Croisières sur le bateau A-ROSA BRAVA

The A-ROSA BRAVA is one of the newest ships in the fleet. Enjoy your cruise in a modern and cosy atmosphere.

Informations sur le navire

  • Longueur du bateau
    135 m
  • Passagers
  • Nombre de ponts
  • Année de construction

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Description du bateau

Ponts et cabines

Plan des ponts du A-ROSA BRAVA

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Cabines du bateau A-ROSA BRAVA

Cabine extérieure
Cabine balcon
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Emplacement : Deck 1
Nombre maximum de personne : 2
Liste des équipements:
  • Bathroom with Shower
  • Wardrobe & Safe
  • Television & telephone
  • Nightstands
  • Armchair
  • High- quality bedding
Superficie : 14m²

Cabines du bateau A-ROSA BRAVA

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Cabine extérieure

Cabine balcon

Description du bateau


The A-ROSA BRAVA is the newest ship in the fleet of A-ROSA. Enjoy the most beautiful days of the year in absolute ambience. It offers luxuriously appointed rooms, where you will feel comfortable and secure.

Food & Drink

Let us pamper your taste buds with an assortment of culinary delights. Discover the rich buffet on board, which is enriched every now and again with regional delicacies. A special highlight on board is the live cooking events where chefs prepare their dishes right before your eyes.


Enjoy socializing and dancing the evenings away accompanied by a nice glass of wine in a nice atmosphere. The A-ROSA BRAVA has a lot to offer. The varied program is guaranteed to every wish.


There are a variety of different sports, to entertain even the most un-athletic of passengers. In addition to a swimming pool there is a gym, a putting green and shuffleboard are available. Even with the many shore excursions are sports activities, such as biking tours offered. In the spa area you can pamper yourself after line and thread. A variety of spa and beauty treatments, with an accompanying glazed sauna, await you on board.

Dress Code

The atmosphere on board the A-Rosa BRAVA is comfortable and relaxed, so be sure to wear what you like. Warm clothes are ideal for cozy evenings on the deck as well as weather-resistant clothing and sturdy footwear for the excursion.

Ship data:

  • Commissioning: 2011
  • Length: 135 m
  • Tonnage: 3524 GRT
  • Speed: 22 km / h
  • Number of decks: 4
  • Passengers: 202
  • Languages on board: German only
  • Currency on board: There is the possibility to use Wi-Fi on board the ship but check with the reception