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Travel Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before you book, as they regulate between you and NCL (Bahamas) Ltd.Contractual relations established. By handing out the travel conditions through us and your booking, this contract will be a part of the contract. In addition, in the case of regular scheduled flights with international carriers, the terms and conditions of carriage of the exporting air carrier apply. These conditions are available at the travel agency or on our website. Please also read the section "Wissenswertes" in our travel brochure, or the FAQs-Wissenswertes on our websites |, because you will get all the essential information about your trip.


Our travel confirmation is the acceptance of your travel application. The basis for your travel application is the travel offer and the section "Wissenswertes" in the travel brochure or on our websites | | Thus, between you and all the travelers listed in your registration with NCL (Bahamas) Ltd. , A travel agreement has been concluded with the Norwegian Cruise Line and / or Norwegian, the travel confirmation contains all essential information about the travel services booked by you, if the content of this travel confirmation deviates from the content of the travel application NCL (Bahamas) Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Norwegian), which then has the right to accept the offer within 7 days, and Norwegian is bound by its offer during this period Web pages, e-mail or external booking systems accept the amended offer, or make a payment, or if the journey starts, the travel contract is concluded on the basis of this offer.


2.1 Please pay attention to the payment dates on the travel confirmation, as a late payment can result in the cancellation of your trip.

2.2 You will receive the security deposit with the travel confirmation / invoice. You can see from this that we have hedged the insolvency risk at Reisegarantung GmbH. This guarantee certificate gives you a direct claim against the insurer in the event of the insolvency or the insolvency of Norwegian.

2.3 Upon receipt of this security deposit, the following deposit per person shall be payable immediately:

1- to 5-night cruise
20% of the total price for 1st to 8th person;
20% for children up to 17 years.

6- or more night cruise
10% of the total price for 1st to 8th person;
10% for children up to 17 years.

2.4 Special conditions of payment apply to the "Garden Villa" category (Category H1 / S1) and higher-quality suites (categories H2-H9, S2-S7, S9, SA and SB): Category H1 / S1 : 20% of the total price for 1st to 8th person, children and infants
category H2-H9, S2-S7, S9, SA and SB: 20% of the total price for 1st to 8th person, children and infants.

2.5 With the deposit, the premium of an insurance brokered by Norwegian is also due.

2.6 The payment of the travel price must be received no later than 30 days before commencement of the trip on the aforementioned Norwegian account, without requiring a new request from Norwegian. If you have booked your trip only 30 days before departure or later, the full payment has to be made immediately after receipt of the travel confirmation with security deposit. Norwegian will send the complete, qualified travel documents by train. For bookings from 14 days prior to departure / departure, Norwegian will only accept credit card payments.


Without full payment, the travel documents can not be handed over. If the travel price has not been fully paid into the account of Norwegian (payments to your travel agency), you are not allowed to travel, instead we can demand reimbursement fees according to clause 6.1. Proof of non-incurred or substantially lower costs remains unaffected.Norwegian is not obligated to carry out the journey, if the travel price has not been fully paid up to the time of travel, despite prior delivery of the guarantee. The travel documents are provided in electronic form (e-docs). If you wish to receive paper tickets, you will be charged EUR 20 per person.


The scope of the contractual service offered to the passenger is given by the description in the catalog and on the Internet at |, as well as from the relevant information in your travel confirmation. The same applies to the travel price you pay. The prices in the catalog for cruises are the cheapest prices per person for double occupancy (studios, category T1, single occupancy) for the mentioned cabin category (indoor, outdoor, indoor and outdoor), at the time of printing (March 2016) Balcony cabin etc.). Also shown is the cheapest available package price per adult. The force at the time of booking, available rate for your cruise in the desired cabin category and your travel and departure date, please contact your travel agency or at our reservations The information contained in the travel confirmation is binding for Norwegian. Amendments and supplementary agreements (changes, special wishes, additions) to the contractual services require an express, written confirmation by Norwegian.


