Australian River Cruises

Untouched and unaltered, the rivers of Australia are among the longest and most beautiful in the world. From the mighty Murray in the south to Sale in the north, there's an Australian River Cruise for everyone.

Australian Rivers

River cruising is the hidden gem of Australian tourism. Although most people might initially associate Australia with lush coast lines and the ocean (and they’re not wrong!) there’s a lot more to such a diverse country than that. The ancient history of Aborigine cultures, the untamed majesty of the outback; certain things can only be discovered in the heart of Australia and a cruise allows you to do so from the luxury of your boat.

A river cruise will give you a fresh perspective on Australia and allow you to discover something new in your own backyard. Discover the dramatic South Australian outback on a historic and nature based adventure through alluring ancient gorges and forests. Sample regional food and wines in addition to learning about the culture of locals such as the Aboriginal community of the Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park. For a quintessentially Australian experience seasoned with stunning riverside nature and enticing destinations, an Australian river cruise is the way to go.

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Our Recommendations
Our Recommendations
3 day expedition on board the Vasco da Gama from Adelaide
Enjoy this 2 night getaway from Adelaide along the Glenelg River. Cruise to Kangaroo Island and then back to Adelaide. This is the perfect way to sample cruising if you are new to the industry.
Our advice:
When in Kangaroo Island, make sure you try the local cheese, wine and seafood - they are delicious here!

  • Glenelg River, Victoria - Adelaide
  • Australia,Pacific
  • 31.12.2019

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Australian River Ports
Glenelg River, Victoria, Australiafrom

Glenelg is a perennial river found in the Australian states of Victoria and South Australia. The river flows for over 350 kilometers, making it the Australia's third longest river. Glenelg is part of the Lower Glenelg National Park and one of Australia's most popular fishing destinations. Numerous efforts have been made in order to maintain the quality of the water which guarantee pristine conditions for both cruising and fishing.

Swan Reach, Australiafrom
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Swan Reach is a river port located on the Murray River in South Australia. As a nesting destination loved by wild swans, this area soon became known as Swan Reach. The port is located is between the ports of Mannum and Blanchetown. The town has sufferef from flooding in the past, meaning much of the town was rebuilt in the 1950's. The nearby Ngaut Ngaut boardwalk is a popular attraction. Aborigines. The Swan Reach Museum is another top attraction, outlining the story of the town both past and present.

Renmark, Australiafrom
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Renmark is a riverside town located 258 kilometres north-east of Adelaide in the state of South Australia. It is part of the rural Riverland area and offers excellent spots for fishing and water sports. Ruston's Rose Garden offers an unrivalled selection of roses in a glorious range of colours and hosts the annual Renmark Rose Festival. Renmark is also home to a winery, offering locally-produced wines. The Riverfront Walk is a five kilometre walk taking in the historical and most exciting sights of the town.

Murray River, Australiafrom
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The mighty Murray River is Australia's longest river and stretches over 2,500 kilometers. The river begins in the Australian Alps, is the natural border between New South Wales and Victoria, and ultimately flows into South Australia. The Murray played a central role in Australian history; Aboriginals settled along the banks of the river and first explorers from Europe are believed to have navigated using the river.

Pennefather River, Australiafrom
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The Pennefather River is found in the west of the Cape York Penisula. The river is around 11km long and at it’s widest around 2km. As with many places north of Weipa, the land around the lake is Aboriginal land and therefore it’s a good idea to go on an organised tour to avoid having to deal with permits and restrictions. The lake is also a top fishing spot with inland reef fishing, lagoon fishing and deep estuarine river fishing.

Echuca, Victoria, Australiafrom
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Echuca is a town in Victoria, Australia. The town's location, close to the junction of the Goulburn, Campaspe and Murray Rivers, was the reason for it being named Echuca - an Aboriginal word meaning "Meeting of the Waters".

Hawkesbury River, Australiafrom
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The Hawkesbury River is located to the northwest of Sydney in New South Wales. Together with the Nepean it virtually encircles the metropolitan region of Sydney. Hawkesbury River waters are ideal for cruising as well as a number of other activities and excursions. At Bobbin head, for example, visitors can enjoy bushwalks as well as fishing, while Wisemans Ferry offers the opportunity to kayak the calm waters of Hawkesbury.

Eagle Falls, Australiafrom
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Eagle Falls is located on the Drysdale River in Kimberley, Australia.

Sunnydale, Australiafrom
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Sunnydale is one of the easternmost towns in the state of South Australia. It is located along the banks of the Murray River, about 320 kilometres from Adelaide. Sunnydale is located just a 40 minute drive from the popular spot of Swan Reach. Sunnydale is also located in close proximity to the 'North East Bend' of the Murray River.

Mannum, Australiafrom
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Mannum is a historic town 84 kilometres east of Adelaide on the west bank of the Murray River. The name Mannum is derived from the Aboriginal name for the region. The waters of Mannum offer great cruising conditions. The origins of the town can be found in the development of the paddlesteamer and a paddlesteamer tour are a must-do when in Mannum. Also make sure to miss the Mannum waterfalls.

Morgan, South Australia, Australiafrom
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Morgan is a town in South Australia on the right bank of the Murray River, located 2 hours north-east of Adelaide. It is one of the river's busiest ports and the town itself lies at the part of the river whhich is widely referred to as the 'North West Bend'. Morgan is also a fantastic gateway to the National Landscape region of the Flinders Ranges. Morgan itself is steeped in history, the historic Wharf, highlights the role Morgan played in transportation, while the Morgan Historic Museum provides the perfect opportunity for learning more!

Blanchetown, Australiafrom
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Blanchetown is small township found to the north-east of Adelaide along the banks of the River Murray. For such a small area, Blanchetown has a richt and colourful history. Branchefield Historical Walk is a popular activity for cruises which allows them to learn about the area's fascinating story. Visitors just need to follow the map to uncover some of the less-known facts of the area.

Sale River, Australiafrom
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Sale River is located in Kimberley and flows through Doubtful Bay. The Sale River has an approximate length of 109 kilometers and hard become a very popular for river cruises as the calm which offer optimal cruising conditions. There are a number of gorges and beaches located along the banks of the river which make perfect stops throughout the passage along the river. A highlight for many cruisers on the Sale is visiting the Raft Point Indigenous Rock Art gallery.

Launceston, Tasmania, Australiafrom
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Murray Bridge, Australiafrom
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Murray Bridge is a city in the Australian state of South Australia, just 75 kilometres from Adelaide. Murray Bridge is often referred to as the central part of the Murray River region. The city is fast becoming a popular tourism destination, due to the favourable climate, friendly locals and the wide variety of water-based activities available. 'Monarto Zoological Park' a large open area zoo and safari park and is a popular attraction located just outside of the city.

Australian Rivers

Australia has a lot to offer when it comes to rivers, offering a great variety of flora and fauna. Most of the Australian Rivers are located in and around Queensland and the East of New South Wales. The longest river in Australia is the Murray River, with its 2508 kilometres length.