Princess Cruises

Number of ships: 18
Atmosphere: Ideal trips at sea with a comfortable atmosphere
Sailing areas: Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Europe, Canada, South America, the Caribbean, Trans-Ocean and World Cruises
On-board language(s): English & German

Royal Caribbean

Number of ships: 25
Atmosphere: Laid back, fun-filled, resort style cruises
Sailing areas: South America, North America, the Caribbean, Asia, Australian, Middle East, the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific
On-board language(s): English

Celebrity Cruises

Number of ships: 10
Atmosphere: Modern luxury ocean cruises
Sailing areas: Asia, Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Galapagos Islands, New England, Canada, the Pacific, South America, Transatlantic and the Mediterranean
Onboard language: English


Number of ships: 3
Atmosphere: Traditonal and formal ocean cruises
Sailing areas: Transatlantic, North America, South American, the Caribbean, Europe, the Mediterranean and World Crusies
On-board language(s): English & German

Viking Cruises

Number of ships: 52
Atmosphere: Elegant and comfortable
Sailing areas: Europe, Russia, Ukraine, China, Egypt
On-board language(s): English

Holland America Line

Number of ships: 14
Atmosphere: Luxury ocean cruises
Sailing areas: Alaska, Antartica, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, the Pacific, Hawaii, Mexico and South America
On-board language(s): English & German

Oceania Cruises

Number of ships: 6
Atmosphere: Luxury ocean cruises in a casual atmosphere
Sailing areas: The Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Asia, Africa, South America, the Caribbean and Trans-Ocean
On-board language(s): English & German

Norwegian Cruise Line

Number of ships: 14
Atmosphere: Casual club atmosphere on the high seas
Sailing areas: Europe, North America, South America & Asia
On-board language(s): English and German