Carnival Legend

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South Pacific & New Zealand

05 Apr 2015 SPECIAL
Legend, Pacific Islands ex Sydney Return
for 11 days

20 Apr 2015 SPECIAL
Legend, Hawaii Cruise ex Sydney to Honolulu
for 17 days

25 Sep 2015 SPECIAL
Legend, Hawaii Cruise ex Honolulu to Sydney
for 19 days

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  • CruiseAway has great cruise deals with the Carnival Legend for 2014, 2015 and 2016. Especially the ones departing from Sydney are favored by Australians. Check out our guide above! The ones marked with an orange ship are on special! For more information or details run your mouse over the little ships or call our service team! We are pleased to help you wherever we can!

    Discover stunning destinations on board the Carnival Legend! What's about an 8 to 12 nights cruise from down under to the Pacific? You find our available offers right here!

     Check out our YouTube clip to preview the Carnival Legend! Just click the PLAY button below: