Most Romantic Cruise Destinations

Whether you’re a single seeking romance, newlyweds celebrating your honeymoon or lovebirds wanting to reconnect, there’s nothing more blissfully romantic than a cruise. Here are our favourite, most loved-up cruise destinations.

Bora Bora, Tahiti


With its crystal clear, brilliant turquoise waters fringed by blindingly white sand beaches and lush rainforest, Tahiti’s Bora Bora is the epitome of a totally-romantic, tropical paradise. Top Tip? Snorkel the crystal clear lagoons and get up close and personal with stunning marine life and brightly-coloured tropical reefs.

Santorini, Greece


With its sugar cube, chalk-white architecture, mammoth cliffs and endless blue skies, Santorini simply radiates romance. Top Tip? Lose your breath witnessing Santorini sunset from the western side of the island.

Paris, France


Paris, the city of love, conjures romance like no other; a city where lovers whisper sweet nothings in quaint cafes, stroll hand in hand through cobbled lanes and kiss on street corners in the rain – ooh la la! Top tip? Indulge like the French do onboard a dinner cruise along the romantic River Seine.

Venice, Italy


Romantic gondola rides. Exquisite Roman architecture. Delectable cuisine. Exquisite wine. Forget Rome, Venice is the most stunningly romantic city in Italy. Top Tip? Get lost with your love in the labyrinth of Venetian canals that make the floating city world famous.

lake louise

With glassy blue waters framed by the dramatically imposing Rocky Mountains, Lake Louise presents the embodiment of romantic serenity. Whilst not reachable by a cruise alone, Lake Louise is accessible with one of CruiseAway’s stunning fly, cruise, stay & rail journey packages.

The Hawaiian Islands


Dramatic coastlines, towering volcanic mountains, lush rainforests, beautiful beaches and breathtaking sunsets puts the Hawaiian Islands’ beauty in a league of their own.

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