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Champagne Bay Cruises

Cruise to one of the best beaches in the South Pacific now!

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Champagne Bay Cruises

Champagne Bay is one of the best beaches you will ever visit in the whole of the South Pacific region. Located on the east side of the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu, the bay is famous for its clear waters and white, powdery sand.

The Best Time to Cruise

Generally speaking, the best time to visit the island of Vanuatu is April to October:

  • The weather is at its driest
  • The temperatures are a comfortable average of 26℃
  • Water is perfect for swimming and snorkelling

Relaxing on the beach in Champagne Bay is best done around July to September:

  • These are the months with very little to no rainfall
  • The water is around 27-28℃

Things to Do in Champagne Bay

Nothing is the best thing to do in Champagne Bay, or almost nothing:

  • – Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet
  • – Observe the stunning scenery around you – the mountains, the jungle, the plantations and farms
  • – Swim in transparent waters and experience the spa-like bubbling sensation at low tide
  • – Stroll along and feel the soft sand under your feet
  • – Explore the surrounding bush by taking one of the several trails leading from the beach