Africa Cruises

Experience the culture, customs, hospitality, and scenery of Africa on an unforgettable journey. From city sights, to secluded safari's, you will be captivated by the diversity of this continent.


A cruise in Africa offers you the opportunity to explore many different unique cultures and landscapes. There are a wide range of destinations to choose from, whether your looking for a trek through the desert in Morocco or to catch some waves in Durban, Africa can offer you the trip of a lifetime. Some shorter North African cruises sail from the Mediterranean to Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, and allow the cruiser to experience the colourful continent in all its beauty. Heading East, Egypt opens up the doors to the mystical and mysterious Arab world.

If you ache for adventure, head to South Africa’s Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. Here, many Africa cruises depart against the backdrop of the awesome Table Mountain. Also on the East coast of the country is Durban, a city which never fails to impress even the most seasoned cruisers.

But there is more! For a dose of tropical sunshine, look no further than Mauritius, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Thanks to its stunning port, St. Louis, Mauritius is one of the most exclusive resort islands on Earth – and what better way to discover its paradise than on an Africa cruise?

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Expert tips for cruising in Africa
Our Recommendations
  MSC Cruises to Africa
Sailing with MSC Cruises from Genoa to Dubai
Sailing with MSC Cruises from Genoa to Dubai
24 Nights with the MSC Bellissima
p.p.from $2,199
Sailing to Genoa from Dubai
Sailing to Genoa from Dubai
17 Nights with the MSC Splendida
p.p.from $1,799
Glorious Venice to wonderful Dubai
Glorious Venice to wonderful Dubai
20 Nights with the MSC Lirica
p.p.from $1,619
Travelling from Durban via Pointe des Galets
Travelling from Durban via Pointe des Galets
11 Nights with the MSC Musica
p.p.from $2,039
18 day journey to Dubai from Genoa
18 day journey to Dubai from Genoa
17 Nights with the MSC Bellissima
p.p.from $1,699
  Cruises to Cape Town
19 day cruise from Port Louis
19 day cruise from Port Louis
18 Nights with the Queen Mary 2
p.p.from $3,949
27 day sail to Cape Town from Sydney
27 day sail to Cape Town from Sydney
26 Nights with the Queen Mary 2
p.p.from $6,399
11 day cruise with the Azamara Journey to Cape Town
11 day cruise with the Azamara Journey to Cape Town
10 Nights with the Azamara Journey
 December 2020 - December 2020
p.p.from $3,685
Trip with the Queen Mary 2 to Cape Town from Hong Kong
Trip with the Queen Mary 2 to Cape Town from Hong Kong
43 Nights with the Queen Mary 2
p.p.from $10,999
49 day expedition from Singapore to Cape Town
49 day expedition from Singapore to Cape Town
48 Nights with the Queen Mary 2
p.p.from $12,299
  Cruises in Madagascar
Voyage with the Nautica from Cape Town
Voyage with the Nautica from Cape Town
30 Nights with the Nautica
p.p.from $12,950
15 day voyage on board the Silver Whisper from Mombasa
15 day voyage on board the Silver Whisper from Mombasa
14 Nights with the Silver Whisper
p.p.from $31,230
Voyage from Cape Town with the Seabourn Sojourn
Voyage from Cape Town with the Seabourn Sojourn
39 Nights with the Seabourn Sojourn
p.p.from $23,999
147 day trip from Miami to San Francisco
147 day trip from Miami to San Francisco
146 Nights with the Seabourn Sojourn
p.p.from $92,999
Wonderful Cape Town to majestic San Francisco
Wonderful Cape Town to majestic San Francisco
107 Nights with the Seabourn Sojourn
p.p.from $69,999
Our Recommendations
4 day voyage from Durban
Have you been considering visiting Africa? This MSC cruise is a perfect option to get a little taste of what Africa has to offer by visiting popular South African ports.
Our advice:
Portuguese Island is an uninhabited gem! It's just 6km long so you can explore quite easily on foot across its almost deserted sandy beach and be sure to try a refreshing beverage from a kiosk along the way!

  • Durban - Durban
  • Africa,India and Indian Ocean
  • December 2018 - April 2019

from $389
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Travelling from Cape Town via Walvis Bay
12 nights aboard the luxurious Seabourn Seajourn, setting out from Cape Town, visiting other South African Ports including Port Elizabeth, continuing on to Nambia, before heading back to disembark in Cape Town.
Our advice:
Treat yourself to an all-inclusive 12-night stay in a magnificent suite on board a Seabourn vessel in February 2019, where you will be attended to by highly skilled, well trained staff who will ensure your every need is fully catered to.

  • Cape Town - Cape Town
  • Africa
  • 21.02.2019

from $6,599
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Trip from Lisbon to Cape Town via Walvis Bay
On this All Inclusive 25 day voyage you'll see hot spots in the Mediterranean before visiting ports in Africa that will be sure to delight.
Our advice:
Make sure to take advantage of the numerous tours and excursions offered, especially in Walvis Bay, Namibia if you're a nature lover - the 5,000 year old southern lagoon is a must-see!

