Antarctica Cruises

The fifth largest, the coldest, windiest and driest continent on the planet - if these aren't tempting enough, voyage to Antarctica for the penguins, the whales and the seals.

Antarctic Ocean

Antarctica is a destination on the bucket list of many avid explorers, and now thanks to cruises, there has never been a more comfortable yet convenient way to explore the very heart of Antarctica. The sheer size and grandeur of Antarctica never fails to amaze visitors, a glistening and untouched land of floating ice towers and distinct wildlife. There are numerous shore excursions and activities available such as kayaking and hiking, to ensure guests get to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences. There are numerous research stations which guests may get to visit in order to learn more about the climate and the research being carried out on the continent.

The individuality of Antarctica makes it a must see destination and what better way to do so than on a cruise through the tranquil waters of the Antarctic ocean. It is a land of inspiration and offers a truly unique vacation experience which will never be forgotten. An Antarctic cruise will give you the opportunity to meet the penguins on Snow Hill Island, encounter fascinating whales, cruise the Lemaire Channel and much more.

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Expert tips for cruising the Antarctic
Our Recommendations
  Luxury Expedition Cruises
15 day journey to Valparaíso from Ushuaia
15 day journey to Valparaíso from Ushuaia
14 Nights with the Silver Explorer
p.p.from $11,790
Sail with Silversea from Ushuaia
Sail with Silversea from Ushuaia
12 Nights with the Silver Explorer
 December 2019 - March 2020
p.p.from $18,100
Sailing from Ushuaia with the Silver Explorer
Sailing from Ushuaia with the Silver Explorer
18 Nights with the Silver Explorer
p.p.from $46,000
19 day journey on board the Silver Explorer from Ushuaia
19 day journey on board the Silver Explorer from Ushuaia
18 Nights with the Silver Explorer
 December 2019 - February 2020
p.p.from $36,900
Cruise with Silversea from Dunedin
Cruise with Silversea from Dunedin
22 Nights with the Silver Explorer
p.p.from $39,420
  All Inclusive Cruises
Sailing from Buenos Aires via Ushuaia
Sailing from Buenos Aires via Ushuaia
17 Nights with the Viking Jupiter
 December 2019 - February 2020
p.p.from $10,695
Expedition with Viking Ocean Cruises from Valparaíso
Expedition with Viking Ocean Cruises from Valparaíso
17 Nights with the Viking Jupiter
 December 2019 - March 2020
p.p.from $10,695
Cruise with Seabourn from San Antonio
Cruise with Seabourn from San Antonio
21 Nights with the Seabourn Quest
 November 2019 - March 2020
p.p.from $15,999
Cruising with Seabourn from Buenos Aires to San Antonio
Cruising with Seabourn from Buenos Aires to San Antonio
21 Nights with the Seabourn Quest
p.p.from $18,999
Picturesque expedition from Buenos Aires with Seabourn
Picturesque expedition from Buenos Aires with Seabourn
24 Nights with the Seabourn Quest
p.p.from $20,999
  Cruises from Ushuaia
9 day cruise with the Le Soléal to Hanga Roa
9 day cruise with the Le Soléal to Hanga Roa
8 Nights with the Le Soléal
p.p.from $2,210
Sailing from Ushuaia via Port Stanley
Sailing from Ushuaia via Port Stanley
20 Nights with the Seabourn Venture
p.p.from $37,999
Journey with Seabourn from Ushuaia
Journey with Seabourn from Ushuaia
28 Nights with the Seabourn Venture
p.p.from $45,999
Cruise with Seabourn from Ushuaia
Cruise with Seabourn from Ushuaia
12 Nights with the Seabourn Venture
 January 2022 - February 2022
p.p.from $21,999
Trip with Seabourn from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires
Trip with Seabourn from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires
21 Nights with the Seabourn Venture
p.p.from $40,999
Our Recommendations
Travelling from Buenos Aires via Elephant Island
A 14-night adventure with visits to such ports as Paradise Bay and Elephant Island in Antarctica, along with South American stops including in Argentina and Uruguay.
Our advice:
Choose to sail with a recognizable cruise line you can trust, on a state of the art vessel where almost every cabin has a sweeping veranda view - well-needed for the Antarctica landscape.

  • Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires
  • Antarctic Ocean,South America,Pacific
  • January 2020 - February 2020

from $3,678
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Sailing from Ushuaia with the Silver Explorer
This is an Antarctic adventure that includes many overnights to ensure you get to fully explore your destinations. You will start in Ushuaia and travel through the Falklands towards the Antarctic Peninsula. Silversea offer enrichment lectures with experts onboard to ensure you get the most out of your holiday.
Our advice:
The waters of the Drake Passage are some of the roughest in the world! While it can be calm, more often than not the waves and wind can be quite thrilling so be prepared to "soak" up the unique experience.

  • Ushuaia - Ushuaia
  • Antarctic Ocean,South America,Pacific
  • 16.01.2020

from $46,000
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Picturesque expedition from Buenos Aires with Seabourn
Explore the best of Antarctica in luxury. This 25 day voyage on board the Seabourn Quest will be stopping in Argentina, Chile and more.
Our advice:
If you really want a proper expedition-type trip to Antarctica, where you get stuck in with extensive shore activities and can listen to expert staff who can teach you all there is to know about the continent, a voyage with Seabourn is certainly the way to go.

  • Buenos Aires - San Antonio
  • Antarctic Ocean,South America,Pacific
  • 19.12.2019

from $20,999
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Ports in Antarctica
Ushuaia, Argentinafrom

Ushuaia, the capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, is Argentina's southernmost city. The Tierra del Fuego National Park offers spectacular scenery alongside the popular ‘End of the World’ train ride through the park. Wonder at the beautiful sights of the city and the natural surroundings from the Martial Glacier. History buffs should make sure to visit the Maritime Museum.

Highlights of Ushuaia
  • Explore the beautiful National Park of Tierra del Fuego
  • Witness the impressive Antarctic ecosystem
  • Learn about the history of the region at the Maritime Museum
Puerto Montt, Chilefrom

The port city of Puerto Montt has a breathtaking skyline with the Calbuco volcano sitting in the background. This volcano is one of the active volcanos in Chile however there has been no eruptions in recent years meaning cruisers can enjoy the city with no worries. The region around Puerto Montt is well worth a visit offering glacial lakes and mountainous national parks which can be visited on an excursion. Puerto Montt is well known for it’s cuisine and you should definitely visit the craft market in the harbour and enjoy the local seafood.

Highlights of Puerto Montt
  • Plaza de Armas square
  • Laguna Verde
  • Calbuco volcano tour
Port Stanley, Falkland Islandsfrom

Port Stanley is the capital of the Falkland Islands located on the Island of East Falkland. The port is named after the British politician Lord Stanley and became the capital in July 1845. Visitors from cruises can enjoy a variety of tours and excursions including nature walks, trips to the smaller islands of the archipelago, and wildlife tours. One of the most popular activities for visitors is a tour to see penguins which inhabit the island. This a unique opportunity to see such magnificent creatures up close and personal.

Highlights of Port Stanley
  • Local wildlife tours
  • Christ Church Anglican Cathedral
  • Tours of the surrounding islands
Antarctic Peninsula, Antarcticafrom

The mountainous Antarctic Peninsula is the northernmost part of Antarctica which stretches towards South America. The Ice Sheet provides one of the most unique destinations worldwide and visitors can see the vast array of wildife which exists such as penguins in addition to various species of whales and seals. The Antarctic Peninsula offers stunning natural landscape complete with ice capped mountains and icebergs. Due to the relatively mild climate (in summer up to +3 ° C) many research stations are based here.

Highlights of Antarctic Peninsula
  • Enjoy the spectacular natural scenery of the Peninsula
  • Witness the vast array of wildlife in their natural habitat
  • Explore Antarctica by kayak for an outdoor experience like no other
Drake Passagefrom

The Drake Passage is a strait between the southern tip of South America and the northern tip of Antarctica. It connects the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean and was named after the explorer Sir Francis Drake. The Passage is around 1,000 kilometres long. Crossing the Drake Passage is seen as a pivotal moment in making the crossing to Antarctica and offers the perfect opportunity for passengers to test their endurance skills, as the waters here are some of the roughest in the world. Once through the Passage passengers will enjoy the calm waters and incredible natural landscape of Antarctica which make the trip more than worth it.

Highlights of Drake Passage
  • Prepare for the trip of a lifetime to Antarctica
  • Experience the unique waters of the Drake Passage
  • Witness the natural landscape of the strait
Glacier Alley, Argentinafrom

Glacier Alley is located in the Beagle Channel of Argentina. The Avenue is abundant with tidal glaciers that lead off towards the sea from the enormous Darwin ice field. The glaciers are named after the European 19th century explorers, from Holland, Italy, Germany and France, who were the first to map the regions. Be sure to bring your camera to capture these spectacular snow capped wonders.

Highlights of Glacier Alley
  • See Argentina and Chile from your boat
  • Les Eclaireurs lighthouse
  • Sea lions at De Los Lobos
Antarctic Sound, Antarcticafrom

The Antarctic Sound is a water mass which received it's name from the 'Sound', a Swedish ship which was the first to successfully pass through the area. The Antarctic Sound divides the Jainville Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. The area is populated by a wide variety of wildlife including the popular gentoo penguins, in addition to a wide variety of seals. The Antarctic Sound is the perfect place to witness the beautiful glaciers and snow-capped peaks of Antarctica.

Highlights of Antarctic Sound
  • Enjoy the tranquility of the Antarctic Sound
  • See where the Antarctic Peninsula and the Jainville Islands are separated
  • Keep a look out for Weddell seals and more wildlife
South Shetland Islands, Antarcticafrom

The South Shetland Islands are a group of islands stretching over 500 kilometres. The islands include Elephant Island, Deception Island, Half Moon Island and many more across Antarctica. On the islands there are volcanoes, some of which are still active. Due to the relatively mild temperature, there are numerous bases throughout the islands for carrying out scientific research, some of which are permanently manned, however the most common inhabitants of the islands are seals and penguins. Each island offers passengers a different perspective on Antarctica.

Highlights of the South Shetland Islands
  • Learn about the research being carried out in Antarctica
  • Spot penguins and seals in their natural habitat
  • Explore King George Island, Elephant Island and more
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islandsfrom
The island group of South Georgia lies in the South Atlantic, about 1600 km away from the South American mainland. The region is one of the most important breeding areas of king penguins.
Elephant Island, Antarcticafrom

Elephant Island, is a member of Antarctica's Island chain, referred to as the South Shetland Islands. The name Elephant Island is derived from the shape of the island, which is said to resemble that of an elephant head. Elephant Island is closely associated with Antarctic explorers such as Ernest Shackelford and Tom Crean. Their expedition crew remained stranded on the island for a number of months having had their ship go down in the icy waters of Antarctica before Schackelford made it to Georgia for help. The remains of the ship can still be seen on the island today

Highlights of Elephant Island
  • Learn about the significance of the island for Antarctic exploration
  • Witness the remains of the ship of Ernest Schackelford and his crew
  • Watch the natural wildilfe of the island which includes elephant seals and penguins
Cuverville Island, Antarcticafrom
On Request

Cuverville Island or as it's known originally 'Île de Cavelier de Cuverville' is an island located in the Errera Channel of Graham Land in Antarctica. Discovered by a group of Belgian Antarctic Explorers under the leadership of Adrien de Gerlache who named the island after the vice admiral of the French Navy at that time. The island is identified as an Important Bird Area as it is home to a breeding colony of gentoo penguins, with over 6500 pairs, it's the largest on the peninsula.

Highlights of Cuverville Island
  • See gentoo penguins
  • Antarctic pearlwort flora
  • Minke whales and other wildlife
Half Moon Island, Antarcticafrom
On Request

Half Moon Island is an Antarctic island which is part of the South Shetland Islands. The island is located about 120km from the Antarctic Peninsula and is about 2km long. The crescent-shaped island contains the crater of a volcano and measures 101m at its highest point. The island was one of the first Antarctic spots ever visited and is believed by many to be one of the most beautiful, despite welcoming visitors since the early 1800's. Hiking trips are popular excursions undertaken on Half Moon Bay. Many seabirds and penguins are native to the island.

