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New Zealand Cruises

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New Zealand Cruises

Discover the breathtaking beauty and diversity of New Zealand, just a hop, skip and a jump away from home.

New Zealand Cruises
New Zealand is an unspoiled, green and peaceful paradise that presents rolling hills, magnificent mountains, lakes, fjords and forests. It's an idyllic land for avid outdoor explorers or cultural enthusiasts. The hiking opportunities are endless and like no other. There are many opportunities to walk along the brimming beaches, paddle a canoe or mountain bike to your heart's content through the wilderness. The landscapes and cultures of both the North and South Island are as diverse and endearing as the people! The mouth-watering cuisine in New Zealand is inspired largely by the South Pacific with the abundant use of seafood and influences from neighboring Pacific islands. Much of the New Zealand which exists today owes its origins to the Māori people, who were the area's original settlers, with many of their customs and traditions still evident in modern-day New Zealand. For example, the All Black's world-renowned Haka originated as a Māori war dance. For lovers of the outdoors, culture, wildlife and more, cruises to New Zealand are guaranteed to impress.
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Travel Tips for New Zealand

Cruising Around New Zealand: A Journey Through Natural Wonders and Cultural Riches

Embark on a journey of discovery and unparalleled beauty as you set sail from the sun-kissed shores of Australia to the majestic landscapes of New Zealand. Cruising to New Zealand offers an extraordinary adventure where the deep blue of the Pacific meets the lush, green terrains of a land brimming with culture, history, and natural wonders.

This journey is not just a voyage across waters; it’s a passage through diverse ecosystems, a plunge into rich Maori heritage, and an encounter with some of the most breathtaking sceneries the world has to offer.

The best time to cruise to New Zealand is during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer months, from December to February, when the weather is warm and conducive for exploration. However, spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) also offer pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds, making them attractive options for those seeking a more tranquil experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser seeking new horizons or a first-time cruiser eager to experience the magic of the sea, New Zealand presents a unique cruising experience that caters to all.

Top Ports in New Zealand


Known as the “City of Sails,” Auckland is a vibrant blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. This bustling metropolis is home to stunning harbours, world-class dining, and iconic landmarks such as the Sky Tower:

  • • Sky Tower: Experience breathtaking panoramic views of the city and beyond.
  • • Auckland War Memorial Museum: Discover the rich cultural and natural heritage of New Zealand.
  • • Waiheke Island: Enjoy wine tasting and beach hopping on this picturesque island.
  • • Shopping and Dining: Explore the bustling Viaduct Harbour for a taste of Auckland’s best cuisine.


New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, combines scenic beauty with cultural richness. The city’s compact nature makes it easy to explore on foot:

  • • Te Papa Tongarewa Museum: Explore New Zealand’s national museum for a deep dive into the country’s history and culture.
  • • Wellington Waterfront: Enjoy walks, cafés, and street performances along this scenic stretch.
  • • Wellington Cable Car and Botanic Garden: A must-do for stunning city views and beautiful garden landscapes.
  • • Zealandia: Visit this unique eco sanctuary to encounter rare New Zealand wildlife.

Christchurch (Lyttelton)

Gateway to the Canterbury region, Christchurch is a city of renewal and creativity:

  • • Christchurch Botanic Gardens: Relax and unwind in these beautifully landscaped gardens.
  • • Re:START Mall: Shop and dine in this innovative and colourful container mall.
  • • Lyttelton Farmers Market: Experience local flavours and crafts in a lively market setting.
  • • Hiking and Exploring: Engage in scenic walks and hikes around the Port Hills for stunning views.

Fiordland National Park

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an unmissable stop for nature enthusiasts. Cruising through the dramatic fjords like Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound offers awe-inspiring views of cascading waterfalls, lush rainforests, and towering cliffs. Wildlife sightings, from dolphins to penguins, add to this unforgettable experience:

  • • Cruising Milford Sound: Witness majestic waterfalls and dramatic cliffs in one of the world’s most stunning fjords.
  • • Doubtful Sound Adventure: Explore the serene and untouched beauty of this larger, less-visited fjord.
  • • Kayaking and Boat Tours: Engage with the park’s natural beauty up close.
  • • Wildlife Spotting: Keep an eye out for dolphins, seals, and penguins in their natural habitat.

Top Cruise Lines

Cruising between Australia and New Zealand offers a variety of experiences, catering to different tastes and budgets. From luxury liners to more affordable options, each cruise line provides a unique way to explore the wonders of New Zealand.

Princess Cruises

  • • Premium Experience: Known for its high standards of comfort and excellent onboard amenities.
  • • Features: A wide range of dining options, entertainment choices, and comfortable accommodations.
  • • Australian Departures: Frequent departures from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Celebrity Cruises

  • • Premium Experience: Offers a blend of luxury and value, with modern and upscale amenities.
  • • Features: Award-winning dining experiences, luxurious spas, and enriching onboard activities.
  • • Australian Departures: Major ports include Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Royal Caribbean International

  • • Family-Friendly: Ideal for families and travellers looking for a mix of adventure and relaxation.
  • • Features: State-of-the-art facilities like rock climbing walls, ice-skating rinks, and water parks.
  • • Australian Departures: Sydney and Brisbane are the primary ports.

P&O Cruises Australia

  • • Budget-Friendly: A popular choice for those seeking an affordable yet enjoyable cruising experience.
  • • Features: Casual and relaxed atmosphere with a focus on Australian and New Zealand cultures.
  • • Australian Departures: Includes departures from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.
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Experts Tips for cruising in New Zealand

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Discover geothermal wonders, ancient glaciers and epic landscapes across The Ditch! Cruises in New Zealand open up a world of wonders and natural beauties. Make sure to make extra time for shore excursions, as there is so much to explore! It’s easy to cruise to New Zealand from Australia, and there are many cruise lines which make it easy to discover your neighbour. For a budget cruise line try P&O Australia, or for a more luxury experience book a cruise with Crystal or Celebrity Cruises.