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Nile Cruises

A journey to the past, cruising through the former dynasties of ancient Egypt

Nile Cruises
As one of the greatest rivers in the world, the Nile should be one of the ultimate incentives to visit northeastern Africa. Its waters connect eleven African countries. The Nile's life-supporting powers directly led to the growth and prosperity of ancient Egypt. A cruise to modern-day Egypt will offer you endless opportunities and unforgettable sights, such as sensational sunrises and vast desert landscapes. The Nile plays a vital role in sustaining the livelihoods of cities, towns, and villages that touch its shores, and this power should be celebrated. What better way to do so than to cruise on the Nile and experience Egypt from a refreshing perspective? The Nile is the key to some of the best sights Africa has to offer. Cruising up the Nile will take you to Egypt, awarding you spectacular views of the pyramids and temples towering above, a trip to the Valley of the Kings, where the tomb of Tutankhamun was unearthed, and a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. You could also take a break along the way to explore Dendara, Edfu, or one of the many waterside temples. Choose a Nile River cruise that will lead you to the holy Mount Sinai, the ancient Ruins of Abu, the brilliant White Desert National Park, the Monastery of Saint Paul the Anchorite and so much more!
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Travel Tips for Nile Cruises

The narrow ribbon of the 1545-kilometre-long River Nile is full of monumental legacies created by the dynasties of Kings and Queens – they will fascinate you.

Nile cruises visit a wide variety of antiquities along the banks of the river. But equally important, they also allow you to gain a prospective of the rural Egypt, where people live much the same way they did even thousands of years ago:

  • In mud-brick homes
  • Tending their fields with wooden ploughs
  • Moving produce via donkey

It is a wonderful experience to sit on a shaded deck of a floating hotel, sipping an iced beverage while watching 5000 years of culture slowly drift by.

Cruise Lines

Navigating the stunning River Nile is a privilege for the cruise lines. They have ships dedicated solely to the region, like the Viking River Cruises, for example.

  • The Viking Osiris is the newest and most luxury ship sailing the waters of the Nile today. The ship was built specifically for the great river and boasts clean, modern design. Jump on board and you will sail to the fascinating cities of:
    • Safaga
    • Qena
    • Aswan
    • Edwu
  • The Viking Ra, also built especially for navigating the Nile, features local motives in its interior design along with the elegance the Viking river cruise ships are known for.

The Best Time to Visit

While on your Nile cruise you will definitely want to get out and explore, so it is important to select the right time of year for your adventure.

The months between October and April are the best for travelling the region:

  • The temperatures are comfortable
  • There is a breeze on the river

Harbours for Nile River

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Expert tips for cruising the Nile

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Sailing on a cruise ship down the Nile is like travelling backwards through time. With not only modern Middle Eastern cities along the way but also many breathtaking sights still perfectly intact from the time of the ancient Egyptians, you are sure to get the best of both worlds. Cruise lines Uniworld and Viking River Cruises offer fantastic journeys along the Nile on modern, stylish, and purpose-built vessels.