Transatlantic Cruises

Be it the Americas to Europe or Europe to the Americas, it will be the journey of a lifetime full of majestic landscapes and relaxing days at sea.


There is still something exciting and romantic about a transatlantic cruise between Europe and the Americas. It is a route that has been traveled millions over the centuries adding to the wonder of a transatlantic cruise. Sail from Southampton to New York for the classic Transatlantic experience or take an entirely different route and enjoy more destinations with a re-positioning cruise across the Atlantic.

Despite the popularity of commercial flight, thousands of people still make the journey every year. A transatlantic cruise is the perfect opportunity to travel from one continent to another while enjoying plenty of time to relax. They are also some of the best value cruises, allowing you to experience everything that your cruise ship has to offer on a grand journey where you can take your time and discover the very best of cruising. Enjoy shows, fine dining and time to socialise with friends or just sit back and relax while you cruise in comfort, a transatlantic cruise gives you the chance to do it all.

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Expert tips for cruising the Transatlantic
Our Recommendations
  Cruises from Southampton
Wonderful Southampton to iconic Fort Lauderdale
Wonderful Southampton to iconic Fort Lauderdale
14 Nights with the Independence of the Seas
p.p.from $2,180
Sail with the Azura from Southampton
Sail with the Azura from Southampton
14 Nights with the Azura
p.p.from $2,329
Sail with the Ventura from Southampton
Sail with the Ventura from Southampton
14 Nights with the Ventura
p.p.from $2,189
Voyage from Southampton with the Queen Mary 2
Voyage from Southampton with the Queen Mary 2
14 Nights with the Queen Mary 2
 April 2019 - December 2020
p.p.from $2,389
Cruise from Southampton to New York via Le Havre
Cruise from Southampton to New York via Le Havre
8 Nights with the Queen Mary 2
 June 2020 - June 2020
p.p.from $2,099
  Falkland Islands Cruises
Sailing from Ushuaia with the Silver Explorer
Sailing from Ushuaia with the Silver Explorer
18 Nights with the Silver Explorer
p.p.from $27,090
Journey with Ponant from Ushuaia
Journey with Ponant from Ushuaia
15 Nights with the Le Boréal
p.p.from On Request
17 day journey from Ushuaia
17 day journey from Ushuaia
16 Nights with the Le Soléal
p.p.from On Request
Cruising from Ushuaia via South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Cruising from Ushuaia via South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
16 Nights with the L'Austral
p.p.from On Request
Cruise with Ponant from Ushuaia
Cruise with Ponant from Ushuaia
16 Nights with the Le Boréal
p.p.from On Request
  Fly Cruises
Captivating Transatlantic Crossing
Captivating Transatlantic Crossing
20 Nights Mediterranean Sea, ...
 Norwegian Getaway
p.p.from $4,499
Tango to St. Mark's Square
Tango to St. Mark's Square
23 Nights with the MSC Orchestra
p.p.from $5,149
Copenhagen to NYC
Copenhagen to NYC
28 Nights with the MSC Meraviglia
p.p.from $5,949
USA and Canada
USA and Canada
22 Nights with the MSC Meraviglia
p.p.from $5,549
Three Queens Mediterranean, Norway and Transatlantic
Three Queens Mediterranean, Norway and Transatlantic
36 Nights Transatlantic, ...
 Queen Mary 2
p.p.from $10,999
Our Recommendations
Cruise from Southampton to New York via Le Havre
8 nights from Southampton to New York.
Our advice:
This ship offers fantastic space and comfort for the transatlantic voyage!

  • Southampton - New York
  • Transatlantic
  • June 2020 - June 2020

from $2,099
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21 day voyage from Fort Lauderdale to St. Petersburg
Take in the best of Northern Europe and the US on this Princess cruise!
Our advice:
Enjoy spectacular views as most cabins on this ship have private balconies.

  • Fort Lauderdale - St. Petersburg
  • Transatlantic,Baltic Sea
  • 14.04.2019

from $3,175
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Trip with the Pacific Princess from Civitavecchia
17 night cruise from Rome to Florida.
Our advice:
Enjoy the sights and sun of both Italy and Florida!

  • Civitavecchia (Rome) - Fort Lauderdale
  • Mediterranean Sea,Transatlantic
  • 05.12.2018

from On Request
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Ports of Transatlantic CruisesTransatlantic Ports
New York, USAfrom

New York is one of the most renowned and iconic cities in the world with famous sights and landmarks at every turn you take. Visitors are guaranteed to be amazed by the world-acclaimed Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building landmarks. The beautiful and serene Central Park is a must see for all visitors. Shopping enthusiasts will be mesmerized by the various premium outlets that Fifth Avenue and the Rockefeller Center have to offer. New York is packed with famous buildings and locations such as Times Square, Wall Street and Brooklyn Bridge which is sure to captivate the masses of visitors.

