We are excited to announce that Carnival will welcome a new ship to the Australian family with Carnival Splendor arriving late 2019! Not only will she be Australia's largest ever home-ported cruise ship but before her arrival she will undergo upgrades tailored to local tastes including new dining experiences and a brand new waterpark!

In addition, Carnival Spirit will relocate to Brisbane - her new home-port as of 2020!

We have highlighted a few cruises which will be popular and sell out fast:

  • Repositioning Cruise from Honolulu on 6 Oct 2020 – 18 nights from $2,449pp
    Sail from Honolulu to Brisbane on her journey to her new home port!
  • Transpacific Sydney to Honolulu 25 Mar 2020 – 17 nights from $2,199pp
  • Get in Early for Christmas Cruises - CODE D050 ex SYD, S054 ex BNE

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Cruise CodeShipDatePortItineraryDurationFrom
D002Carnival Splendor 6-Jan-20SYD South Pacific10$1,599
D003Carnival Splendor 16-Jan-20SYD Moreton Island4$749
D004Carnival Splendor 20-Jan-20SYD South Pacific8$1,149
D005Carnival Splendor 28-Jan-20SYD South Pacific9$1,149
D006Carnival Splendor 6-Feb-20SYD Moreton Island4$599
D007Carnival Splendor 10-Feb-20SYDSouth Pacific8$999
D008Carnival Splendor 18-Feb-20SYDTasmania5$799
D009Carnival Splendor 23-Feb-20SYD South Pacific7$899
D010Carnival Splendor 1-Mar-20SYD South Pacific10$1,349
D011Carnival Splendor 11-Mar-20SYD South Pacific8$1,049
D012Carnival Splendor 19-Mar-20SYDCruise to nowhere3$499
D013Carnival Splendor 22-Mar-20SYD South Pacific12$1,699
D014Carnival Splendor 3-Apr-20SYD South Pacific7$999
D015Carnival Splendor 10-Apr-20SYDCruise to nowhere3$749
D016Carnival Splendor 13-Apr-20SYD South Pacific11$1,499
D017Carnival Splendor 24-Apr-20SYDCruise to nowhere3$599
D018Carnival Splendor 27-Apr-20SYD South Pacific10$1,349
D019Carnival Splendor 7-May-20SYD Moreton Island4$599
D020Carnival Splendor 11-May-20SYD South Pacific9$1,099
D021Carnival Splendor 20-May-20SYD Great Barrier Reef8$1,049
D022Carnival Splendor 28-May-20SYD South Pacific8$999
D023Carnival Splendor 5-Jun-20SYD Moreton Island4$699
D024Carnival Splendor 9-Jun-20SYD South Pacific10$1,249
D025Carnival Splendor 19-Jun-20SYDCruise to nowhere3$499
D026Carnival Splendor 22-Jun-20SYD South Pacific11$1,349
D028Carnival Splendor 11-Jul-20SYD South Pacific9$1,399
D029Carnival Splendor 20-Jul-20SYD Great Barrier Reef10$1,349
D030Carnival Splendor 30-Jul-20SYD South Pacific8$999
D031Carnival Splendor 7-Aug-20SYDCruise to nowhere3$499
D032Carnival Splendor 10-Aug-20SYD South Pacific8$999
D033Carnival Splendor 18-Aug-20SYD South Pacific10$1,249
D034Carnival Splendor 28-Aug-20SYDCruise to nowhere3$499
D035Carnival Splendor 31-Aug-20SYD South Pacific8$1,199
D036Carnival Splendor 8-Sep-20SYD Great Barrier Reef9$1,149
D037Carnival Splendor 17-Sep-20SYD South Pacific8$1,249
D038Carnival Splendor 25-Sep-20SYD Moreton Island4$699
D039Carnival Splendor 29-Sep-20SYD South Pacific10$1,649
D040Carnival Splendor 9-Oct-20SYDCruise to nowhere3$599
D041Carnival Splendor 12-Oct-20SYD South Pacific9$1,149
D042Carnival Splendor 21-Oct-20SYD South Pacific8$1,049
D043Carnival Splendor 29-Oct-20SYDCruise to nowhere3$499
D044Carnival Splendor 1-Nov-20SYDMelbourne cup6$1,599
D045Carnival Splendor 7-Nov-20SYD South Pacific10$1,349
D046Carnival Splendor 17-Nov-20SYD South Pacific9$1,199
D047Carnival Splendor 26-Nov-20SYDCruise to nowhere4$549
D048Carnival Splendor 30-Nov-20SYD South Pacific9$1,199
D049Carnival Splendor 9-Dec-20SYD South Pacific10$1,349
D050Carnival Splendor 19-Dec-20SYD South Pacific8$1,499
D101Carnival Splendor 27-Dec-20SYD South Pacific11$2,199
S002Carnival Spirit 9-Jan-20SYDCruise to nowhere3$699
S003Carnival Spirit 12-Jan-20SYDRepo to MEL2$349
S004Carnival Spirit 14-Jan-20MELNew Zealand10$1,399
S005Carnival Spirit 24-Jan-20MELCruise to nowhere3$699
S006Carnival Spirit 27-Jan-20MELPacific Islands11$1,399
S007Carnival Spirit 7-Feb-20MELCruise to nowhere3$499
S008Carnival Spirit 10-Feb-20MELNew Zealand12$1,699
S009Carnival Spirit 22-Feb-20MELTasmania5$749
S010Carnival Spirit 27-Feb-20MELKangaroo Island4$549
S011Carnival Spirit 2-Mar-20MELPacific Islands12$1,699
S012Carnival Spirit 14-Mar-20MELRepo to SYD2$349
S013Carnival Spirit 16-Mar-20SYD South Pacific9$1,099
S014Carnival Spirit 26-Mar-20SYDTranspacific17$2,199
S043Carnival Spirit6-Oct-20HNLTranspacific18$2,449
S045Carnival Spirit25-Oct-20BNE South Pacific7$1,049
S046Carnival Spirit 1-Nov-20BNE South Pacific11$1,499
S047Carnival Spirit 12-Nov-20BNECruise to nowhere3$599
S048Carnival Spirit 15-Nov-20BNE South Pacific7$1,049
S049Carnival Spirit 22-Nov-20BNE South Pacific7$1,049
S050Carnival Spirit 29-Nov-20BNESouth Pacific - SANTO7$1,099
S051Carnival Spirit 6-Dec-20BNETBD4$549
S052Carnival Spirit 10-Dec-20BNECruise to nowhere3$599
S053Carnival Spirit 13-Dec-20BNESouth Pacific - SANTO7$1,149
S054Carnival Spirit 20-Dec-20BNE South Pacific7$1,299
S101Carnival Spirit 27-Dec-20BNE South Pacific7$1,399
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