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Wander along the Spice Trail, explore the Holy Land, and immerse yourself in the vivid sights and sounds.

Middle East

The Middle East is a stunning tapestry offering endless and life-changing experiences. This area is renowned for its exotic culture, illuminated history, grand architecture and modern technology. From the hustle and bustle of largely populated cities to the peace and tranquility of local villages, delicious food and intriguing cultures. Dubai is the treasured gem of the Middle East boasting an affluence and lavishness. The city woos cruisers from all corners of the globe with a penchant for culture and luxury.

Warm cultures and friendly locals that are iconic for the Middle East make cruise tourists feel welcome in a world away from home. Having endured its fair share of wars, it is right to acknowledge that nowhere else on Earth has such a colourful past as the Middle East, making it a fascinating destination for travellers who have an avid interest in the world, past and present. The treasures of the arid Arabian desert is yet another aspect that must be discovered in this diverse and exciting cruise destination. A Middle Eastern cruise is guaranteed to take you to the greatest hot spots belonging to this area and introduce you to cultures and ways of life that will encourage you to return again and again.

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Enticing voyage from Dubai with Celebrity Cruises
Cruise from Dubai to Italy on this unique sail along the Red Sea and up the Suez Canal. This 16 day cruise gives you a taste of an array of different cultures while also offering time to unwind onboard the Celebrity Constellation. An overnight stay in Dubai allows you to properly explore this fascinating city.
Our advice:
There are plenty of activities on the Celebrity Constellation to keep you entertained during days at sea. Enjoy a wine and beer tasting sessions with knowledgeable bartenders at the 'Martini Bar' or 'Cellarmasters'.

  • Dubai - Civitavecchia (Rome)
  • Southern Europe,Middle East,Africa,Red Sea,Mediterranean Sea
  • 01.04.2020

from $2,630
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Voyage with the Azamara Quest from Dubai
Step onboard the Azamara Quest as it takes you on a spectacular sail up the Gulf of Oman through the Persian Gulf. Test your bartering skills at Muscat's Muttrah Souk and discover a labyrinth of souvenirs. Visit the breathtaking Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, extravagantly decorated with marble and gold. This cruise is sure to be the cultural experience of a life time!
Our advice:
Enjoy delicious North African dishes at Azamara Quest's exquisite onboard restaurants - the 'Aqualina' and 'Prime C'.

  • Dubai - Dubai
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  • November 2019 - December 2019

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If you're a fan of history and adventure, this Seabourn Encore cruise is right for you. Travel from the metropolis of Dubai to Haifa, home to the Bahá'í World Centre. You will then be transported to ancient Greece where you can explore the Parthenon ruins. Culture around every corner, this cruise is a fantastic experience not to be missed!
Our advice:
Seabourn Encore offers a unique twist to your cruise. Go shopping with the Chef. Explore the Spice Souks of Muscat and try fresh olives in Agois Nikalaos. Discover more about the cultures you encounter.

  • Dubai - Athens (Piraeus)
  • Southern Europe,Middle East,Africa,Red Sea,Mediterranean Sea
  • 05.05.2020

from $8,998
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Top Middle East Ports
Dubai, United Arab Emiratesfrom

The emirate of Dubai is home to around 1.8 million inhabitants. The majority of the population lives in the city. Dubai is known for its modern and futuristic projects. From skyscrapers on manmade islands, to amusement parks, there is hardly anything that does not exist in this city. Dubai offers endless beautiful beaches, excellent water sports, desert safaris and an almost immeasurable range of shopping facilities.

Highlights of Dubai
  • Wander the narrow lanes of the Al Fahidi historic district
  • Get your heart pumping at the IMG Worlds of Adventure - world's biggest indoor theme park
  • Enjoy traditional and modern Emirati cuisine at Aseelah
Muscat, Omanfrom

The capital of Oman, Muscat is located in the northeast of the country on the Gulf of Oman. Muscat has many beautiful beaches, parks, and a moat, which is located next to the Great Mosque of Sultan Quabus. For a better idea of the local culture and food, go and experience the bustle of the traditional oriental markets. Muscat is a very elegant and uniform city with most of the buildings reflecting tradition - that is a requirement even for the functional new buildings.

