USA West Coast Cruises

Whether you're checking out Hawaii, headed to Alaska, or making your way around the world, be sure to add the West Coast of USA to your cruise itinerary. With a coastline travelling from Mexico to Canada, you'll be astonished by everything that lays between.

USA West Coast

A cruise along the west coast of The United States of America promises extravagance, glamour and luxury. While cruises to other traditional destinations offer their own, unique excitement, this cruise to the USA West Coast offers a different kind of breathtaking experience, allowing you to glance upon all the beautiful cities from Seattle to San Diego. The Views of Los Angeles available from the comfort of your luxurious ship are simply stunning, absolutely awe-inspiring. Before even scratching the landscape's inner surface you will be bombarded by day activities along the Bay, leaving little need to travel futher afield.

But of course, can you really travel along the West Coast and ignore all the treasures to be found beyond the Bay? Of course not! They are just too amazing to miss! Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Death Valley National Park, Redwood Forest are just some of the many reasons to venture futher into the surface and see its charm and mesmorising beauty for yourself. A West Coast cruise is sure to be a once in a life-time experience. Live it up big and embrace the superb sights along your journey.

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USA West Coast PortsTop Ports along the West Coast
San Francisco, USAfrom
AU$ 549
The metropolitan city of San Francisco is located in the Pacific. The urban landscape is characterized by the hippie movement of the 70s, the Victorian architecture and skyscrapers of the business district. The city and San Francisco is home to the world famous "Golden Gate Bridge." The city also offers a unique opportunity to take a trip by cable car across the hills of the city. The "Golden Gate Park" is also worth to visit due to its famous museums and gardens.
Los Angeles, California, USAfrom
AU$ 379
Los Angeles offers a variety of attractions and neighborhoods, including Hollywood will and Beverly Hills. Los Angeles is also famous for its beaches, such as Santa Monica Beach, Long Beach and Venice Beach. This city offers something for everyone from theater and architecture to theme parks and water sports.
San Diego, California, USAfrom
AU$ 429
San Diego is a sunny city in California with a vibrant urban lifestyle and some popular surfing beaches. Visit the San Diego Zoo or the Wild Animal Park! Discover California State Park with its historic buildings from the 19th century. There are many shopping opportunities in San Diego as well as numerous restaurants and cafés.
Seattle, Washington, USAfrom
AU$ 139
Seattle is located on Lake Washington and Puget Sound, a 150 km long, extensive bay. The city is considered the wettest of the United States and is also known as Rain City, although it is drier than many other cities in the United States - and there is much to discover here. For example, visit the oldest skyscraper in Seattle - the Smith Tower - the Seattle Aquarium and the Pacific Science Center. Don't miss the symbol of the city, Seattle Center, with its viewing platform, Space Needle, which was built for the Universal Exhibition in 1962.
Astoria, Oregon, USAfrom
AU$ 549
Astoria has nearly 10,000 inhabitants and is a typical American port city. There have even been a few Hollywood movies filmed here. Fisheries and timber industries are the main pillars of the city's economy.
Santa Barbara, USAfrom
AU$ 649
Santa Barbara is a city in the U.S. state of California. The city attracts many tourists year after year and is known for its Spanish-Mexican influence in the entire city. The city is also one of the most expensive residential areas in the United States.
USA West Coast