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North Star Cruises Australia

Go wild in style with North Star Cruises Australia and taste the adventure! Kimberely’s longest established adventure cruise operator, North Star Cruises Australia, prides itself in adventure cruises, providing pioneering luxury cruises to even the most discerning adventurer! North Star Cruises has become a market leader of adventure-based itineraries, which have won countless awards on both state and national level!

The North Star Cruises Australia Fleet

North Star operates a single ship, True North, which was laughed in 2005. Since then, it has carried over 10,000 cruisers! Purpose built for adventure cruising, North Star is a boutique ship, i.e. a small intimate vessel. Itineraries are not very lengthy due to the ship’s size, which facilitates the cruise ship’s daily ports of call and frequent excursions. Solid expedition boats for excursions, snorkels and diving equipment are among the facilities on-board for passengers. On a Kimberely Cruise, passengers have the added opportunity to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the landscape from the on-board helicopter!


Explore Western Australia’s rugged and remote Kimberly Coast, one of the world’s last great Wilderness areas and one of Western Australia’s most treasured natural landscapes. Cruise an astonishing area of almost 13,000km of untouched coastline with an abundance of islands and embayments. Observe the awe-inspiring beauty of the Buccaneer and Bonaparte Archipelagos of the Kimberly coast, both of which boast more than 2,633 islands and an extensive system of largely fringing reefs. One of Australia’s fifteen listed national biodiversity hotspots, the Kimberly Coast claims the largest inshore reef, world class seagrass meadows, extensive mangrove forests, Western Australia’s greatest diversity of corals, wide rivers, the world’s largest population of Humpback whales and paramount seabird breeding colonies. What a mouthful!


Relax and unwind after an adventure-fuelled day in the comfort of your own room in one of True North’s three cabin classes.
Located in the upper deck is the Explorer Class Stateroom, and on the lower deck, the River Class Double, both of which feature a king-sized double bed (which can be converted to singles) and an eloquent twin basin ensuite. Revel in the sweeping views of large panoramic windows, plus the home comforts of an amenities fridge, superb in-cabin entertainment and satellite telephone. The cosy Ocean Class Twin cabin features two portholes, along with the standard in-cabin entertainment and satellite telephone.

Entertainment & On-board Experience

Regardless of being a novice or an expert fisherman, you will enjoy fishing off the remote Kimberly Coast, the unspoiled waters of West Papua New Guinea and the rarely fished islands of the Eyre Peninsula. Experienced fishing instructors will be on hand to offer you the best fishing experience possible on-board North Star Cruises’ True North!
One of North Star Cruises most popular activities, heli-fishing offers True North cruisers to experience a whole new dimension to fishing! In air-conditioned comfort, you can fly over stunning wilderness and fish where no one has dared fish before!

Diving and snorkelling activities are often offered on upcoming cruises, however to make the most of the fun exploration, True North’s safety guidelines must be adhered to! Snorkelling equipment is complimentary; exposure suits are normally available in various sizes and guests can also purchase a safety sausage on-board.
For a taste of history and culture, visitors can discover the art of the first Australians in the rocky outcrops of the Northern and Southern Kimberly coastline.

Learn about West Papua’s fascinating history extending back over 40 thousand years and experience cultural interactions with the hospitable natives, who call this paradise their home.