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Western Europe Cruises

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Western Europe Cruises

Cruise to top destinations like Lisbon, Paris, Porto, and more to get to know the fascinating cultures and people that make up Western Europe

Western Europe Cruises
Cruise to athe fascinating cities, towns and villages of Western Europe. Learn all about the dynamic cultures and get to know the warm friendly people that live along the Western European coastline. See the iconic art works and architecture that inspired so much of the modern world. Western Europe promises a highly rewarding cruise experience. France, Spain, Portugal and much more are likely to be on your itinerary. This fascinating region is home to some of the most spectacular and varied tourist attractions in the world such as the Paris’ Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and others. With its variety of languages, cultures, sights and climates, Western Europe delivers a diverse range of highly enjoyable and unique experiences throughout the year, making the continent increasingly popular with cruise enthusiasts worldwide.
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Travel Tips for Western Europe

The Best Time to Cruise

Generally speaking, Western Europe is good to visit any time of year – there are advantages to every season. However, a couple of them stand out.

Visit in the shoulder seasons of autumn or spring, so April to June or September through October to enjoy:

  • Lower prices
  • Decent weather
  • Fewer crowds

Cruise Western Europe in the Northern Hemisphere summer (June through August) and you will get the best of everything on offer:

  • Heaps of sun
  • High temperatures
  • Lots of opportunity to explore outside

However, you also have to count on crowds of other visitors trying to enjoy the best of it.

Top Cruise Lines

Western Europe is one of the cruising hubs of the world, so no wonder almost all cruise lines offer great itineraries around it. Check out the following to help you make up your mind.

  • Princess cruises to Western Europe – among other European routes, Princess offers world voyages that will have you departing from a home port near you.
  • MSC cruises to Western Europe – MSC Cruises are famous for their knowledge of and expertise in all things Europe. Plus, their prices will pleasantly surprise you.
  • Azamara cruises to Western Europe – this is the cruise line for you if you are looking to spoil yourself and your loved ones. Azamara’s ships are small and can visit some unusual, hard-to-reach destinations.

Top Ports

Madeira, Azores, Portugal

Voted Europe’s number one holiday island numerous times, Madeira is a real little gem. There is so much to do and most of the exploration is done outside, so the local ‘eternal spring’ climate fits beautifully. Here are just some of the great activities to undertake once on the island:

  • – Have a picnic on a black sand beach
  • – Watch the great Atlantic Ocean froth up
  • – Hike the levada irrigation channels
  • – Visit stunning botanical gardens
  • – Watch local embroidery being created

Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Belfast, a former industrial town with a troubled past, has been successfully transformed into a modern and exciting culture, gastronomy and party hotspot.

Whatever day you visit, there is sure to be a great live music performance somewhere in the city, a drink waiting to be enjoyed at one of the traditional pubs or sleek cocktail bars in the Cathedral Quarter and a delicious meal served at an excellent restaurant of your choice, of which there are plenty in Belfast.

Getting to know the modern Northern Ireland is as easy as:

  • Visiting the Black Box and MAC art centres that showcase local talent
  • Attending the annual Belfast Film Festival
  • Exploring what the Belfast International Arts Festival has on offer
  • Wandering around the Titanic Quarter to learn something new about the famous cruise liner

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is the sixth largest city in France, and what a city it is. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bordeaux’s city centre architecture is breathtaking with:

  • Palaces
  • 18th century mansions

The area surrounding the city centre is no less spectacular. Wine-producing châteaux stand all along the great river Garonne, the lush greenery of vineyards is everywhere, and the riverside offers its visitors numerous possibilities:

  • Jog or cycle along the beautiful riverside
  • Enjoy a river cruise
  • Relax with a glass of fantastic wine on one of the riverside terraces

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

The friendly port city of Santa Cruz is the capital of Tenerife and is a great base for exploring the whole island. Saying that, Santa Cruz itself is well worth a few days of wandering around.

The city offers fascinating sites for every taste:

  • – Grand historic buildings and compelling museums
  • – Colourful houses and quaint little shops
  • – Street art
  • – Heaps of endemic bird species and lush greenery at the local park
  • – Excellent eateries


History & Culture

History is everywhere you look in Western Europe, there are:

  • Caves and tombs
  • Palaces and castles
  • Stone circles
  • Ruins and historic avenues

Every country has its own history, in addition to that of the whole region. Knowing and understanding it is an important part of getting to know the real Western Europe.

The above is also true for the culture of Western Europe – each country has its own:

  • Traditions
  • Language
  • Cuisine
  • Way of life

But try getting closer to a border between two or more countries, you will see all of them intertwine and overlap.

While in Western Europe, try to visit any festivals that may be on at the time, soak up the local life at pubs, parks and along the narrow streets of neighbourhoods.


Eating and drinking is a cult in Western Europe. Every country has its own traditional flavours:

  • Olive oil and vegetables in the south
  • Butter and cream in the north
  • Fresh fish along the coast
  • Dairy and meat in the mountain region

The area is also famous for its alcoholic beverage production, make sure you do a tasting of whatever it is they produce in the country you visit:

  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Cider
  • Aperitifs and digestifs


Western Europe is home to some of the world’s most famous artists: Da Vinci, Rubens, Monet, Rembrandt and Banksy are just some of them. The region has been an inspiration to them and many more throughout its millions of years of existence.

Instantly recognizable landmarks are also a result of this inspiration:

  • Paris’ Eiffel Tower
  • London’s Big Ben
  • Berlin Wall
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Expert tips for cruising Western Europe

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Some of the most visited cities in the world are located in Western Europe such as Lisbon, Porto, Paris and more. Better yet, you can see them all in one cruise! No wonder it is one of the most popular cruising routes on the planet. Shore excursions will allow for full exploration of these cities.