Kreuzfahrten mit der Balmoral

Erklärung der Sterne
Für die Klassifizierung der Sterne nutzt DREAMLINES ein Bewertungssystem, das auf den Angaben der Reedereien und den Erfahrungen unserer Kreuzfahrtexperten basiert.
Welcome aboard the Balmoral, named after the famed home in Scotland of the British Royal Family and with over 700 cabins and you can look forward to a whole host of entertainment on a wonderful voyage.

Daten & Fakten

  • Schiffslänge
    218 m
  • Passagiere
  • Anzahl der Decks

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Decks und Kabinen

Balmoral Deckplan

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Balmoral Kabinen

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Lage : Marina & Main
Maximale Belegung : 1
  • Bathroom with shower
Kabinengröße : 12m²

Balmoral Kabinen

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Suite Cabin



The accommodation on the Balmoral consists of a range of cabins including inside, outside and balcony cabins along with cabins for single travellers and a number of different suites. Inside you will find a number of amenities to give you the most comfortable and safest voyage possible as you sail around the world, so while you can be on an adventure you can still retreat to your room at the end of the day and feel as if you are back at home.

Dining Information

You have a lot to look forward to on board the Balmoral from skilled chefs who will cook you the most delicious dishes made from the freshest ingredients. Firstly there is the Spey Restaurant where you will find great views and along with the Avon Restaurant serves a la carte menus. At the Ballindalloch Restaurant you will find class and an explosion of flavours with the zenith of dining being the swanky Gala Dinner . For a less strict time schedule you can have a great buffet at the Palms Café and then to enjoy food in the open air visit the Marquee Bar.

Entertainment & Activities

There is a great deal to keep you occupied on board the Balmoral, ranging from quiet activities to more exciting ones. You could for instance enjoy the fresh air our on the Sun Deck where you can sit down and soak up the sun on one of the folding seats coupled with a nice drink or even have a nice relaxing game of golf. Traditional deck games can be enjoyed out on the promenade such as shuffleboard. For those who like to try their luck there are gaming tables where you can find everything from roulette to Black Jack. In the evenings there are a number of lounges including the Neptune Lounge where there are also evening shows, the Marquee Bar has a great view outside and allows you to enjoy drinks both in the day time and the night and the Morning Light Pub has a nice relaxed atmosphere along with talented performers. For a quieter and more enriching time visit the library to escape the hubbub of the rest of the ship or go to the art gallery which contains great pieces for the enquiring mind.

Health and Fitness

To keep your health and fitness on board you should first visit the Fitness Centre to keep up your fitness regime or join a class for yoga or aerobics. For a nice swim please take a dip in one of the great pools and then there are also Jacuzzis by the aft pool. Spoil yourself at the Atlantis Spa and Salon where you can have a number of different treatments including facials, massages and waxing or get your hair and nails done .

Dress Code

Generally during the day time you can wear more casual attire but in the evenings it is advisable to wear more formal attire, and care must be taken never to wear swimwear in any of the eating areas.

Ship data

  • Entered service: 2008
  • Length: 218m
  • Width: 28.2 m
  • Tonnage: 43537 GRT
  • Speed: 18.5 knots
  • Number of decks: 9
  • Passengers: 1350
  • Crew: 510
  • Currency on board: Pound Sterling
  • Languages on board: English