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Glorious mountains, icy glaciers, wildlife and the majestic Pacific Ocean. Alaska will surely take your breath away.

Alaska & West Canada

Alaskan cruises offer you unlimited possibilities. Explore snowy mountain ranges, magnificent arctic glaciers, deep coniferous forests and crystal clear lakes on a cruise tour package. Witness incredible flora, beautiful and unique fauna and vibrant cultures in blissfully remote natural environments. Discover the incredible Kodiak Island, home to the largest bears in the world. Alaska’s vast size allows for a complex diversity of landscapes, each with its own unique character.

Aside from a wild natural beauty, Alaska is renowned for its adorable historic townships, like the state’s capital Juneau, the gold rush town of Skagway, and Wrangell - the first non-indigenous settlement in the state of Alaska. Alaska cruises are possible from various different ports, including from the Canadian metropolis of Vancouver, which too is a popular sightseeing destination. Explore the beautiful American state of Alaska in all its beauty and bask in the magnificence of nature.

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Experts Tips for cruising Alaska
Our Recommendations
30 day cruise with the Pacific Princess to Papeete, Tahiti
30 day cruise with the Pacific Princess to Papeete, Tahiti
29 Nights with the Pacific Princess
p.p.from $7,538
Voyage from Sydney to Vancouver via International Date Line
Voyage from Sydney to Vancouver via International Date Line
35 Nights with the Ruby Princess
p.p.from $5,534
Voyage with Princess Cruises from Vancouver
Voyage with Princess Cruises from Vancouver
23 Nights with the Ruby Princess
p.p.from $14,429
Delightful Auckland to picturesque Vancouver
Delightful Auckland to picturesque Vancouver
27 Nights with the Ruby Princess
p.p.from $4,194
41 day expedition from Seattle
41 day expedition from Seattle
40 Nights with the Oosterdam
p.p.from $7,649
  Alaska & Japan
Journey with Celebrity Cruises from Vancouver to Tokyo
Journey with Celebrity Cruises from Vancouver to Tokyo
16 Nights with the Celebrity Millennium
p.p.from $1,634
Mesmerising expedition from Vancouver with Royal Caribbean
Mesmerising expedition from Vancouver with Royal Caribbean
16 Nights with the Radiance of the Seas
p.p.from $1,533
15 day journey from Tokyo to Seattle
15 day journey from Tokyo to Seattle
13 Nights with the Ovation of the Seas
p.p.from $2,148
Charming expedition from Tokyo with Celebrity Cruises
Charming expedition from Tokyo with Celebrity Cruises
12 Nights with the Celebrity Millennium
p.p.from $1,774
Voyage with Celebrity Cruises from Tokyo
Voyage with Celebrity Cruises from Tokyo
14 Nights with the Celebrity Millennium
p.p.from $2,450
  Fly Packages
Rocky Mountains Rail & Alaska Sail
Rocky Mountains Rail & Alaska Sail
18 Nights Canada and the USA East Coast, ...
 Celebrity Millennium
p.p.from $8,199
Volcanos & Glaciers
Volcanos & Glaciers
17 Nights Canada and the USA East Coast, ...
 Norwegian Sun
p.p.from $5,229
Parks, Peaks & Glaciers
Parks, Peaks & Glaciers
16 Nights Canada and the USA East Coast, ...
 ms Westerdam
p.p.from $5,499
Tokyo Sights & Vancouver Delights
Tokyo Sights & Vancouver Delights
17 Nights Canada and the USA East Coast, ...
 Celebrity Millennium
p.p.from $4,299
Our Recommendations
Spectacular Vancouver to picturesque Los Angeles
Sail this 12 night cruise through the Inside Passage from Vancouver to Los Angeles. Get out and explore every day - Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka & much more of the Pacific coast best.
Our advice:
Brush up on your knowledge of the local whale species so you can recognise them all when they breach the surface. 

  • Vancouver - Los Angeles
  • Canada and the USA East Coast,Alaska & West Canada,Pacific,North America,USA West Coast
  • September 2019 - October 2020

from $11,830
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Voyage with the Radiance of the Seas from Vancouver
Take this week long cruise and journey northbound through the Inside Passage from Vancouver to Seward visiting Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, Juneau, Skagway and the majestic Hubbard Glacier.
Our advice:
Average temperatures tend to be cooler so make sure to check the forecast and pack accordingly so you can enjoy the stunning sites comfortably.