  • Lisbon - Cape Town
  • Western Europe,Canary Islands,Africa
  • 14.11.2020

from $15,950
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Ports in AfricaTop African Ports
Suez Canal, Egyptfrom

The Suez Canal is a man-made waterway in Egypt that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, cutting through dunes and deserts of the region. The construction of the canal shortens the journey from the North Atlantic to northern Indian Oceans and vice versa by about 7,000 kilometres. Passage through the canal does not require a locking system as the seawater from both sources sits at about the same level. Cruising through the Suez Canal offers spectacular views around every bend.

Highlights of the Suez Canal
  • Catch some amazing views of the desert sand on both sides
  • Pass through the lock-free canal unhindered
  • Enjoy leisurely passage to the Mediterranean or Red Sea
Cape Town, South Africafrom

Cape Town is the third largest city of South Africa with a population of almost 3.5 million and has been the city of the South African Parliament since 2004. Between October and march, Cape Town is a popular attraction for many tourism which is shown by their growing numbers in recent years. This in turn has made Cape town an important economic sector for the country. One of the favourite sites of tourists is the Table Mountain but the city has plenty more to offer. Museums, historic buildings, Castles and the oldest surviving building in South Africa are all options worth considering.

Highlights of Cape Town
  • Climb the famous Table Mountain
  • Whale watching
  • Tours to Robben Island
Casablanca, Moroccofrom

Casablanca is Morocco's largest city and major commercial and industrial center. The main attraction of the city is the Hassan II Mosque, which was opened in the 90s. In the markets, there are vegetables, fish, footwear and handicrafts for sale. From the cafes, observe the street life and immerse yourself in another culture.

Highlights of Casablanca
  • Quartier Habous
  • Hassann II Mosque
  • Camel Trekking through the desert
Walvis Bay, Namibiafrom

Walvis Bay, 'Whale Bay' in English, is a city and bay on the west coast of Namibia. The city is home to the main sea port in Namibia and is the third largest city in the country. 67,000 people live in Walvis Bay on the Atlantic coast. In the city there is the Rhenish Mission Church, which is a National Monument in Namibia. Outside the city numerous tours and excursions are offered. Besides seals and dolphin tours, a trip to the southern lagoon is recommended. The 5,000-year-old lagoon is Namibia's oldest and largest.

Highlights of Walvis Bay
  • Dune 7 - The highest sand dune in Namibia
  • Dolphin and whale watching
  • Try Namibian oysters in local restaurants
Port Elizabeth, South Africafrom

With around 737 600 inhabitants, the city of Port Elizabeth is the fifth largest city in South Africa and is situated directly on the Indian Ocean. Visit the large leisure complex 'The Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment World' and the many museums that can be found there or go shopping in the huge shopping center of Greenacres.

Highlights of Port Elizabeth
  • Visit the Donkin Reserve
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum
  • No. 7 Castle Hill
Durban, South Africafrom

Durban is situated on the Indian Ocean on the east coast of South Africa. Durban is South Africa's second biggest city, with slightly more than 3 million inhabitants, and is one of the most important industrial cities in the country. The beaches and the subtropical climate make Durban a popular spot for vacationers from around the world. Watersport enthusiasts will be extremely impressed by the activities on offer and the cultural side of the city boasts many museums, theatres and botanical gardens.

Highlights of Durban
  • Durban Botanic Gardens
  • West Street Mosque
  • See the Phansi Museum

Cruises to Africa are among the most varied in the world due to the diversity of the continent.

The bustling Arabian cities in the north contrast starkly with the arid deserts and dense rainforests which dominate elsewhere. This beautiful continent is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean which has given rise to assortment of natural landscapes, all equally stunning and unique. There is truly something for everyone on a cruise to Africa as the shore excursions and destinations are as varied as the natural landscapes and cultures. So whether you’d like to go on an exciting safari to catch a glimpse of one of the ‘big five’, explore the splendour of ancient Egyptian temples or just sunbathe on top deck, the choice is yours.

Africa is not the first destination that springs to mind when one considers cruising but that is precisely why it is such a memorable experience. The mainstream tourist industry has not yet invaded this region and so it maintains a refreshing authenticity which converts to a memorable holiday experience. The dramatic vistas, ancient cultures and indigenous wildlife you will encounter will impress you to no end. Popular destinations include the fabled Casablanca in Morocco, the affluent Cape Town in the South and the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’, Alexandria in Egypt. At CruiseAway we believe that a cruise is the absolute best way to see Africa as its size and diversity would otherwise make it difficult for travellers to have a comprehensive experience of the region. Cruises allow you to take part in carefully selected shore excursions with the bonus of being able to come back to your luxurious vessel at the end of the day for some R&R.

Cruises to South Africa

Located at the southernmost tip of the vast continent of Africa, this eclectic country has diverse people, cultures, and customs which make for an equally diverse and interesting cruise destination. South Africa is becoming a more popular cruise destination year after year and this reputation is merited. This unique country escapes the searing heat that scorches the rest of Africa due to its position on the coast and offers an extensive array of onshore activities for passengers to choose from. South Africa’s success as a cruise destination stems from its universal appeal, with natural attractions such as beaches and also adventure trails.