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Southampton Cruises

Southampton is the largest city in Hampshire, south England.

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Southampton England UK is the crusie hub of the UK and there is much more to Southampton than the popular cruises of the UK & British Isles.

There are many cruises departing from Southampton to Europe and by Europe we mean every bit of it! From Southampton you can cruise, the North Sea ports of France Holland Belguim & Germany, sun yourslef in the Mediterranean, head to the Baltic Sea & Russia or crusie Scandinavia & the fjords of Norway, see the summer Artic, visit Atlantic islands of Iceland, Greenland, Faroe as well as the warmer Atlantic climates of Madeira, The Azores & the Canary Islands some even go via western Europes wine coasts of France, Spain and Portugal.

If you Europe is not your fancy then Southampton is home to the Transatlantic crossing possible the most famous and romantic of all sea voyages.

Southampton is the base for Cunards three Queens and the stately and very British ships of P&O International, this makes it the home of the „Grand Voyage“, World Voyage or a cruise around the world o circumnavigation of the globe that each year the ships of the Cunard fleet and  P&O International fleet set out on. For the last few years there has been a Princess Cruises world cruise that has included Southampton and 2014 has the two Fred Olsen Cruise lines ship on a World Cruise one heading East via the Suez and one heading West via Panama.

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