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Pacific Cruises

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Pacific Cruises

The biggest ocean in the world, also means a big variety of cruises and destinations. With plenty of sailings departing from Australia, we've got the cruise for you!

Pacific Cruises
The Pacific is full of locations perfect for a cruise holiday, just waiting to be discovered. Offering inviting waters, amazing natural landscapes and interesting cultures a cruise in the region is an experience to remember. The options of cruises include trips to idyllic islands and transpacific cruises to North or South America. The Pacific is full of destinations offering an array of different holiday types available, meaning everyone will find a cruise to suit them. From a relaxing trip to the islands of Bora Bora and Papeete to a taste of the American West Coast in San Francisco and Los Angeles, there is a wide choice of holidays available. Pacific cruising can take you from the vibrant cities of New Zealand to the pristine beaches of New Caledonia, all while experiencing incredible new cultures though the many different destinations and superior service from a range of different cruise lines. Whether you want an Alaskan adventure or a Hawaiian getaway, the wide variety of different locations and landscapes mean that you will be sure to find a cruise that is perfect for you.
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Pacific cruises are widely available with all major cruise liners having voyages throughout the year. With such a vast area covered cruising through the pacific allows you to experience multiple destinations and cultures. One day you can be soaking up the sun in Honolulu and the next meeting the locals in French Polynesia. Cunard, Princess and Carnival are just some of the liners that you can choose from.

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