  • Vancouver - Seward
  • Canada and the USA East Coast,Alaska & West Canada,Pacific,North America
  • May 2020 - August 2020

from $1,017
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Sailing from San Francisco with the Star Princess
Set sail to Alaska from San Francisco and enjoy the beautiful Pacific coastal views and see the top destinations such as Victoria, Juneau and Sitka.
Our advice:
Be sure to bring a good camera, and book a shore excursion to capture some unique memories.

  • San Francisco  - San Francisco
  • Canada and the USA East Coast,Alaska & West Canada,Pacific,North America,USA West Coast
  • 21.08.2020

from $2,179
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Top Ports in Alaska & Canada West
Vancouver, Canadafrom

Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada, between the sea and mountains, which provide a beautiful backdrop. A cosmopolitan city which is nestled in the great outdoors, Vancouver is the ideal place to discover the best of Canada, where you can enjoy skiing on the internationally renowned mountains Whistlers and Blackcomb and also experience a huge array of fine bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Stanley Park is a highlight of Vancouver, featuring beautiful beaches, paved and dirt trails and Canada's largest aquarium.

Highlights of Vancouver
  • Visit Stanley Park by bike, boat or hiking the trails
  • Dine on fresh seafood and enjoy B.C wine
  • Discover the wealth of shopping options in Vancouver
Juneau, Alaska, USAfrom

Juneau is the capital city of the State of Alaska and is full of natural and cultural attractions. Surrounded by the stunning Alaskan landscape, there is a huge amount of activities available to embrace nature, such as flightseeing, kayaking, whale watching and fishing. There is also a wealth of cultural experiences to be discovered with museums, historical sites, art galleries and more. Juneau is sure to impress all visitors, whether you would like to visit glaciers and fjords or see the whales and dolphins local to the region.

Highlights of Juneau
  • Take a boat tour to glaciers, fjords and other natural wonders
  • Explore the history and culture at the shrine of St. Therese & Alaska State Museum
  • Enjoy some fresh Alaskan crab and seafood in a variety of restaurants
Ketchikan, Alaska, USAfrom

Ketchikan is an American city in Alaska, which is known mainly for its tourism and fishing. The city provides a perfect platform to explore the Misty Fjords National Monument, which is characterised by its steep valleys formed by volcanic activity providing spectacular views. There is a strong cultural history in Ketchikan with evidence of Native Alaskans seen in the totem poles and the Totem Heritage Center. Known as the 'Salmon capital of the world', Ketchikan will serve up fine salmon, crab, oysters and more in a variety of restaurants.

Highlights of Ketchikan
  • Discover beautiful nature at Tongass National Forest & Misty Fjords National Monument
  • Taste fresh seafood in any of Ketchikan's restaurants
  • View the wildlife of Ketchikan by land, sea or air
Victoria, Canadafrom

Victoria, the provincial capital of British Columbia on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, impresses with European flair, narrow streets and Victorian architecture. Many of the buildings built before 1945 are listed buildings and the red double-decker buses for city tours are reminders of the British Empire. Not to be missed are the Parliament Building, the Fairmont Empress and the Royal British Columbia Museum. The tearooms, antique shops and galleries are all sure to impress and the abundance of cycling routes make the city easy to navigate.

Highlights of Victoria
  • Learn the history of Victoria at the Royal British Columbia Museum
  • See the maritime wildlife on a whale and dolphin watching tour
  • Discover the lively dining, shopping and nightlife in Victoria
Skagway, Alaska, USAfrom

The former gold rush town of Skagway, is located on Taiya Inlet, a bay of the Lynn Canal. The city is also known as a living museum of the gold rush era, as many relics can still recall the time of the gold rush. The ideal way to discover Skagway is a sightseeing tour, whether through the town itself discovering the historic buildings or taking to the skies in a helicopter to discover Skagway's natural beauty from above. From the magnificent fjords to the fascinating wildlife, Skagway has sights in all places that will be sure not to disappoint.

Highlights of Skagway
  • Discover the history of Skagway at the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park
  • See the natural Alaskan beauty at Davidson Glacier and Lower Reid Falls
  • Stroll down Broadway Street and find the history of Skagway
Sitka, Alaskafrom

Sitka is a city which is located on Baranof Islands of the Pacific Ocena in the U.S state of Alaska. It is only accessible by plane or boat and this can sometimes be affected in the winter due to weather. Sikta is the largest area in the United States. Sitka is known as the most beautiful coastal town in Alaska with a forest walk to the water, unprecedented fauna and culture. The people that live in Sitka are extremely welcoming and friendly making you feel at home from the moment you step foot in Sitka.

