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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Future Cruise Credit (FCC)?

A Future Cruise Credit is credit amount that you receive from a cruise line to use towards your future travel. Think of it as a gift voucher that you can redeem towards booking a cruise. Just like a gift voucher, this credit comes with its own T’s & C’s such as validity dates. This credit amount will be issued under the passenger name and is not transferable to anyone else.

Does Future Cruise Credit expire?

The Future Cruise Credit will normally come with an expiration date. There are two important dates to keep in mind, the first being the ‘travel by’ date, which is the date by which the cruise needs to be booked. The second is the credit expiration date. It’s very important to check the terms and conditions for each Future Cruise Credit.

Can I calculate how much FCC I will receive? How does the calculation work?

The calculation and the amount will depend on the cruise line; It might be the same amount as the cost of your booking or might be more to compensate for any inconvenience. We have seen majority of the cruise lines are offering 125%-150% of your cruise booking value as FCC. The important thing to remember is that the calculation is always based on base fare price. Cruise price is normally consisting of different elements; Base fare, taxes, port charges and fees, additional purchases such as onboard credit or shore excursions, add-ons such as drinks or internet package. For calculating the amount of FCC, only the base fare is being considered.

To avoid any confusion, the best way is to contact one of our experts and they will provide all the details.

We will also be able to tell you the amount you have available and also share the information about all the sailings you can use your FCC towards

Can I get a refund instead of Future Cruise Credit?

It is unlikely as FCCs are normally non-refundable however it may be possible depending on the cruise line. Future credit has been deemed as an acceptable form of remedy for compensation by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

What can I use my Future Cruise Credit for?

You can use your FCC towards a cruise fare of any future sailing, with the same cruise line. You can also use it to upgrade your cabin. Normally Future Cruise Credits can only be applied to new bookings, however considering

the current circumstances, some Cruise Lines are allowing customers to use their FCC towards an existing booking.

For scenarios that your new booking is cheaper that the value of your FCC, different cruise lines have different policies; in some cases the difference will be refunded to you or you will receive FCC for the difference and in some cases you need to make sure you use up the full amount by you upgrading your cabin for example.

For scenarios that your new booking is more expensive that the value of your FCC, you’ll need to pay the difference.

Depending on the cruise line sometimes the FCC might not cover initial deposit, extra purchases and taxes and fees.

Please make sure to speak to our experts for more information.

My booking is already cancelled but I have not received any Future Cruise Credit. How long do I have to wait?

During normal trading conditions, Future Cruise Credit submissions are updated almost immediately however at current situation, it may take several weeks for them to actually be processed. Our experts can check the status for you and provide you with your FCC number.

What happens to the add-ons that I have booked?

Different cruise lines have different policies for this, but the short answer is that the amount should be refunded. Since the FCC is calculated on the base fare, the add-ons refund will be done separately.

If there is a promotion or specific offer involved, our experts can help you find another sailing with the same offering and applicable promotions.

What happens if my booking gets cancelled again?

It will depend on what the cruise line’s policy will be but most probably you will be looking at another Future Cruise Credit issue and the expiration dates will likely be adjusted accordingly. Please contact our experts and they will find the best solution for you.

Does everyone get a separate Future Cruise Credit?

The Future Cruise Credit will be issued to each individual traveller on the reservation and the calculation will be based on the breakdown of charges per individual traveller.

I want to make a booking, but I have not received my Future Cruise Credit yet; What should I do?

You can still proceed with making a booking and have your FCC applied to that booking after however the terms and conditions will be different per Cruise Line. Some cruise lines will ask for a payment for the deposit and once your FCC is ready, the value of the credit will be applied to the balance of the cruise fare. Other cruise lines will not ask for a deposit and will allocate a part of the FCC towards the deposit amount.

Our experts can help you find the best deal and itinerary based on the cruise line and your Future Cruise Credit.