5.1 Performance changes

5.1.1 Performance changes before conclusion
Norwegian reserves the right to make changes to the prospectus information or tour based on legitimate reasons before contract conclusion, informs course on the Norwegian before booking. In the case of our cruises, changes of the travel schedule are possible at any time, eg due to official regulations, special circumstances of the shipping industry, medical emergencies, or if a different travel route is taken by the ship management in the interest of the safety of the travel participants or for reasons of weather. The captain shall decide on the necessary changes to the route and / or travel time. In the case of the cancellation of a scheduled flight by the airline and, for example, in the event that the airline does not comply with the timetable, a change of the airline, the aircraft or the departure or return airport may become necessary. For such or similar reasons, such alterations or amendments are expressly reserved. In accordance with the EU Regulation on informing passengers about the identity of the operating carrier, Norwegian is obliged to inform you of the identity of the exporting airline and all the flight promotion services to be provided during the booked voyage.

5.1.2 Performance changes after the contract
deviations and changes in individual travel services from the contractual contents of the travel contract, which become necessary after conclusion of the contract and which were brought about not by Norwegian bad faith, are permitted if the changes and deviations are not substantial and the overall character Of the booked voyage. The total cost of the booked voyage is impaired if its value or fitness is lifted, or more than insignificantly reduced, to the ordinary or the benefit presupposed under the contract. This is determined by the travel price, travel time and traveling time. Norwegian undertakes to notify you immediately of any changes. The amended service replaces the originally contractually owed service. Any warranty claims shall remain unaffected as long as the amended service is subject to defects. If the total cost of the booked voyage is unreasonably altered by such changes in performance, Norwegian shall indemnify you, free of charge, or withdraw from the travel contract without any fees. You also have the right to demand participation in an equivalent substitute trip from the Norwegian Program if Norwegian is able to offer such a trip from its offer at no extra charge. Your rights resulting from the change or cancellation shall be valid immediately after the declaration of the change by Norwegian.

5.2 Price changes

5.2.1 Price changes prior to closing
The reported price is at the time of publication (March 2016) current prices, they are binding for Norwegian. However, Norwegian can explain deviating from the brochure prices before the contract, a price adjustment is especially for those reasons be accepted
. 1 Due to an increase in transport costs, the charges for certain services such as port or airport fees or a change in the rules applicable to the journey in question exchange rates after the publication of catalogs.
. 2 If your desired and advertised in the corresponding Norwegian Cruise catalog and / or the arrival package and / or hotel program is only available through the purchase of additional quotas after the publication of the Norwegian catalog.
Norwegian to price adjustments for these reasons, therefore, reserves the express.

5.2.2 Price changes after conclusion
Norwegian reserves the right, with the booking confirmed prices for the event that change the cost of transport or the port and airport fees or newly created to adapt to the extent in which the modification or creation per traveler To the travel price if the start of the journey is more than four months after the conclusion of the contract. This applies exclusively to such price changes where the cost factors have changed after conclusion of the contract and this was not foreseeable at the time the contract was concluded. Increases or impositions of insurance premiums or government taxes and / or charges, or additional security surcharges for the respective taxpayer, are important factors which are important and not foreseeable for the increase As well as an increase in the exchange rate of the euro relative to the US dollar by more than 20% in individual cases. To the same extent, an adjustment of the agreed travel price is permissible in the event of a change in officially agreed transport rates. In order to justify the admissibility of the increase, Norwegian will provide you with detailed information on the individual fees and costs. In the event of a subsequent change in the travel price or a change in a significant travel performance, Norwegian shall notify you immediately, but no later than 21 days prior to arrival. Price increases after this date are not permissible. In the case of price increases of more than 5%, you are entitled to withdraw from the travel contract without a fee or to demand participation in an at least equivalent trip if Norwegian is able to offer you such a trip from the Norwegian offer without extra charge. You must assert these rights immediately after the Norwegian declaration on the Norwegian price increase.


