Norwegian Fjord Cruises

Undiscovered by mainstream tourism, cruising in Norway is truly the best way to experience the paramount beauty of the Fjords.

Norwegian Fjords

Cruising the Norwegian fjords is a truly captivating and life changing experience that allows passengers to observe some of the most breathtaking wildlife in the world. A Norwegian fjords cruise is a treat of stunning snow capped mountains and ancient glaciers and gives you the opportunity to investigate historical towns and cities such as Flåm and Olden. Learn how the sea and harsh coastal conditions have shaped the lives of those living in Norway. Uncover the magic of the land, where time moves at its own pace. In fact, the best way to really appreciate and absorb the beauty of the fjords is to enjoy a combination of cruising and shore excursions

Appreciate the grandeur of the Norwegian Fjords with their ice-carved inlets and wonderful waterfalls such as Furebergsfossen as well as the incredible Midnight Sun with the reflection of light across the North Cape. A cruise through the Norwegian Fjords will send you to exciting places including Stavanger, Flåm, Hardangerfjord, Geirangerfjord and Bergen. Enjoy one in a lifetime moments such as the opportunity to capture the Northern lights in Alta. Cruising the Norwegian fjords offers a wide range of shore excursions to choose from with compelling culture and iconic sights waiting at every port of call.

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Expert tips for cruising the Norwegian Fjords
Our Recommendations
  Cunard Cruises
Sailing from Southampton via Stavanger
Sailing from Southampton via Stavanger
12 Nights with the Queen Victoria
p.p.from $3,759
8 day voyage from Southampton
8 day voyage from Southampton
7 Nights with the Queen Mary 2
p.p.from $2,229
12 day trip on board the Queen Mary 2 from Southampton
12 day trip on board the Queen Mary 2 from Southampton
11 Nights with the Queen Mary 2
p.p.from $3,219
Journey with Cunard from Southampton
Journey with Cunard from Southampton
12 Nights with the Queen Victoria
 October 2020 - November 2020
p.p.from $3,159
Cruise with Cunard from Southampton
Cruise with Cunard from Southampton
7 Nights with the Queen Victoria
p.p.from $2,329
Cruising from Oslo to Copenhagen
Cruising from Oslo to Copenhagen
18 Nights with the Azamara Quest
p.p.from $11,299
Journey from Copenhagen with the MSC Meraviglia
Journey from Copenhagen with the MSC Meraviglia
14 Nights with the MSC Meraviglia
 May 2020 - August 2020
p.p.from $2,299
Cruise from Copenhagen to Barcelona via Bergen
Cruise from Copenhagen to Barcelona via Bergen
13 Nights with the Jewel of the Seas
p.p.from $2,133
Cruising from Amsterdam with the ms Nieuw Statendam
Cruising from Amsterdam with the ms Nieuw Statendam
14 Nights with the Nieuw Statendam
p.p.from $4,999
Sailing from Rotterdam with the ms Rotterdam
Sailing from Rotterdam with the ms Rotterdam
14 Nights with the Rotterdam
p.p.from $4,699
  Cruises from the UK
Travelling from Dover via Isafjordur
Travelling from Dover via Isafjordur
19 Nights with the Sea Princess
p.p.from $4,498
Sail with Princess Cruises from Dover
Sail with Princess Cruises from Dover
57 Nights with the Sea Princess
p.p.from $14,198
56 day cruise with the Sea Princess to Sydney
56 day cruise with the Sea Princess to Sydney
55 Nights with the Sea Princess
p.p.from $13,698
Cruising with the Sea Princess to Auckland from Dover
Cruising with the Sea Princess to Auckland from Dover
51 Nights with the Sea Princess
p.p.from On Request
Journey with Princess Cruises from Dover (London) to Sydney
Journey with Princess Cruises from Dover (London) to Sydney
55 Nights with the Sea Princess
p.p.from On Request
Our Recommendations
Expedition with Holland America Line from Amsterdam
Holland America Line takes you on this port-intensive cruise from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam through Norway's epic landscape. See the breath taking beauty of waterfalls cascading into remote glaciers at Eidfjord and Hardanger Fjord . This is sure to be the trip of a lifetime.
Our advice:
Enjoy a truly elegant dining experience at the Pinnacle Grill or relax at our wine tasting sessions at BLEND by Chateau Ste all on-board the ms Veendam.

  • Amsterdam - Amsterdam
  • Norwegian Fjords,Northern Europe,Western Europe,Benelux, Europe (River)
  • 06.06.2020

from $4,999
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8 day cruise with the Crown Princess to Southampton
Be transported to another world as you cruise along the North Sea with Princess Cruises. A round trip from Southampton will take you to a number of stunning locations like Copenhagen and Oslo.
Our advice:
Savor exquisite dishes exclusively created by award winning Chef Curtis Stone with vibrant tastes inspired by land and sea. The Crown Princess is a dining experience not to be missed.

  • Southampton - Southampton
  • Norwegian Fjords,Baltic Sea,Northern Europe,Western Europe,British Isles
  • July 2020 - September 2020

from $1,739
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15 day cruise on board the Grand Princess from Southampton (London)
Step aboard the Grand Princess and immerse yourself into the awe-inspiring tranquility of Norway. This two week trip stops at all the major ports, a new destination to discover every day. There is also an overnight in St. Petersburg for you to truly benefit from the Norwegian experience.
Our advice:
If you like to get to know your ship, the Grand Princess is the one for you. Cruising days allow you to explore all Princess has to offer like the Movies Under the Stars' open-air cinema, specialty restaurants and cabaret.

  • Southampton - Southampton
  • Norwegian Fjords,Baltic Sea,Northern Europe,Western Europe,British Isles,Eastern Europe
  • 15.05.2021

from $2,938
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Top Norwegian Fjords Ports
Bergen, Norwayfrom

Norway's second city, Bergen is an old Hanseatic city, often referred to as 'the gateway to the fjords'. Bergen has been named as a Euopean 'City of Culture' and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, providing the perfect combination of historical landmarks and modern culture. The city itself is surrounded by seven mountains, a unique trait which adds to the charm of the city. The annual Bergen International Festival is one of the country's most impressive events and adds to Bergen's reputation of being a 'City of Culture'.

Highlights of Bergen
  • Be sure to visit the famous fish markets
  • Experience Norwegian cuisine like never before in 'Colonialen Littersturhuset'
  • Take in one of many cultural events such as The Bergen International Festival
Ålesund, Norwayfrom

Alesund is a Norwegian port town located in the North-West, which owes much of its architectural prowess to the fact that it had to be rebuilt anew in 1904 in Art Nouveau style after a big fire outbreak. The mountain of Aksla is where the best views in town can be enjoyed from. The mountain has 418 steps which lead to the town park. Ålesund is a good base for trips to the surrounding fjords such as the Geirangerfjord

Highlights of Alesund
  • Explore the Jugendstil Senteret a unique architectural heritage museum
  • Visit this amazing Aquarium Atlanterhavsparken
  • See the city from the amazing Kniven Viewpoint
Honningsvåg, Norwayfrom

Honningsvåg is located in the Norwegian muncipality of Nordkapp. The location of Honningsvåg just 40 miles from the North Cape makes the area a very popular visting point. Honningsvåg also lays claim to the fact that it is the Europe's northernmost village. A visit to the North Cape is highly recommended as stunning views await During the summer months, the harbour of the village is a focal point for many cruise ships. There is a tourism office located in Honningsvåg where vistors can find out information about upcoming events as well as receive assistance with excursion planning.

Highlights of Honningsvåg
  • Check out the tourism centre
  • Take a trip to the North Cape
  • Explore Europe's northernmost point
Tromsø, Norwayfrom

Tromsø is the largest city located in the north of Norway. Tromsø is a popular spot for viewing the famous Northern Lights between September and April. The city is also the home of the most northernmost botanic gardens in the world. The location of Tromsø makes it the perfect place for outdoor activities and is a popular starting point of journeys to the Artic Cirlce, as the city is located about 350 km north of the circle. By night, this little city comes alive, offering a wide variety of restaurants offering fresh Arctic produce, in addition to a large number of bars and cultural events.

Highlights of Tromsø
  • Witness the astonishing Northern lights
  • Visit the stunning botanic gardens
  • Sample delicious fresh Arctic produce
Stavanger, Norwayfrom

Stavanger is a former 'European Capital of Culture' located near the world-renowned Preikestolen, otherwise known as the 'Pulpit Rock'. Pulpit Rock, is arguably Norway's most picturesque spot, towering approximately 604 above the Lysfjord. The Old part of Stavanger, located West of Vågen, is known for the large number of 18th Century buildings, mainly wooden cottages which have been beautifully preserved and are definitely worth a visit. There is also an increasing number of art galleries and workshops opening up in this area, contributing to Old Stavanger fast becoming a trendy spot.

Highlights of Stavanger
  • Learn about the Iron Age at Jernaldergarden farm
  • Visit the medieval stone cathedral 'Stavanger Domkirke'
  • Take a trip to the renowned Preikestolen
Trondheim, Norwayfrom

Trondheim is Norway's third largest city and the country's historic capital. The city is incredibly picturesque, featuring Europe's northernmost Gothic Cathedral, wide streets, numerous museums and Scandinavia's largest wooden palace. The area around the city offers a wealth of wilderness to explore - mountains, lakes, a river, skiing trails and much more. There is a lot of emphasis on food in Trondeim, above all on locally sourced produce.

Highlights of Trondheim
  • Take a guided bike tour of the city's most interesting places
  • Explore the musical instruments and the botanic gardens at the Ringve Music Museum
  • Try beautiful seasonal locally sourced dishes at the Folk & Fe restaurant
Molde, Norwayfrom

Molde is a city located on the northern shore of Romsdalsfjord in Norway. This student city is also known as the "Town of Roses" for its mild climate, fertile soil and rich vegetation. Architecturally unexciting, Molde more than makes up for it in landscapes - think New Zealand's Fiordland National Park. Go up to the Verden overlook to enjoy the beautiful view of Molde, the fjord and the famous Molde panorama with its snow peaks. Cultural happenings like the Molde International Jazz festival and an international literature festival take place every year.

Highlights of Molde
  • Hop in to a double sea kayak and enjoy a guided tour around the fjord of Molde
  • Enjoy deliciously fresh seafood at the Fjordstua Restaurant
  • Get a city map and wander the marked city walk tour
Geiranger, Norwayfrom

At the end of the Norwegian Geirangerfjord lies the charming little village of Geiranger. The proximity of the village to the fjord allows for truly breathtaking scenery views, which has resulted in the village of Geiranger being named as a top destination in Scandinavia. Since 2016, visitors to the area have been able to enjoy the views of from a height, the highest fjord view in Europe! There are also numerous ways to explore the area, such as by bike, kayak or by hiking.

Highlights of Geirangerfjord
  • Experience the most breathtaking views on the Panoramic Bus
  • Be sure to hike Fjord Farm
  • Experience exquisite cuisine at 'Brasserie Posten'
Flam, Norwayfrom

Flåm is a small Norwegian village located near the Sognefjord, with an approximate population of 450. Flåm is located at the innermost part of the Aurlandsfjord. Flåm has become somewhat renowned due to the location of the village amongst mountains and the fjords. The Flam Railway has been rated amongst one of the most scenic rail journeys in the world and offers a fascinating mountain landscape in addition to thundering waterfalls The nearby Stegastein viewpoint is another is a popular tourist stop and offers unrivalled scenery of the fjords. .

Highlights of Flam
  • Sample some of the local craft beers/li>
  • Kayak the Sognefjord experiencing breathtaking views
  • Take a train along Flåm railway
Kristiansund, Norwayfrom

Kristiansund is a Norwegian city, made up of a number of islands. The city can be found along the North Sea Coast. Kristiansund is a Norwegian food capital and Norwegian specialties such as bacalao, klippfish and fishnan can be found in many local eateries. Freikollen Mountain, the area's tallest mountain offers stunning views over Kristiansund as well as the fjords and other mountain peaks. The city is known for the colourful houses which line the streets surrounding the harbour of Kristiansund.

Highlights of Kristiansund
  • Sample Norwegian favourites such as local klippfish
  • Enjoy stunning views Freikollen Mountain
  • Admire the unique colouful homes of Kristiansund
Eidfjord, Norwayfrom

Eidfjord is a small town that sits at the end of the Eid Fjord, the innermost branch of the fourth longest fjord in the world: the breathtaking Hardangerfjord. The Norwegian town is also located on the Hardangervidda, the largest mountain plateau in Europe. As the town offers both the water and the mountains, visitors have a wide range of outdoor activities to choose from, whether it be swimming and fishing or hiking and cycling.

Highlights of Eidfjord
  • Watch the stunning Vøringsfossen waterfall, with a free fall of 145 metres
  • Enjoy a panorama from the two Kjeåsen mountain farms
  • Learn about Norwegian nature and climate at the Norwegian Nature Centre Hardanger
Olden, Norwayfrom

Olden is a small village located on the southern shore of the Nordfjorden in Norway. The traditional houses scattered throughout the village and the surrounding scenery make Olden worth a visit. The village centre is just ten minutes walk away from the quay, here you will find cute little cafes, a grocery store and a post office. Olden is one of the country's most popular cruise ship stop-offs and also serves as a gateway for people travelling to Brikdalsbreen Glacier.

Highlights of Olden
  • Learn all about the Norwegian way of life at this traditional village
  • Enjoy the breathtaking scenery around Olden
  • Visit the Old Olden Church built in 1759
Hammerfest, Norwayfrom

Hammerfest is a city located on the northwestern coast of Norway. For a long time, Hammerfest was the northernmost city in the world. Today, its slogan is still "the most northern town in Europe". Hammerfest is a great starting point for an outdoor adventure. The landscapes surrounding it - impressive mountains and sandy beaches - are beautiful. Fishing is another attraction of the area around the city, the numerous lakes and rivers are full of top notch quality trout and char.

Highlights of Hammerfest
  • Learn all about Polar bears, Arctic hunting and local history at the Royal & Ancient Polar Bear Society
  • Climb all 86m up Salen Hill to enjoy a fantastic view over the city, coast and mountains
  • Try traditional Norwegian tapas with a contemporary twist at the Du Verden Matbar
Kristiansand, Norwayfrom
Kristiansand is located on Norway's North Sea coast. This region of Norway is known for its beautiful landscape. The city has many attractions such as the Christian Holm Fort from 1667.
Bodø, Norwayfrom

Bodo is the capital city of the northern province of Nordland in Norway. The city is said to be the gateway to the country's true north and is the departure point for those travelling to the Lofoten Islands. Bodo had to be almost completely rebuilt after the Second World War, meaning that there is no historic Old Town, however, the city's backdrop with its rugged mountain peaks and endless skies more than makes up for it. The islands to the north of Bodo are home to the biggest population of white-tailed sea eagles.

Highlights of Bodo
  • Take a ride to the Kjerringoy Trading Post to find out how fishing communities lived here in the 19th century
  • Enjoy a Saturday herring buffet at the Bryggeri Kaia
  • Explore the fascinating interactive exhibitions at the Norsk Luftfartsmuseum
Norwegian Fjords There are some places in the world which are difficult to appreciate due to their rough terrain and spectacularly rugged landscapes. However, when pursued they often turn out to be the most memorable and special experiences of all. A cruise through Norway is one such place. A Norwegian fjörd cruise is, by far, the best way to experience this country’s wondrous natural beauty and stunning cities. How else would you be able to experience the splendour of Oslo, the majesty of the Harangerjord, the great magnificence of Sognefjord, king of the fjords, which lie along the 25,000 kilometres of Norway’s coastline? Just imagine witnessing the phenomenal Northern Lights while your cruise ship is anchored amongst the majestic fjords or experiencing the Land of the Midnight Sun first-hand from the Lido Deck.

Norway Cruises from Oslo

A Norway cruise will give you the chance to discover Norway’s dynamic capital which hides a vast array of attractions just waiting to be discovered by the curious traveller. On one of your tour excursions take advantage of the numerous museums, galleries and parks including the Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park with boasts over 212 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland. Oslo also boasts a rich opera and music tradition and often exhibits performances of the highest class in the marble and glass building in Bjørvika. Oslo masterfully balances bustling city life with an organic natural ambience resulting in an unforgettable cruise waypoint.

Norway Cruises from Bergen and beyond

When your ship anchors in Bergen you will see why people from all over the World travel there. This beautiful old fishing port with its big old traditional building gives you a true sense of Norway. If you get to spend some time there make sure you eat at one of the amazing restaurants along the sea front, or take the cable car to the top of the mountain. This picturesque city has everything a traveler wants and more. Many Norway cruises also take in the island of Iceland. You will sail from Norway over to Iceland and experience some of the majestic nature that Iceland has to offer. If its entering one of the numerous Fjords on the East coast, or sailing around to the capital of Reykjavik, you will not be disappointed with the wonders of Iceland. Excursions onto the mainland are highly recommended. If it’s a short day tour around the Golden Circle, while taking in the geyser and waterfalls, its an option not to miss. Day tours into the lava and ice caves are also a must if you have a little more time on the island. Whichever options you take, a Norway cruise will be a part of your memory for many years into the future. To speak to one of our Norway cruises experts, call our team now, or search only and find the best option for you.