Sea Cloud Cruises 2017

Captivating five-star windjammer cruises to Europe and the Americas.
Sea Cloud Cruises

Sea Cloud Cruises offer luxurious and refined cruises onboard its two sailing ships: Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II. This cruise line is unique in its offering of distinct itineraries and its operation of hand steered yachts. Sea Cloud cruises embark on voyages to smaller, less popular ports throughout Europe and the Caribbean. Top quality service and cuisine are guaranteed onboard a Sea Cloud cruise. Due to their enviable reputation as one of the finest small ship operators, Sea Cloud cruises tend to appeal to well-eductaed, knowledgable, prosperous passengers with a keen interest in sailing, culture, history and art. The atmosphere onboard is rather indulgent and privileged.

An extremely relaxing, sophisticated experience is promised onboard both of Sea Cloud's sailing vessels. Passengers have the opportunity to enjoy the company of other passengers or to simply read a book outdoors. Entertainment onboard prioritises simplicity and introduces a lively, pleasant ambiance with refined music such as piano playing.

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Sea Cloud Cruises 2017

Sea Cloud Cruises

Sea Cloud Cruises based in Hamburg, Germany is passionate about the art of cruising and sailing on exclusive tall ships in sophisticated indulgence. This innovative cruise line combines Luxury Cruises with a sailing adventure to deliver a truly unique experience to its passengers. The intimate, yacht-style cruise atmosphere seamlessly blends with the traditional style of the tall ships to guarantee passengers an extraordinary experience where they will be transported to a world where the authenticity of the sailing experience is paramount. The traditions of sailing are cherished and celebrated aboard the Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II which makes them special in an industry where everything is achieved at the push of a button.

Sea Cloud Cruises go above and beyond to deliver more than just a cruise, but a genuine personal experience.

Culinary Delights

Sea Cloud Cruises strives to live up to its 5-star reputation and exceeds all expectations when it comes to the first-class cuisine aboard these majestic vessels. The master chefs relish in the opportunity to share their sumptuous cuisine with the guests and the diverse menus are brimming with exquisite dishes. Sea Cloud Cruises assures that there will be something to suit all tastes as their menus contain many specialties, vegetarian options, and even daily regional options that reflect the rich culture and tradition of the current destination.

Delectable breakfast and lunch buffets will give you the hearty start necessary to enjoy all Sea Cloud Cruises has to offer. Make sure you work up an appetite for the evening meal and gala dinner which are the pinnacle of aesthetic pleasure, especially if you choose to dine on the lido deck where the panoramic sea views will awe you as you indulge.

To top off the experience expert sommeliers aboard will match your meal with a choice wine sourced from the finest vineyards and cellars. For the extreme foodies among you, there is also an opportunity to book a specific culinary cruise in which the gourmet chefs and gastronomy will dazzle you.