6.1 Cancellation by the customer
, you can withdraw at any time prior to departure from the trip. We recommend that you do this in your interest for reasons of proof of security in writing. Your withdrawal notice will be effective on the day that it is received by Norwegian or your travel agency. If you resign, or if you fail to make the trip, Norwegian may require reasonable compensation for the travel arrangements and expenses incurred. Norwegian shall take into account the usual expenses and other possible uses of travel services when calculating the compensation. Norwegian shall be entitled to lump the compensation claim as a percentage of the holiday price, taking into account the following breakdown according to the proximity of the date of withdrawal from the contractually agreed start of travel. You are not obliged to prove to Norwegian that Norwegian has suffered no or a significantly lower loss than the lump sum required by Norwegian.

The flat rate cancellation fee per person is:
1- to 5-night cruise
to 31 days before departure date: 20% of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
from 30 to 22 days before departure ; 35% of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants
; 50% of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants: from 21 to 15 days before departure
day from 14 to 8 before departure: 75% of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
7 days and less before departure: 95% of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants.

6- or more night cruise
to 31 days before departure date: 10% of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
from 30 to 22 days before departure date: 35% of the travel fare for 1st to 8 . person, children and infants;
from 21 to 15 days before departure date: 50% of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
from 14 to 8 days before departure date: 75% of the price for 1. 8th person, children and infants;
7 days and less before departure: 95% of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants.

6.1.2 For cabins category "Garden Villa" (category H1 / S1) and upper suite (Categories H2-H9, S2-S7, S9, SA and SB) different cancellation fees per person:
up to 91 days before departure: 20% of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
from 90th to 30th day before departure: 45% of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants
in front from the 29th to 15th day departure: 65% of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
from 14 to 8 days before departure date: 75% of the travel fare for 1st to 8th person, children and infants;
7 days and less before departure Until the day of departure: 95% of the travel price for 1st to 8th person, children and toddlers.

6.1.3 If a booked double occupancy of the cabin is canceled by a person up to the 31st day prior to departure, the canceled cancellation fee shall be due for the canceled person under 6.1.1. The remaining person will be transferred to the corresponding single occupancy price in the booked cabin. From the 30th day before the travel date, the cancellation fee shown in 6.1.1 will be payable for the canceled person, the remaining person will not change the already confirmed price per person.

6.2 Reposting
At your request changes Norwegian your trip from registration (transfer) where sufficient space availability, are available.Any change to the date of travel, the destination, the place of travel, the hotel program, the cabin or the mode of transport shall be considered as a change of reservation. Norwegian will charge a booking fee of EUR 50 up to the 31st day before departure, with the exception of cases where the accounting change will be increased by the transfer. Rebooking charges of the airlines (depending on your chosen flight tariff) and all other charges charged by our service providers are always charged additionally. If you wish to transfer from the 30th day prior to arrival, this transfer can only be carried out, if it is possible at all, only after rescission of the travel contract to conditions according to section 6.1 and simultaneous new registration. Rebooking charges of airlines and all other charges charged by our service providers are always charged. When changing cabins of category "Garden Villa" (category H1 / S1) and higher-class suites (category H2-H9, S2-S7, S9, SA and SB), rebooking charges per person apply analogously to the cancellation fees mentioned in point 6.1.2.

6.3 replacement participant
up until the commencement, ie taking into account a reasonable time for organizational matters, the Norwegian must be reasonable, you can request that instead of you enters a third party in the rights and obligations from the travel contract.Norwegian may object to the entry of the third party, if the latter does not meet the special travel requirements or if his / her attendance is contrary to legal regulations or official regulations. If a third party enters into the contract, he and himself will be liable to Norwegian as jointly and severally liable for the travel price and the additional costs incurred by the third party, eg costs incurred by the airlines on scheduled flights.

6.4 Name Changes
At time of booking must be your full name congruent with all first and last names and the names of all co-pending trip with the valid passport Norwegian. A name change is any change in the spelling of the first or last name. Changes of name up to the 31st day prior to travel are only allowed against a processing fee of EUR 50 per person, plus all costs charged by our service providers. If you wish to change the name from the 30th day before the travel date, this change of name, if possible at all, can only be carried out after withdrawal from the travel contract according to clause 6.1 and simultaneous re-registration. When changing cabins of category "Garden Villa" (category H1 / S1) and higher-class suites (category H2-H9, S2-S7, S9, SA and SB), rebooking charges per person apply analogously to the cancellation fees mentioned in section 6.1.2.
Point 6.3 is not affected.

