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I sailed on the Pacfic Dawn

I sailed on the Pacfic Dawn in March 2011 on the first Family History cruise organized by Unlock the Past and would like to say how much I enjoyed it. It was my first cruise and something I would never have thought I would do. I am the Historian on the sailing brig the Lady Nelson (out of Hobart) and have sailed on many voyages on this wonderful little ship.
The reason why I went on the Pacific Dawn was because of the family history theme and was so glad I did.
Today I gave a talk to the Seniors Club and told them about the enjoyable time I had, it was well received and they were very interested expecially that 240 family history were cated for and looked after so well by the staff and crew. Good luck for the coming one in November.

We did this tour in January

We did this tour in January it was absoulety amazing.
The only problem that happen to us was all the cyclones that were happining around then and we had to miss out on Vanautu which I was really looking forward to First was my first cruise and I which I could do it all again LOL.
Thanks for an amazing cruise Joyce

We cruised on this ship in

We cruised on this ship in January on a 7 night to South Pacific. A Girls holiday (ages 45-50), no kids , no husbands.We had an absolute ball. Highly reccomend rooms/suites with balcony, We had room A164 which was underneath Lido deck 12. Abit noisy due to tables and chairs being moved around. This was only a bother if you wanted to go to bed early, otherwise was not a problem. You MUST dine at the Steak House- Yes you pay $25 but it is worth it-The best Wagyou steak I have evey eaten. Go with a healthy apetite as it is a HUGE meal.We had slight to moderate seas so sickness not a problem.
Only disapointment was Cinema did not run movies continuously as i imagined, but there are other things to do to keep you busy.

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