Highlights of Half Moon Island
  • Take in some of Antarctica's most scenic spots
  • Spend some time hiking in the outdoors of Antarctica
  • Visit Half Moon Island's very own cobble beach
Deception Island, Antarcticafrom

Deception island, a former whaling station is part of the South Shetland Islands. The Island is characterized by an active volcano. The presence of this volcano has led many to believe that the waters of Deception Island are amongst Antarctica's warmest, therefore many brave visitors choose the island as the location of their Antarctic swim. The island has also proven to be a popular spot for research, with multiple countries having research bases on the island.

Highlights of Deception Island
  • Test your bravery by taking a dip in the waters of Whalers Bay
  • Visit the site of Antarctica's first ever flight departure
  • Learn about the natural environment of Antarctica and the research being carried out
Paradise Bay, Antarcticafrom

Paradise Bay is located along the peninsula of Antarctica, in close proximity to South America. Paradise Bay provides the perfect opoortunity for those seeking to enjoy a short sail to Antarctica, due to it's proximity to Ushuaia in Argentina. Paradise Bay offers stunning natural scenery, with a landscape which has remained relatively untouched by tourism. The Bay is characterized by icebergs as well as the high number of penguins which can be seen navigating their way through the icy waters.

Highlights of Paradise Bay
  • Witness the fantastic wildlife up close
  • Enjoy the stunning natural landscape of Paradise Bay
  • A perfect destination for those looking for a short visit to Antarctica
Saunders Island, Falkland Islandsfrom

Saunders is an island in the Falklands, it is located north west of the West Falkland Island and is the fourth largest in the archipelago. The island's terrain varies from rocky hills to sweeping shorelines. Saunders' exceptional wildlife - the island is recognised as an Important Bird Area and is home to all five breeding species of penguin - draws nature lovers from all over the world. Besides that, Saunders is historically significant as it is the first British settlement site on the Falkland Islands.

Highlights of Saunders Island
  • Take a tour to the Neck - the place with the highest concentration of wildlife on the island
  • Learn all about sheep farming
  • Spot elephant seals, black-neck swans and other rare animals
Antarctic Ocean Antarctica cruises to the White Continent will be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. This ice-covered region of the Southern Hemisphere draws in fewer than 20,000 cruise passengers annually and is not for those who expect a mainstream cruising experience. If you want to savour the delights of vibrant onboard shops and casinos, then a cruise to Antarctica is not for you! Instead, the fascination of the White Isle lies in its sheer beauty and in experiencing the imposing, all-powerful force of nature. For this coldest, driest and windiest landmass on the planet is actually a wildlife paradise; Antarctica cruises boasts an unrivalled abundance of flora and fauna. Spending a few days sharing your world with seals, penguins and flocks of screaming birds will be a thrilling experience. Excursions will see you hiking and kayaking and whale watching, and in the evenings you will be treated to informative lectures on the climate and geography of this dramatic landscape.

Antarctica Cruises - The Ships

There are a surprising number of cruise lines that will sail you to Antarctica. Some of the most experienced operators in these waters are Oceanwide Expeditions, Quark Expeditions, and Holland America Line. Their ships are without fail modern and comfortable. Unlike larger ocean-going cruise ships operating elsewhere in the world, these ships will not come furnished with show venues, waterparks, and twenty different dining rooms. What they do offer is a friendly, intimate atmosphere, cosy bars and dining rooms, and panoramic lounges. If you are looking for a vessel to rival the more mainstream options and transport you in absolute luxury, then you should consider the five-star cruise lines Seabourn and Silversea Cruises. Their ships come with exquisite furnishings (think marble bathrooms) and 24-hour butler service. All vessels cruising these waters have ice-strengthened hulls to ensure absolute safety. Some of the more robust expedition and research cruise ships are actually icebreakers that can cut paths through the ice to reach the more out-the-way destinations. For more information on Antarctica cruises call our cruise experts today on 1300 887 590.