Highlights of Muscat
  • Take a scenic boat trip from the Marina Bandar Al Rowdha and enjoy a delicious lunch at the Blue Marlin afterwards
  • Make a photo next to the Sultan's Palace gates. Although closed to the public, it is a beautiful sight
  • Wander along the Mutrah at sunset to enjoy the spectacular views
Petra (Aqaba), Jordanfrom

Petra, voted as one of the 'New Seven Wonders of the World' is the great Ancient City located in the south of Jordan. It is one of the world's most famous and treasured UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To get to it, your cruise will stop at Aqaba, Jordan's only sea port. Located in the Gulf of Akaba, Aqaba is also very popular with divers for its beautiful coral reefs. The town's relaxed atmosphere and comfortable climate make it perfect for the Jordanians to get away to.

Highlights of Petra (Aqaba)
  • Watch the world's largest population of white-eyed gulls at the Aqaba Bird Observatory
  • Let your imagination run wild at Ayla the site of the Aqaba ancient port
  • Engage with friendly Jordanians on the public beach. Be sure to stay fully-clothed though
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emiratesfrom

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is one of the most exciting cities in the world. Nothing stands still here, the city is constantly evolving and growing, however, the past is also very well preserved. Abu Dhabi provides its guests with plentiful opportunities to learn the history of the UAE through museums, exhibitions, tours and food. The atmosphere is soaked with Emirati culture and traditions - the dhow harbour, the markets and the shisha cafes will engage you in the Gulf life.

Highlights of Abu Dhabi
  • Wander the streets of the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village to find out about the life pre-oil
  • Take a free 45-minute tour of the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Visit the perfectly designed Umm Al Emarat Park
Haifa (Jerusalem), Israelfrom
Haifa is Israel's third largest city and is located in northern Israel on the northern slope of Mount Carmel on the Mediterranean. Enjoy a unique wonderful view over the whole city from the Louis promenade which will also lead you to the hanging gardens of the Bahai - one of the many great sights of Haifa.
Salalah, Omanfrom

Salalah is the capital of the Dhofar region in Oman. This subtropical city lays on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is famous for its coconut-fringed beaches. Khareef - the rainy season, starts mid-June and brings monsoon clouds that constantly drizzle until mid-August, transforming the city into an oasis of misty pastures. Visitors find it hard to believe that they are in the heart of the Arabian desert. Salalah is a good starting point for numerous excursions.

Highlights of Salalah
  • Take a half day tour around Salalah to see the best the city has to offer
  • Wander around Haffah Souk and pick up a frankincense box
  • Visit the Prehistoric ruins east of Salalah
Ashdod (Jerusalem), Israelfrom
The port city of Ashdod is the ideal starting point for a trip to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. From Givat Yonah you have a great view on the Israeli city. The promenade and the zoo in northwestern Ashdod invite you to take a relaxing walk. In addition to numerous war memorials and museums, Ashdod offers charming parks.
Sir Bani Yas Island, United Arab Emiratesfrom

Sir Bani Yas is a natural island located 100 km southwest of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to decades of intensive conservation work and ecological investment, it is now home to thousands of large free-roaming animals, several million trees and plants, a bird sanctuary as well as a wildlife reserve. Sir Bani Yas showcases nature through activities such as adventure safaris, kayaking, mountain biking, archery, hiking and snorkeling.

Highlights of Sir Bani Yas Island
  • Enjoy a culture and history tour to the archaeological excavations in the east of the island
  • Ride a real Arab horse at the Sir Bani Yas stables
  • Relax at the island Anantara Spa after a full day of activities
Doha, Qatarfrom

Doha is the capital of Qatar and is situated in the Arabian Gulf. It is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing cities in the world. Doha's beautiful skyline is constantly changing, this is due also to the fact that the Qatari government invests heavily into the creation of landmark cultural icons. The city is set to become one of the Gulf's premier league players, together with Dubai, in the next few years. There is plenty to see, so don't let Doha be just a stop-over on the way somewhere else.

