Sea Cloud

Sea Cloud

Discover Sea Cloud's unique charm while cruising the world in elegance. The ship's relaxed, friendly atmosphere and the onboard crew will make you feel at home.

Cruises on board the Sea Cloud

The Sea Cloud caters to well-travelled cruisers embarking on a journey around the world. There is a whole range of fantastic spots for rest and relaxation on board. Enjoy the view opening up from the Sun Deck. The Lido and Promenade Decks are fine places to savour al fresco lunch to the sound of piano music. The evening can be spent at the cozy ‘Lido Bar’ but be aware that the atmosphere can get very vibrant once the ‘Crew Shanty Choir’ start singing.

The luxury is spread throughout the Sea Cloud: the cabins are simply spectacular and cater to your every need. Book a Luxury Owner’s Suite, a spacious 38m² cabin equipped with lavish furniture and exquisite amenities or a Deluxe Cabin measuring at 18m² - 24m². Not only does the Sea Cloud boast wonderful facilities, the ship is also known for offering thrilling activities like snorkeling, inflatable water sledding and zodiac riding. Your cruise holiday will definitely be one you won’t forget on board the Sea Cloud.


  • Ship length
    109 m
  • Passengers
  • Decks
  • Launched

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Ship Overview

Decks and Cabins

Sea Cloud deck plan

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Sea Cloud Captains and Lido Deck

Sea Cloud cabins

Outside Cabin
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Deck Location : Deck 1, 3
Occupancy : 2
  • Dressing table and chair
  • Nightstand
  • Safe
  • Closet
  • Air conditioning
  • Bathroom with shower & hairdryer
Cabin size : 13.5 m²

Sea Cloud cabins

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Outside Cabin

Suite Cabin

Ship Information

Golden faucets, Carrara marble, elegant woodwork, shining brass and antique furniture are distinguishing features of the Sea Cloud’s cabins.  The spacious and comfortable cabins are specially furnished with luxury in mind. As there are no inner cabins on board, each room is guaranteed a perfect view of the sea through porthole or panorama windows. Guests may choose between ten classic cabins, or a stylishly furnished new cabin.

Dining Information
Excellent service and a stylish ambiance in the restaurant help create a high degree of exclusivity in the restaurant. However, guests will find that they can enjoy this particularly private atmosphere at their leisure. Of course, all are also invited to relax and sail together as a community.  There is no assigned seating, so guests are able to get to know different parties each evening. The cuisine is diverse and full of impressive, high quality creations from master chefs. Regional specialties and specially selected wines from the best known vineyards also make many appearances on the menu. A rich lunch buffet with fresh fruit, seafood delicacies and fine desserts is served daily on deck, and enchanting sunsets can be enjoyed with a delicious cocktail in one of the bars or lounges. 

Entertainment and Activities
Snorkeling and waterskiing equipment is available free of charge to guests on board the Sea Cloud. A great selection of German and English language books can be found in the library, as well as card games. Browse through the latest fashions in the boutique. Guests are welcome to learn about the inner workings of the ship on bridge at certain times with permission of the captain. Along with countless land excursions, your journey on this timeless yacht will undoubtedly be the highlight of your holiday.

Dress Code
You may dress however you feel comfortable, whether it be casual, summery or smart, it's up to you. Only at the traditional Captain's Dinner do we recommend more formal attire.

Ship Details

  • In service since: 1931
  • Length: 109.5 m
  • Flotation depth: 5.13 m
  • Tonnage: 2,532 GRT
  • Speed: 10 knots
  • Number of decks: 3
  • Passengers: 64
  • Crew: 60
  • Languages spoken on board: English, German
  • Currency on board: Euro
  • Internet on board: Internet access is available on board for an additional fee.

The Sea Cloud is a sailing cruise ship that has somewhat of a vintage appearance. It showcases well-crafted woodwork as well as sails that imitate classic ships from the past. This particular ship is steeped in history. It happened to be initially launched as a private yacht which was firstly owned by Edward F. Hutton and his wife Marjorie. Nowadays it operates as a commercial cruise ship sailing through the vast open seas. It is owned by the German global cruise company Sea Cloud Cruises which is based in Hamburg. Sea Cloud II is the sister ship of this ship. The Sea Cloud graces the water of a number of destinations including the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Western Europe and the Canary Islands. Class and elegance are words that spring to mind when you gaze upon the Sea Cloud. The ship underwent renovation in 2011 so expect to see everything modernized but with a vintage feel still remaining.


The cabins on board the Sea Cloud are designed with luxury in mind. There is plenty of space in all of the cabins which are also fully furnished. As there are no inner cabins, one very distinctive feature of the cabins is the panoramic windows. Guests are guaranteed a spectacular view of the open sea. You can choose from the classic and vintage cabins or the more modern slick cabins. The choice is yours!

Dining aboard the Sea Cloud

The restaurant aboard the Sea Cloud is one of style and class. It provides excellent service to each and every guest. You are given the choice of having a nice quiet and meal or you can join in with other parties and get to know one another. The cuisine that is available on board is cooked and prepared by master chefs. You can expect delicious and very appetizing meals. To complement the food, wines from vineyards all over the world make an appearance on the menu. Varieties of fruit, seafood, and exquisite desserts are served on a daily basis for lunch. Cocktails can be enjoyed whilst you sit down and relax as you watch the allure of the sea and picturesque sunset.