Highlights of Sitka
  • Be sure to visit 'Fortress of the Bear'
  • Visit Baranof Island Brewing Company
  • Watch the whales along the coastal area
Hubbard Glacier, Alaska, USAfrom

The Hubbard Glacier is a glacier in the Elias chain in the state of Alaska and the Yukon Territory. It stretches over 122 km in the Yakutat Bay, making it the longest water-ending glacier in Alaska. Hubbard Glacier is an active glacier which continues to grow and consists of two major peeks.

Highlights of Hubbard Glacier
  • Explore the longest tidewater glacier in Alaska
  • Cruise by taking unforgettable pictures
  • Admire on of the most beautiful sights on earth
Seattle, Washington, USAfrom

Seattle is located on Lake Washington and Puget Sound. The city is the largest in the US state of Washington. The unique spirit of the city is widely captured at the Pike Place Market, located down by the waterfront. The Olympic Sculpture Park is a free park full of unique sculptures and offers fantastic views over Seattle and the harbour. Seattle is often synonymous with the Seattle Space Needle which towers over the city. The Space Needle offers a restaurant complete with panoramic views, in addition to an Observation deck offering views that are not to be missed.

Highlights of Seattle
  • Check out the panoramic views from the Space Needle
  • Explore the unique Pike Place Market
  • Marvel at the unique sculptures at Olympic Park
Icy Strait Point, Alaska, USAfrom

Icy Strait Point is Alaska's newest cruise port. It is one of the only private tourist destinations in Alaska. The Native Heritage Center is worth a visit: here you can look at the art of the Tlingit Indians. Various exhibitions and live performances help to gain knowledge about the history and culture of the Tlingit.

Highlights of Icy Strait Point
  • Learn about the history of Alaska in gestaureerde cannery
  • Visit the NAtive Heritage Center
  • Dine in the 'Cookhouse' for an Alaska style meal
Inside Passage, Alaska, USAfrom

The Inside Passage is a sea off the coast of Alaska and British Columbia with a coastline of 24,000 km and about 1,000 islands. Boasting wildlife-filled fjords and lush island scenery, the Inside Passage is one of the world's most beautiful waterways and is also an extremely popular cruising location. You will be sure to find whatever you are looking for with a range of water taxis, ferries and island-hopping planes available to bring you to your ideal location.

Highlights of Inside Passage
  • See the history of Alaska in Skagway
  • Explore wild Alaskan beauty in Glacier Bay National Park
  • Experience Alaska's Russian influence in Sitka
Glacier Bay, Alaskafrom

Glacier Bay is a bay in the south of Alaska, whose eponymous national park is home to a total of 17 glaciers. The fjords of Glacier Bay are strongly affected by the level of the tide and influenced by the seasons. This beautiful bay is part of the UNESCO world heritage list, and is a destination which is definitely worth a visit. Along with mountains covered in ice there are many rainforests which inhabit animals and beautiful plants.

Highlights of Glacier Bay
  • Experience a guided walk on the forest loop trail
  • Visit the 'Huna Tribal House Project'
  • View incredible sights of beauitful nature and more
Seward, Alaska, USAfrom

The city is located on the Seward Resurrection Bay in the State of Alaska. Seward is a secenic city surrounded by natural beauty. Seward marks the beginning of the historic Iditarod Trail, as well as the historical route of the Alaska Railroad. The city has about 3,000 inhabitants and is frequented by summer tourists. Seward is dived into two parts the historic center and the tourist port. Sewards coastal area in inhabited by beautiful whales, sea lions and birds.

Highlights of Seward
  • Go kayaking and explore the sealife in Seward
  • Try zipling in the Adventure Parks
  • Hike Kenai Fjords National Park
Kodiak, Alaskafrom

Kodiak is a port town located in the US state of Alaska and is the main city of the Kodiak Island. The town is pretty developed but laid-back and friendly at the same time. Kodiak's charm lays in the onion domes that remind of Alaska's Russian heritage and in its modern port, that is one of the state's biggest. The town is famous for its salmon industry and the Kodiak Bear that is protected by strict game laws. Kodiak offers visitors plenty of entertainment, from a wildlife refuge centre to an archaeological museum.

