Most underrated destinations to celebrate New Years Eve

London, New York, Sydney – three cities iconic for their impressive New Years Eve firework displays. Perhaps it’s the way fireworks double their effect reflected in the Harbour. Perhaps it’s the big city vibes and huge crowds which create the perfect recipe for an incredible evening. But as CruiseAway’s team of cruise experts reveal, sometimes the most unlikely destinations offer the most unique experiences. Here’s our top 8 most underrated destinations celebrate New Years Eve.

  1. Port Louis, Mauritius

New Years Eve in Port Mauritius

As a holiday destination, Mauritius typically conjures images of a tropical paradise. But on New Years Eve it is more than and a haven of blissful relaxation, with a spectacular firework display taking place in its capital city, Port Louis. Set yourself up at the beach with a bottle of champagne and enjoy the magical moment of ringing in the New Year in paradise.

  1. Belgrade, Serbia

New Years Eve in BelgradeBelgrade, the jewel of Eastern Europe, transforms into a musical mecca on New Years Eve. Jazz, rock and roll, folk, pop and house music emerges from stages dotted throughout the city centre, which complemented with the harbour’s breathtaking fireworks display, make for one of the most beautiful visions of the River Danube.

  1. Hong Kong

New Years Eve, Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s display is technologically next level, with the New Years Eve night sky lit up by pyrotechnical stars that shoot from high buildings during countdown. Make a wish as stars glide past you at midnight from amidst a magical ambience.

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland

New Year's Eve in Reykjavik

There are no official firework displays in Reykjavik – because everybody brings their own! Icelanders traditionally enjoy bonfires with friends and family on New Years Eve, and if you are lucky enough, the fireworks might not be the only thing lighting up the skies, if the Northern Lights make an appearance.

  1. Trieste, Italy

New Year's Eve in Trieste

Mild Mediterranean temperatures, live folk music and festive crowds gathering on cobble-stone streets – what more could one need for a perfect New Year’s celebration? For the best view of the fireworks head to Trieste’s stunning Riviera or hop on a boat and cruise around the peninsula. The region’s remarkable coffee will help you to recover from the festivities the next morning!

6 Vancouver, Canada

New Year's Eve in Vancouver

Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary of confederation in 2017 and it all kicks off with a huge New Years Eve party in Vancouver. At midnight fireworks are shot from a barge in Coal Harbour, accompanied by beautiful synchronized music played on land.

7 Porto, Portugal

New Year's Eve in Porto

The historic city of Porto is sprawled across the stunning Douro River as it meets the Atlantic Sea. Waiting for midnight to strike in the new year is best spent riverside in one of Porto’s iconic wine cellars, sipping port and sampling the region’s delectable traditional fish dishes. Grandioso!

8 Danzig, Poland

New Year's Eve in Gdansk

Danzig is a beautiful old town that celebrates New Years Eve in historic town squares with festivities including fireworks and traditional music and dance. The next morning, take a trip to a beach on the Baltic Sea. The energising Baltic wind will quickly blow strength into festivity-weary travellers and the chance of finding precious amber stones is high. Legend has it that the golden coloured resin stimulates a renewed lust for life, getting you off to a perfect start to the new Year.

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