Harmony of the Seas: First impressions of a floating city

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“Incredibly impressive was The Ultimate Abyss. It is just so steep. Really, really cool!” – our Managing Director Felix Schneider

Massive, swimming city – three words couldn’t be more apt in describing the biggest cruise ship on Earth, Harmony of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean‘s epic new ship sailed for the first time with guests over the weekend and our Managing Director, Felix Schneider, was one of the lucky few to be invited on board.

We sat down with Felix to hear about his first experience aboard the world’s hugest cruise ship.

First impressions

“One word pretty much sums it up – massive! The ship is just huge; it’s not so often that you come across a ship that leaves such an impression. In fact, it doesn’t seem so much like a ship, but rather a floating theme park – a swimming city.”

‘It’s just so steep’

“You could see that Royal Caribbean put a lot of effort in creating a truly unique experience at sea – Harmony of the Seas provides a number of first-at-sea features. What I found among them to be incredibly impressive was the massive ten-storey dry-slide, The Ultimate Abyss. It is just so steep. Really cool.”

1439774593_harmony-infographic-0813v2Truly surreal

“Central park was remarkable. When sitting at one its cafes you’re surrounded by thousands and thousands of plants and you can’t catch a glimpse of any water. Combined with the fact you can’t feel any movement of the ocean at all, you actually forget you’re even on a ship. You feel more like you’re in a holiday resort, or even a city. It’s surreal.”

Professionalism on point

“The service and staff was exceptional. Everything was very well organised and professional. The staff on board were always really friendly and already very professional and organised, which is impressive to achieve in such a short period of time.”

Cocktails with a difference

“The most interesting feature on board would be the robotic bartenders. I got served a Cuba Libre by a robot! It was really fascinating that the feature has been so fine tuned. It worked perfectly. It’s a cool feature.”

Harmony of the Seas most ‘complete’ ship around

“I think Harmony of the Seas will bring an even more complete, more whole experience to guests. It clearly offers something for every cruiser, but would be particularly ideal for families. It has more of everything – more restaurants, more facilities, more activities, more ‘fun’ things to do. It seems to be family focused and in terms of what the ship has to offer, it’s the most ‘complete’ ship around.”

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