Highlights of Doha
  • Visit the Falcon Souq on a Thursday to get a glimpse of the Arabian falconry heritage
  • Take a free 40-minute guided tour to see the exquisite collection at the Museum of Islamic Art
  • Cool off by the only lake in Doha at the Aspire Park
Khasab, Omanfrom

Khasab is a port town on the Musandam Peninsula in northern Oman. It is quite small but by no means sleepy. The port of Khasab is the main hub of activity - legal and semi-legal trade with Iran being the biggest one. The smugglers are easy to spot, their fiberglass boats are lined up along the creeks, waiting for the sunset to make a mad dash for Iran. However, the main attractions of the area are the picturesque fjord-like inlets and the beautiful Al Hajar range of mountains surrounding it. Khasab has often been called the 'Norway of Arabia'.

Highlights of Khasab
  • Enjoy a dhow tour to the remains of the former British telegraph station between Bahrain and Bombay
  • Cruise the Strait of Hormuz with its rugged coastal views and dolphin sightings
  • Visit the Khasab Castle to see local handicrafts and archaeological finds
Manama, Bahrainfrom

Manama is the capital city of the Arabian Gulf island nation of Bahrain. Although, very similar to its counterparts - Dubai and Doha, in that it has all the hallmarks of modern Gulf prosperity, Manama is still small, charming and very traditional. The daring skyscrapers are still being overlooked by the traditional Bahraini houses in Muharraq. The old-fashioned building of the National Museum is set alongside the avant-garde designer National Theatre. To enjoy the old charm of Manama, a visit to the Central Market is a must.

Highlights of Manama
  • Enjoy the freshest and best tasting fish at Fish House opposite the International Hospital
  • Take a guided tour of the beautifully designed Al Fatih Mosque
  • Discover regional contemporary art at the La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art
Fujairah, United Arab Emiratesfrom

Fujairah is the capital city of the emirate of Fujairah, located on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf of Oman. The city is the business and commercial centre of the emirate. Although, tourist attractions are few and far between, Fujairah is worth a visit if only to see the new massive, gleaming white Sheikh Zayed Mosque - second largest in the UAE or the emirate's first shopping centre - Fujairah City Centre Mall. The city is also a great starting point for the emirate's exploration.

Highlights of Fujairah
  • Try delicious local dishes at the Al Meshwar restaurant
  • Enjoy an exciting deep sea fishing, swimming & snorkeling tour from Dibba
  • Visit the local Friday Market to stock up on souvenirs and fresh fruit
Eilat, Israelfrom

Eilat is the southernmost city in Israel. The city's location at the northern tip of the Red Sea that's famous for its warm turquoise waters makes Eilat a very popular resort among Israeli families and European sun-seekers. Water sport enthusiasts are fascinated by the spectacular coral reefs, nature lovers - by the fantastic desert scenery surrounding the city. Add VAT-free shopping and an interesting Aquarium to the list and you will have a place that's very much worth a visit.

Highlights of Eilat
  • Take a tour of the Botanical Garden with its misty rainforest and waterfalls
  • Dance the night away at one of the famous Village Beach parties in the summer
  • Learn all about the city's history at the Eilat Museum
Suez, Egyptfrom

Suez is a modern port city in northern Egypt and is situated at the mouth of the Suez Canal. Suez was once a hub for trade between Europe and India but suffered a severe blow to its economy in 1973 when the Suez Canal was closed. Now that the Canal is back in action (since 1975), the city has returned to its prosperity and enjoys being the biggest transit port in the country. Suez serves as a departure point for those on their pilgrimage to Mecca.

Highlights of Suez
  • Visit the local market in the Arbaeen district to stock up on fresh exotic fruit
  • Take a ride southeast of Suez to the Ain Musa, the site where Moses turned a bitter spring into sweet drinking water
  • Relax on the beautiful Ain El Soukhna beaches nearby
Khor Fakkan, United Arab Emiratesfrom

Khor Fakkan is a town on the coast of the Gulf of Oman and is part of Sharjah, one of the United Arab Emirates. The town is a natural deep-sea port and is also one of the country's major container ports. The charming Corniche with its sandy beach, beautiful gardens and playgrounds is Khor Fakkan's main attraction. Despite the fact that there is a total ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol in the whole Sharjah emirate, tourism is booming thanks also to Khor Fakkan's stunning coral reefs.

Highlights of Khor Fakkan
  • Explore the picture-perfect Fujairah Fort dating back to the 16th century
  • Stock up on exotic fruit at the local fish market
  • Visit the Rifaisa Dam in the mountains, it is believed to have been built over a village
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