Australian River Cruises

Untouched and unaltered, the rivers of Australia are among the longest and most beautiful in the world. From the mighty Murray in the south to Sale in the north, there's an Australian River Cruise for everyone.

Australian Rivers

River cruising is the hidden gem of Australian tourism. Although most people might initially associate Australia with lush coast lines and the ocean (and they’re not wrong!) there’s a lot more to such a diverse country than that. The ancient history of Aborigine cultures, the untamed majesty of the outback; certain things can only be discovered in the heart of Australia and a cruise allows you to do so from the luxury of your boat.

A river cruise will give you a fresh perspective on Australia and allow you to discover something new in your own backyard. Discover the dramatic South Australian outback on a historic and nature based adventure through alluring ancient gorges and forests. Sample regional food and wines in addition to learning about the culture of locals such as the Aboriginal community of the Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park. For a quintessentially Australian experience seasoned with stunning riverside nature and enticing destinations, an Australian river cruise is the way to go.

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Expert tips for cruising Australian rivers
Our Recommendations
  Quick 3 Night Breaks
Voyage with Captain Cook Cruises from Mannum
Voyage with Captain Cook Cruises from Mannum
3 Nights with the PS Murray Princess
 January 2019 - March 2020
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  4 Night Getaways
  A Week along the River
Our Recommendations
Voyage with Captain Cook Cruises from Mannum
Take this short but worthwhile cruise along with Murray River and enjoy all the sites along the way,
Our advice:
Sit out on the Sun Deck while cruising and enjoy all the scenery of the outback. Have your camera with you!

  • Mannum - Mannum
  • Australian Rivers
  • January 2019 - March 2020

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Ports along Australian RiversAustralian River Ports
Mannum, Australiafrom
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Mannum is a historic town 84 kilometres east of Adelaide on the west bank of the Murray River. The name Mannum is derived from the Aboriginal name for the region. The waters of Mannum offer great cruising conditions. The origins of the town can be found in the development of the paddlesteamer and a paddlesteamer tour are a must-do when in Mannum. Also make sure to miss the Mannum waterfalls.

Highlights of Mannum
  • Travel old-style on a paddlesteamer
  • Explore the impressive Reserve Park
  • Sample local produce at local markets
Murray River, Australiafrom
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The mighty Murray River is Australia's longest river and stretches over 2,500 kilometers. The river begins in the Australian Alps, is the natural border between New South Wales and Victoria, and ultimately flows into South Australia. The Murray played a central role in Australian history; Aboriginals settled along the banks of the river and first explorers from Europe are believed to have navigated using the river.

Highlights of Murray River
  • Enjoy the perfect cruising conditions
  • Explore Australia's longest river
  • Experience the friendly towns which line the river banks
Murray Bridge, Australiafrom
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Murray Bridge is a city in the Australian state of South Australia, just 75 kilometres from Adelaide. Murray Bridge is often referred to as the central part of the Murray River region. The city is fast becoming a popular tourism destination, due to the favourable climate, friendly locals and the wide variety of water-based activities available. 'Monarto Zoological Park' a large open area zoo and safari park and is a popular attraction located just outside of the city.

Highlights of Murray Bridge
  • Enjoy the 'crown' of the Murray River region
  • Partake in a wide selection of water-based activities
  • Witness the incredible range of wildlife at Monarto Zoological Park
Australian Rivers

Australia has a lot to offer when it comes to rivers, offering a great variety of flora and fauna. Most of the Australian Rivers are located in and around Queensland and the East of New South Wales. The longest river in Australia is the Murray River, with its 2508 kilometres length.