6.5 Processing, withdrawal, transfer and name change fees are due immediately.


7.1 Termination prior to departure
If the trip is due to force majeure (eg., By war, civil unrest, natural disasters, epidemics, government action such. B. Seizure of accommodation or transport, accidents, or other incidents that amount to the aforementioned examples) significantly Which are not foreseeable at the time the contract was concluded, both you and Norwegian can terminate the travel contract. Norwegian will pay the returned travel price immediately. However, Norwegian reserves the right to demand reasonable compensation for services rendered or to be provided.

7.2 Cancellation after departure
If termination occurs after commencement of the journey, Norwegian is obliged to take the necessary steps, you especially, if possible, for return transportation. The parties bear half of the additional costs for the return transport. The remaining additional costs will be charged to you as a traveler.


8.1 The contractual liability of Norwegian is limited to the triple travel price for damages which are not corporate damages (also the liability for breach of pre-contractual, secondary or main obligations), as far as a damage was not intentionally or grossly negligent by Norwegian. The limitation of liability shall also apply insofar as Norwegian is responsible for any damages arising from you solely because of the fault of a service provider (§§ 537 ff HGB as the actual implementation of EU Regulation 392/2009).

8.2 A claim for damages against Norwegian shall be restricted or excluded to this extent as a claim for damages against the service provider only on the basis of international agreements (eg Montrealer Convention) and on such statutory regulations which are to be applied to the services to be provided by a service provider Can be asserted under certain conditions or restrictions or is excluded under certain conditions. For example, Norwegian may object to the fact that the service providers are not liable for delays in aircraft, trains, buses and ships, so that Norwegian also does not have the right to refuse connections.

8.3 Norwegian assumes no liability for the information in hotel and local information, on whose emergence Norwegian has no influence and whose correctness Norwegian can not verify. Norwegian shall also not be liable if, on the basis of a travel document, the state-politic conditions and possible entry requirements change after the printing of this catalog, which makes it difficult or impossible to enter the country or destination. You will be informed as soon as possible about such and significant subsequent changes.

8.4 Damage or loss of baggage during embarkation or disembarkation must be reported. You are obliged to send a written advertisement to Norwegian or its agents. If cabin luggage is markedly damaged on the outside, you have to report the damage immediately, but at the latest at the time of your disembarkation. In the case of other, externally recognizable damaged luggage which has been transported by the flight crew or kept for you, you must report the damage as soon as it is handed back to you. If the damage is not visible on the outside, the notification must be made no later than 15 days after the disembarkation, delivery or after the date on which the delivery was provided. In the case of loss or damage to checked air travel luggage, please contact the airline or its representative at the airport immediately after the damage has been discovered, in order to have a damage report recorded. The transport, stowage and handling of the passenger with his own luggage on board always takes place at his own risk. Cabgage baggage damage is limited to a maximum liability amount of 2,250 units of account (invoice unit is the special drawing right of the International Monetary Fund. The amount will be converted into euro according to the value of the euro against the special drawing right). Per each customer and journey, insofar as damage is neither deliberate nor grossly negligent by Norwegian Was introduced. The limitation of liability shall also apply insofar as Norwegian is responsible for any damages arising from you solely because of the fault of a service provider. In the case of loss or damage to mobility aids or other special equipment used by a guest with reduced mobility, Norwegian shall replace the replacement value of the equipment concerned or, if necessary, the repair costs (§§ 537 ff HGB as the actual implementation of the EU Regulation 392/2009).


Travel insurance is not part of the travel contract and is not included in the travel price. Norwegian recommends the conclusion of a travel cancellation and travel cancellation insurance. It is the responsibility of the guest whether or not to take out insurance. Norwegian will not undertake any examination of the insurance company to determine whether the completed insurance covers all necessary and customer-specific requirements. The insurance partner of Norwegian, Europäische Reiseversicherung AG, Rosenheimer Strasse 116, D - 81669 Munich, offers you various travel insurance packages. You will find corresponding references to our partner on our website or within our online booking.Alternatively, contact your travel agent or an insurance company of your choice. When a travel insurance is concluded, the insurance contract is concluded exclusively between you and the insurance company. It is your sole responsibility to comply with the obligations arising from the insurance contract and to assert the rights against the travel insurance.


