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Viking AtonOverview

  • 2022Launch Date
  • 82Passengers
  • 43Crew
  • 5Decks
    • Accommodates just 82 guests
    • Specifically built to navigate the great Nile
    • Elegant and spacious all outside cabins
  • Viking Aton

Cruises on board Viking Aton

The Viking Aton is the newest addition to the Viking Nile River fleet, it will join its identical sister-ship, the Viking Osiris and the cruise line's pioneer Egypt vessel, the Viking Ra. The Aton is one of the most upscale ships cruising the Nile, featuring elegant Scandinavian design, floor-to-ceiling windows in the lounge and beautifully furnished cabins, all of which boast outside views.

There are just 41 cabins on board the Viking Aton, these will accommodate 82 guests, thus providing you with an intimate cruising experience of a lifetime. Book a Suite and you will find yourself enjoying two full-size rooms.

The Viking Aton offers a 12 night 'Pharaohs & Pyramids' cruise holiday that includes a 3 night pre-cruise luxury hotel stay in Cairo with excursions and a cruise along the great River Nile. You will set sail in Luxor and visit fascinating cities like Qena, Esna, Aswan and Edfu.

Ship Details
Launch Date2022
Refurbishment Year2010
CompanyViking River Cruises
Length187 metre
Draft6 m
Speed20 knots

Cabins and Decks

Come aboard the Viking Aton and discover one of 4 cabin categories on a total of 5 decks that can accommodate 82 passengers. Choose your dream cabin and feel at home on board the Viking Aton!

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