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Transatlantic Cruises

Be it the Americas to Europe or Europe to the Americas, it will be the journey of a lifetime full of majestic landscapes and relaxing days at sea.

Transatlantic Cruises
There is still something exciting and romantic about a transatlantic cruise between Europe and the Americas. It is a route that has been traveled millions over the centuries adding to the wonder of a transatlantic cruise. Sail from Southampton to New York for the classic Transatlantic experience or take an entirely different route and enjoy more destinations with a re-positioning cruise across the Atlantic. Despite the popularity of commercial flight, thousands of people still make the journey every year. A transatlantic cruise is the perfect opportunity to travel from one continent to another while enjoying plenty of time to relax. They are also some of the best value cruises, allowing you to experience everything that your cruise ship has to offer on a grand journey where you can take your time and discover the very best of cruising. Enjoy shows, fine dining and time to socialise with friends or just sit back and relax while you cruise in comfort, a transatlantic cruise gives you the chance to do it all.
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Travel Tips for Transatlantic

Rediscover the romance of a classic Transatlantic cruise. A transatlantic cruise offers you the chance to relax and unwind with anything between 6-8 days at sea at a time:

  • Admire the spectacular views of the ocean or the landscapes passing by
  • Hang out by the onboard pool(s) with a delicious cocktail in hand
  • Get some well-deserved R&R at the onboard Spa
  • Learn something new at one of the numerous classes offered on board
  • Enjoy the spectacular shows, movies and other onboard entertainment events
  • Explore the menus of all onboard restaurants

Transatlantic crossings are historically synonymous with exploration and emigration. However, today a transatlantic cruise is something of a luxury sailing with long days at sea.

Voyages across the Atlantic often conjure up images of uncertainty and nostalgia, with the first Transatlantic Crossing taking place prior to the 19th Century. Examples of some famous transatlantic liners engrained in maritime history include:

  • RMS Lusitania
  • RMS Mauretania
  • RMS Queen Elizabeth 2
  • RMS Queen Mary 2

Most Popular Destinations

Today’s Transatlantic cruises incorporate the classical sail ideals of elegant cruising and sophistication, along with top-class amenities and entertainment for days at sea. A transatlantic cruise makes innovative travel possible by combining journeys to/from:

  • The Mediterranean
  • Northern Europe
  • The Americas

This unforgettable experience enables you to discover a wide range of fantastic destinations, with cities such as:

  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • Civitavecchia (Rome)
  • Copenhagen
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • New York

Cruise Lines

Transatlantic cruises are extremely popular and are, therefore, offered by a great number of cruise lines:

  • MSC Cruises offer a fantastic range of cruises sailing between Europe and the Americas, starting and ending in:
    • Spain
    • Portugal
    • Argentina
    • Brazil
    • USA
  • Cunard is, historically, one of the most famous cruise lines doing Transatlantic sailings. These vary in duration, starting from 6-8 nights and ending with over 40.
  • Oceania will sail you across the Atlantic in blissful luxury with everything included – which isn’t bad at all for those days at sea.
  • Princess Cruises’ beautiful ships have exciting itineraries that will sail you from/to the following destinations:

The Best Time to Travel

If you are not into stormy weather, avoid cruising across the Atlantic Ocean between November and April at all costs – rough seas are almost guaranteed at that time.

Book for the months of June through August. Tropical storms and hurricanes are still possible, but are much less likely to be as strong.

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Expert tips for cruising the Transatlantic

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The connecting force between Europe and America comes in the form of the Transatlantic voyage. For centuries, this route was used as a means of transportation and trade between the two continents and to this day still is. Cunard, Royal Caribbean and others all have Transatlantic cruises throughout the year. These cruises typically last around two weeks and you can also package a return flight with your cruise .