeking the ultimate adventure there is no better way to do it! Why not treat yourself to the luxury of the famous Cunard cruise ships? They are renowned for their round the world cruises, First Class service and fascinating destinations.