Cruising: A beginner’s guide

shutterstock_240689383Ah, cruising. It’s one of the most popular forms of travel in the world, with more than 22 million people taking a cruise holiday – in 2015 alone! But for first time cruisers it can be a bit daunting with the sheer variety of cruise lines, ships, routes and destinations on the market. Which cruise line is for me? What cabin do I book on which ship? What’s included? What’s there to do? Never fear, CruiseAway is here with the basics for cruise beginners.

Choosing a cruise line

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of cruise lines on the market, but choosing a cruise company for your dream holiday is simple balance between your budget and your needs as a traveller. Is value for money your biggest priority, or a cruise that’s most child-friendly? Are you travelling alone, or with a partner or a group of friends? Are you all about immersing yourself in culture or would you rather sit back, relax and be pampered? Do you prefer to get more bang for your buck or are you after a truly luxurious experience? A little research and you can find the perfect cruise line that meets your needs.

Choosing a cabin category

9Choosing a cabin category also depends largely on your budget. Inside cabins are the most economical choice available and are located on the inner side of the cruise ship. Outside cabins are fitted with a window for you to enjoy picturesque land and seascapes as you cruise. Balcony cabins offer – you guessed it – a balcony, for you to enjoy the picturesque land and seascapes as you cruise. Balcony cabins also generally offer more spacious rooms and additional features. But for those after a little more luxury, try a Suite – top of the class, a Suite offers a balcony, a spacious cabin, a few added luxuries and access to exclusive areas, like the Aqua lounge onboard Celebrity Cruises.

What’s included?

As a general rule, cruises are full board, which means all main meals onboard are included in the cost of your fare. Some cruise lines offer competitive all-inclusive beverage packages, which provide fantastic value for money. When selecting a luxury cruise you can expect more to be included in the price of your cruise ticket, like special events and shore excursions, which are generally charged in addition to the price of your ticket.

What is there to do onboard a cruise ship?

Excellent question, cruiser! Cruise ships are nothing short of floating fun. In terms of Entertainment, programs vary from ship to ship but expect to enjoy the full, comprehensive entertainment program like Cabaret shows, concerts, comedy nights and more. A variety of specialty restaurants, bars and parties keep you entertained at night, with a massive range of facilities like swimming pools, slides, shops, kids zones, spas, open air cinemas, sports courts, golf simulators, athletics tracks, fitness centres rock climbing and even ice skating to enjoy throughout the day.

All that’s left now is deciding where to cruise! Check out our mammoth range of destinations here.

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