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The best way to discover all the natural beauty and fascinating wildlife this area has to offer!

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Galapagos Cruises

The Galápagos are an isolated cluster of volcanic islands 1,000 km of the coast of Equador. As a true showcase of biodiversity, it was a visit to the archipelago that prompted a previously unmotivated medical student to question the origins of life and come up the theory of evolution!

On a stopover to Islas Galápagos, be one of the very few travelers who can say they witnessed a waved albatross in flight with their own eyes! The same goes for the native Galápagos land iguana and giant tortoise – a reptile almost extinct in the 60’s but is now thriving among the cactus forests in which it makes its habitat, all thanks to the heroic efforts of conscientious locals.

Remember to bring sturdy walking shoes as you will be roaming about on jagged volcanic rock on your adventures! Practise your snorkeling before your trip as this is the only way to see the wonder of the Galápagos underwater – seahorses, manta rays, turtles and more all swim together in harmony in the turquoise waters.

Typically, smaller vessels like the impressive new Celebrity Flora and intimate G Adventures’ aptly named Queen of the Galápagos sail the region. This is how it should be, to minimize time wasted embarking and disembarking, giving you maximum time to explore, as well as keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum in an already tightly controlled ecosystem.