Norwegian has compiled an extensive shore excursion program (Shore Excursions), which is offered exclusively by local operators of the respective destination (port). Norwegian assumes the placement of these land excursions, which are not organized, supervised or controlled by Norwegian. The country tour program is provided by local organizers, which work independently from Norwegian. Organizers of land excursions plan these in accordance with the ship's deadlines. Land excursions can be booked either before the start of travel through your travel agency, the Norwegian Reservation or the Internet, or on board at the Shore Excursion Desk. As the number of participants is limited for some excursions, we recommend reserving the tours before your departure. Please note that the performance is limited to a minimum number of participants. This is published in the excursion program. Please inform yourself on board (Shore Excursion Desk) whether your reserved excursion has reached the minimum number of participants and is carried out. If the minimum number of participants is not reached for the execution of German-language land excursions, land excursions of different languages may be combined. The payment of the excursions takes place via your board account.Pre-booked excursions are due at the time of booking immediately for payment by credit card. In this context, Norwegian explicitly points out that all land excursions (including sporting events, theater visits, exhibitions, visits, guided tours, etc.) are optional or optional, and Norwegian for the services and actions of local organizers and performance disruptions In the execution of their programs. The agency activity of such external services is carried out by Norwegian as a pure service to your discharge.


Please note that the official on-board language is English, all announcements and safety-relevant measures (sea rescue exercises) are held in English. Therefore basic knowledge of the English language is necessary, further knowledge of the English language is recommended. Norwegian is committed to providing a German-speaking guest service and / or an international hostess on all ships (except on Bermuda cruises). The guest service should help you to remove any language barriers and to have a contact person in case of a problem of understanding. The international hostess does not have a tour guide, so she does not care about the organizational needs of your trip and does not take personal travel assistance. If Norwegian should not be able to provide this language service on a particular cruise, we ask for your understanding that this does not constitute a lack of travel.


12.1 Remedy
Should you have any unexpected reason for complaint, you can ask for remedy. They are obliged to notify the reception of the ship or one of the international hostesses without delay, in order to comply with the statutory warranty and notice rights, and to allow Norwegian a reasonable period of time to remedy it, unless the remedy is impossible or is replaced by Norwegian Refused. Norwegian may remedy the situation in such a way that an equivalent or higher value replacement service is provided, if this is reasonable for you. If Norwegian offers you a reasonable remedy after complaint, you must accept it. Sit a reasonable offer from, so you can make warranty claims for inconveniences no longer entitled.
Your remedy claims but sent directly to us:
NCL (Bahamas) Ltd., Wiesbaden
Office Continental Europe Branch
Kreuzberger Ring 68, - 65205 Wiesbaden

Helps Norwegian the deficiency within a to be set by you reasonable time off, although this is an obligation, you can take remedial action yourself. Hostesses or responsible persons on the ships are not entitled to accept any claims, they can only confirm that they have accepted your complaints. If you do not comply with these cooperation obligations by your own fault, you are not entitled to claims in this respect.

12.2 price reduction / termination / compensation
You can, if contrary to expectations during the journey, a lack according to § 651c Abs. I should choose to BGB, which could not be remedied, request a price reduction. The prerequisite for this is, in any case, that you have not neglected to omit this defect. You can also cancel the trip according to §§ 651e, f BGB, or demand compensation for non-fulfillment.

12.3 Exclusion of claims and limitation
deadline: Warranty claims are to be asserted within one month after the contractually stipulated end of the journey Norwegian opposite. We recommend this writing.
Limitation: All contractual travel claims (§§ 651c-f BGB) against Norwegian expire after one year, with the exception of the contractual compensation claims for compensation for physical injury or damage to health are due to be responsible for a Norwegian defect, or gross fault Of Norwegian and its accomplishments. These become statute barred in two years.The limitation begins with the day on which the trip should end with the contract (§ 651g para. II sentence 2 BGB). Claims resulting from unauthorized actions shall be subject to a statute of limitations within three years, provided that they do not result in maritime liability under the provisions of the HGB. These maritime damage claims due to death, damage to body or luggage become statute barred after two years.