Highlights of New York
  • Be amazed by the iconic Empire State Building which is 381 meters tall
  • Experience the pinnacle of theater by visiting Broadway
  • Visit the Guggenheim museum which is home to the work of famous artists such as Picasso
Madeira (Funchal), Azores, Portugalfrom

Funchal is the capital of the island of Madeira, the Pearl of the Atlantic, known for its many exotic flowers. The origin of the name comes from the discovery by the Portuguese. When they arrived there, the islanders grew a lot of fennel. The city can look back on a nearly 600-year history. Explore the Levada, artificial watercourses, which pump rain water from the north and the center of Madeira to the farms in the south.

Highlights of Madeira:
  • Take a cable car ride to the Botanical Gardens
  • Climb the Pico de Arieiro and enjoy great views form the restaurant on top
  • Sample the exotic fruits, unique to Madeira, such as their small bananas and custard apples
Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugalfrom

Ponta Delgada is the capital city of the Azores Archipelago and is home to the Sao Miguel Island's main port. Sao Miguel Island is in its turn the largest island in the Portuguese archipelago and has the highest population. The island has been nicknamed 'the Green Island' for its spectacularly breathtaking landscapes. Explore the city with its beautiful old churches, a 16th century fort and a fascinating museum of the Azores' natural history and then embark on an expedition to explore the rest of the stunning island.

Highlights of Ponta Delgada
  • Visit one of the most spiritually important churches in the whole of Portugal - Convento de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca
  • Spot whales and dolphins from a boat departing from the local port
  • Enjoy the spectacular views of the Lagoa das Sete Cidades 15km from the city
Mindelo, Cape Verdefrom

Mindelo on the island of São Vicente, home to about 60,000 people. In the 19th Century, the port of Mindelo was of important strategic significance for shipping logistics. The city on the Atlantic is known for its carnival. Explore the rough, but sweet charm, of the Cape Verde islands.

Highlights of Mindelo
  • See the wonderful marine life
  • Ponta Joao Ribeiro
  • Cemiterio do Mindelo
Horta, Azores, Portugalfrom

Horta is the capital city of the Portuguese Azores Islands and is located on the southeast coast of the island of Faial. The city is historically an important port on the Transatlantic sailing route between Europe and the USA. Horta's marina is still one of the world's busiest, every captain to berth here leaves a painted message on the jetty, making the latter into a beautiful colouful mosaic. The Old Town is very picturesque with its cobbled streets and beautiful church facades, however, the city itself is very young and happening, thanks to the local university.

Highlights of Horta
  • Join the sailors in sipping on Horta's famous gin and tonic at the Peter's Cafe Sport
  • Enjoy responsible whale and dolphin watching accompanied by a marine biologist
  • Take a 10km ride out of the city to climb up to the top of the Caldeira
New Island, Falkland Islandsfrom

New Island is a treeless island located west of the Falkland Islands. Cliffs, sandy beaches and offshore islands are all on the northern side of New Island. The island is home to many varieties of animals such as elephant seals, sea lions, Belcher-petrels, gentoo penguins, red-billed gulls, black and brown albatross and Magellan geese.

Highlights of New Island
  • On the west of the island, see the cliffs whcih features a 600ft sheer drops
  • On the East side, relax in the tranquility of white sandy beaches
  • Enjoy the company of the incredibly tame wildlife

Rediscover the romance of a classic transatlantic cruise. While most cruises serve largely as a mode of transport to sail from one port to the next, a transatlantic cruise offers you the chance to relax and unwind with anything between 6-8 days at sea at a time.

Journey Back In Time

Transatlantic Crossings are historically synonymous with exploration and emigration. However, today a transatlantic cruise is something of a luxury sailing with long days at sea. Voyages across the Atlantic often conjure up images of uncertainty and nostalgia, with the first Transatlantic Crossing taking place prior to the 19th Century. Examples of some famous transatlantic liners engrained in maritime history include the RMS Lusitania, RMS Mauretania, RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 and RMS Queen Mary 2.

Wide Range of Destinations

Today transatlantic cruises incorporate the classical sail ideals of elegant cruising and sophistication, along with top-class amenities and entertainment for days at sea. A transatlantic cruise makes innovative travel possible by combining journeys to/from the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Americas so you can expand your exploration. This unforgettable experience enables you to discover a wide range of fantastic destinations, with cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Civitavecchia(Rome), Copenhagen, Fort Lauderdale (Florida), New York and more.