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Celebrity FloraOverview

  • 2019Launch Date
  • 100Passengers
  • 6Decks
    • Enjoy the Vista open-air hideaway with stunning 360 degree views
    • Enjoy Naturalist presentations in the Discovery Lounge on board
    • The Ocean Grill offers unique dining under the stars experience
  • Celebrity Flora
  • Celebrity Flora
  • Celebrity Flora

Cruises on board Celebrity Flora

The Celebrity Flora, with its new wave technology is designed to preserve the magical waters of the islands around which it sails – the Galapagos Islands. With sustainable tourism in mind, the craft uses anchorless technology so as not to disturb the fragile sea floor. The vessel uses 15% less fuel than the cruise line’s Xpedition class, and in-room water filtration stations make for a lessened need for environmentally harmful plastics.

Activities follow a theme of discovery, wonder and relaxation. A Michelin-starred chef will delight your taste buds, while your own, Personal Suite Attendant will ensure all your expectations are met to make your cruise experience perfect. Enjoy ecological seminars presented by experts in the Discovery Lounge and let the glass wrapped Observatory take your breath away. Relax in the tranquil Sunset Lounge or get lost in the 360-degree views in the Vista.

Let the Celebrity Flora present you with an experience of luxury and fascination while doing your part to keep the stunning flora and fauna flourishing on the Galapagos Islands.

Ship Details
Launch Date2019
Refurbishment Year2015
CompanyCelebrity Cruises
Length101 metre
Draft4 metre
Speed12 knots

Cabins and Decks

Come aboard the Celebrity Flora and discover one of 11 cabin categories on a total of 6 decks that can accommodate 100 passengers. Choose your dream cabin and feel at home on board the Celebrity Flora!

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