12.4 If you do not make use of individual travel services as a result of an early return journey or for other compelling reasons, Norwegian shall endeavor to reimburse the expenses saved for the contractual beneficiaries, unless they are irrelevant or reimbursed Contractual, legal or official regulations. Your rights in case of cancellation due to shortage shall remain unaffected.


Norwegian is responsible for informing nationals of the state where the trip is offered about the provisions of passport, visa and health regulations as well as their possible changes prior to travel. This information can also be provided by Norwegian travel agency. The competent consulate will provide information for nationals of other countries. It is assumed that there are no peculiarities in the person of the customer and possible fellow travelers (eg, dual citizenship, statelessness). Every traveler from EU countries and Switzerland must carry a machine-readable passport (ePass) valid at least six months after the trip, including travel in Europe. Children traveling with a machine-readable passport for children can enter the USA without a visa, as long as the machine-readable passport for children's passport has been issued or extended before 26 October 2006. From the deadline 26 October 2006 machine-readable children's passports are no longer entitled to visafree entry into the USA, in which case a normal machine-readable ePass or a US visa must be applied for the child concerned. Due to European regulations the children's entries in the passport of the parents from 26 June 2012 are no longer valid. All children must have their own travel documents from this date. Persons under the age of 18 who are not accompanied by a parent who is entitled to representation need an officially certified declaration of consent from the persons entitled to education, which must be carried on the cruise. On cruises that include a Canadian port, people need under 18 traveling with only one parent, a written authorization of the non-traveling parent.
Please note that entry requirements to any time and at short notice change. The entry requirements valid for your departure date can be found on the websites of the Federal Foreign Office / Foreign Office or the respective Embassy.Our website informs you daily and also your travel agency informs you about the current regulations. In case you are interested in obtaining and carrying the necessary travel documents, possibly necessary vaccinations, as well as compliance with customs and foreign exchange regulations, please contact your local authorities. Disadvantages resulting from non-compliance with these regulations, eg the payment of withdrawal costs are at your expense. Please read in the heading to know which entry and customs regulations must be observed.
Aboard the Norwegian fleet US laws and health regulations apply. Please note that due to the stricter security situation, the "online check-in", ie the obligatory guest registration (ship manifest), must be available with your passport data, Norwegian, even if you are not entering the USA , You can refuse to embark This early registration is necessary to meet the requirements of the US government and you can quickly and easily download this form on the Internet at | | If you are not online, Norwegian will charge a processing fee of EUR 10 per person, but the online check-in does not replace the check of the validity of your travel documents by the local border guards, And port authorities for personal check-in at the embarkation port.


14.1 Passengers under 21 years of age may only board on board with a companion of at least 21 years of age at the time of embarkation traveling in the same cabin or in an adjacent cabin. The accompanying person must expressly agree to take responsibility for guests under 21 years of age. Norwegian may not sell alcohol on board to minors (persons under 18 years of age at the time of embarkation). Guests aged between 18 and 20 years are allowed to purchase and consume beer and wine on board with written consent from the parents (not valid on the routes around Hawaii and Alaska). On cruises that start and end in Europe, passengers of at least 18 years are allowed to consume beer and wine without filling in the Young Adult Alcoholic Beverage Waiver form.

14.2 Babies under six months are not promoted for safety reasons. For cruises with more than three consecutive sea days, babies have a minimum age of 12 months at the time of the cruise.

14.3 Pregnant women who have reached the 24th week of pregnancy are not promoted. Pregnant women must be able to present an English-language medical certificate of travel and the date of birth. Norwegian is not liable for any pregnancy complications occurring during the cruise.