Highlights of Kodiak
  • See the beautiful blue domes of the Holy Resurrection Cathedral
  • Spot sea lions and eagles from the St. Herman Harbor
  • Explore Russian books and cuisine at the Monk's Rock Coffeehouse and Bookstore
Endicott Arm, Alaska, USAfrom
Edicott Arm is located in the U.S. state of Alaska. Edicott Arm is a part of the Tracy Arm fjord area and is over 45 km long.
Misty Fjords, Alaskafrom

The Misty Fjords National Monument is located in southern Alaska and is a well-known nature reserve. It lies 22 miles east of Ketchikan it is a mosaic of sea cliffs, rock walls and steep fjords. The monument is covered in rainforests and waterfalls which enhances the beauty of the fjord. A visit to the area is a treat for nature-lovers, as you will see beautiful granite mountains and glaciers rising above green forests as well as fjords making their way through the beautiful scenery.

Highlights of Misty Fjords
  • Be sure to go kayaking
  • Explore the picturessque Walker Cove, Rudyerd Bay and Punchbowl Cove
  • See the amazing wildlife amoung the Misty Fjords
Alaska & West Canada

Which cruise lines go to Alaska?

There are a range of cruise lines that sail to Alaska. Below is a range of large and small cruise lines.
  1. Princess Cruises
  2. Holland America Line
  3. Celebrity Cruises
Along with a range of small cruise lines that can go into bays that other larger cruise ships can't enter.
  1. Regent Seven Seas
  2. Un-Cruise
  3. Silversea
  4. Windstar

How much does a cruise to Alaska cost?

For the most popular duration of 7-10 days in Alaska price on average are between $1,500 and $2,000. Prices vary according to the time of year and cruise lines, but that is a good starting figure. Prices are per person based on two sharing.

Where to go in Alaska?

Alaska cruises guarantee panoramic vistas of breath-taking beauty comprising of lofty snow-capped mountains and immense glittering glaciers.

The main ports in this unspoilt region include; Juneau (the capital city of Alaska), Ketchikan, Hubbard, Gletscher, Glacier Bay and Skagway. When anchored in these ports you should take advantage of a shore excursion to explore stunning landscapes, delightful cities, and an untouched wilderness like no other, the memory of which will forever remain with you. If you enjoy adventure activities on the water, then try sea kayaking and Orca tours. If you want adventure activities on land, then how about going on a wild bear tour? You will come face-to-face with a wild bear (from a safe distance!) and see the awe inspiring site of these animals in their own natural habitat. Enjoy flying? Then an Alaskan flight over the mountains will take your breath away. In a small light aircraft you will be taken over some of the Alaskan mountain ranges to see the beauty of the wilderness in Alaska. Are you looking at starting or finishing a cruise in Anchorage? If so, if you have some time to spare then the Denali National Park is a must! Denali is the highest peak in North America and the National Park is home to some of Alaskas best sights. Packed with wolves, elks, bears and many other animals if you enjoy seeing animals in their natural habitat then this is the place to go.

Alaskan Glaciers

Dream of seeing a glacier?  Then Alaska is the place to do it. With the likes of the twin Sawyer glaciers accessible from the Tracy Arm fjord near Juneau or the Kenai Fjords National Park near Seward. Both can be taken as a tour option on a small tour boat or hike with a guide.

If you’re looking to relax then enjoy one of the many café and restaurants on the quite city streets. Of course the wild Alaska seafood is at the top of the menu for anyone visiting Alaska. World renowned for its salmon, halibut and the delicious king crab. Your Alaska cruise will feed your appetite. If you finish in Anchorage but you need to travel south then consider the Alaska Highway as one of the best options. Running all the way from Fairbanks in Alaska to Dawsons Creek in British Columbia (Canada) driving yourself or taking a tour bus will take you through some of the best scenery in Alaska. Cruises to Alaska normally begin from stunning cities such as VancouverLos AngelesSeattle or San Francisco and with CruiseAway you sometimes have the option to combine your cruise with flights and hotel stays so all you have to think about is enjoying the experience. For all our cruise options including luxury, cheap and last minute are available from our homepage. All our best deals in Alaska and elsewhere in the World are waiting for you! Call our cruise experts today for more details. Call freephone 1300 887 590.