Most Frequently Asked Cruise Questions

Whether you’re perusing a cruise, waiting to embark or sailing across the Indian Ocean, questions inevitably arise throughout the selection, preparation and throughout your dream cruise. From what’s really included in the ticket price to the likelihood of getting seasick, the process can be befuddling for the best of us. To make your experience with us as cruise-y as possible, we’ve answered the top five most frequently asked questions.

What’s not included in my ticket? 

Good question. What is and isn’t included in the price of your tickets depends largely on the cruise company and ship. However, you can generally expect the following not to be included in the price of your ticket: personal expenses on board, beauty services such as massages, drinks and specialty restaurants, travel insurance, use of sports and wellness facilities, therapies and spa treatments, and tipping. Shore excursions and tours are almost always considered extras; these can be organised onboard the ship at the reception desk, but we recommend booking and paying for shore excursions in advance.

Do I really need travel insurance? And what about vaccinations? 

Would you drive without car insurance? Travel insurance is as important as packing a bikini for a Caribbean cruise. It can be a little confusing choosing one, so have a chat to one of our cruise experts if you need help selecting the right one for you. On the other hand, whether or not you need vaccinations depends on where you’re travelling. For detailed, official information, chat to your cruise expert or contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

How do I pay for things onboard?

Cruises are essentially cash-less. As you embark, you’ll receive a special boarding pass that not only allows you to access your cabin, but functions as on-board cash. Any spending you make while onboard will accumulate on this account and be charged to you at the end of the cruise.

Will I get seasick?

Did you know that a trip onboard a modern cruise ship is the safest form of recreation – with more than 14 million people cruising annually, and half of those saying it was their best travel experience ever? Pretty impressive, right? Modern cruise ships are equipped with a magical invention called a stabilizer, which adapts the ship to the sea’s movements. This stabilizer makes the ship a significantly smoother ride – the more stable it is, the less likely you are to get seasick. They’re so effective you won’t even feel most storms! Nevertheless, you’re particularly susceptible to seasickness, we suggest booking a cabin in the middle of the cruise ship.

What if I get bored?

Bored?! Unlikely! Why, getting bored onboard a cruise is as unlikely as a snowstorm in the desert. Cruise ships are cheerful, festive and social places with a fantastic range of activities and things to do – creating the perfect atmosphere for meeting new people and for creating a sense of community.

For singles ready to mingle, there are several social events available on certain ships. Princess Cruises, for example, host private singles cocktail parties and single-mingle dining, and Norwegian Cruise Line ships are fitted with private singles lounges that connect singles rooms together and have bartenders on hand at certain times of the day. And on selected voyages, Cunard, Crystal Cruises, and Holland America Line also hire dance hosts to keep solo travelers dancing all night long.

Modern cruise ships are packed with an extremely broad entertainment program including numerous shows, competitions, tours and workshops. There are swimming pools, spa areas, gyms, bars, buffets, restaurants, casinos, discos. It’s natural to need a bit of downtime after all that excitement, but cruise ships have you covered there, too, with cosy libraries, screening rooms and retreats where you can curl up with good book. The list is endless!

Still need answers? Head to our Frequently Asked Questions.

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