14.4 Passengers with physical or medical problems who require special treatment must notify Norwegian when booking.In some cases, Norwegian asks for specific forms of liability. Norwegian has the right to reject passengers who are not allowed to cruise at the discretion of Norwegian for spiritual or physical reasons or who need a supply that Norwegian can not provide. Each impaired passenger must be able to take care of himself and travel with a companion who can assist him or her during the trip. Wheelchairs are to be brought by the passengers themselves and should be small and foldable. Mobility-impaired guests are given important information on gangways and tenders in the category Wissenswertes unter |, at your travel agency or at the Norwegian Reservation.

14.5 If the ship captain (for spiritual or physical reasons, in consultation with the ship's physician) have the impression that a traveler is not, or is no longer viable, or his health or safety, or the health or safety of other persons on board, then The shipping captain shall at all times be entitled to refuse the embarkation / re-embarkation of the passenger in a particular port or to require the disembarkation of the passenger in a particular port.

14.6 Wearing diapers in the pools or hot tubs is not permitted. Persons / children who need diapers may therefore not use these facilities, even with special floating diapers.

14.7 Should a traveler become infected with a viral infection or bacterial disease during the cruise, the ship's physician may ask the traveler to remain in the cabin for health and safety reasons.

14.8 Due to the sanctions imposed by the US government ( "OFAC") against countries such as North Korea, Cuba, Iran and Syria, US shipping companies are not permitted to enter into transactions with the aforementioned States and their citizens Of the States concerned generally prohibit booking and transport on Norwegian Cruise Line vessels unless they have a valid residence permit as a resident of a non-sanctioned State and can dispute their cruise and any board expenses incurred by a resident bank in a non-resident airline Sanctioned state.


Each Norwegian ship has a medical center where a doctor and a nurse are available for your medical care. Each Norwegian ship carries medical supplies and customary medicines in accordance with US Health Regulations and the International Council of Cruise Lines Treatment on board is however only possible to a limited extent and can only provide a basic care, in the event of a risk, the patient can be disembarked at his own expense in the next port of call , Which may be reimbursed to you in case of your insurance The services of the ship's physician are not part of the travel contract and the ship's physician is not subject to the instructions of Norwegian in his medical decisions.


You provide Norwegian within the framework of your booking personal data, which Norwegian needs to handle the journey. Norwegian handles the booking contract, taking into account the applicable data protection regulations.Norwegian uses your personal data to fulfill your orders, requirements and wishes and for your own market research.Only if you previously gave your consent to Norwegian, Norwegian also uses this data for product-related surveys and marketing purposes. Norwegian acknowledges that Norwegian uses your personal information, such as name, address and / or e-mail address, to provide occasional shipping of information about the Norwegian Latitudes Rewards loyalty program and newsletters by e-mail and / or by post. The use of your data for the purpose of sending this information will only take place if you have requested the sending via a Norwegian website. You may object to the use of your data for these purposes at any time by unsubscribing the information. Personal data will only be passed on to the companies involved in the booking process. Without your explicit consent or legal obligation, Norwegian does not submit your data to third parties.


Please note that check-in must be completed on the day of embarkation at the latest two hours before the departure time stated in the ticket. It is the sole responsibility of the guest to observe this entry time at the embarkation port. In case of non-compliance, all costs incurred by the guest are borne by the guest. At all ports of call, you may return to the port no later than one hour before the departure time. The official departure time of the ship is given on board for each port of call. It is to be noted that the time on board can differ from the time on land. It is the sole responsibility of the guest to return to the ship on time. All costs incurred to transport the guest back on board the vessel (eg state fees, visa costs, accommodation, food, transport costs, introduction costs, etc.) are borne by the guest. For your information, please read the section Wissenswertes on our website | or our brochure "Welcome aboard" that you as an online version. There you will learn everything you need from AZ. For further information, please contact your travel agent or the Norwegian reservations.
Jurisdiction for lawsuits against Norwegian is Wiesbaden. Only German law applies to the contractual relationship between you and Norwegian. This also applies to the entire legal relationship. Insofar as German law is not applied in the case of actions against Norwegian abroad for the liability of the tour operator, German law shall apply exclusively with regard to the legal consequences, in particular with regard to the nature, extent and amount of claims of the customer.