Transatlantic Cruise Deals

Be it the Americas to Europe or Europe to the Americas, it will be the journey of a lifetime full of majestic landscapes and relaxing days at sea.


There is still something exciting and romantic about a transatlantic cruise between Europe and the Americas. It is a route that has been travelled millions of times by immigrants and those seeking a better life, and many ships have succumbed to its power over the years. The 1912 sinking of the Titanic is just one of the reasons why cruises in this area are still filled with an overwhelming sense of adventure and wonderment.

Despite the popularity of commercial flight, thousands of people still make the journey every year. A transatlantic cruise is the perfect oppurtunity to travel from one continent to another while enjoying plenty of time to relax. Experience everything that your cruise ship has to offer on a grand journey where you can take your time and discover the very best of cruising. Enjoy shows, fine dining and time to socialise with friends or just sit back and relax while you cruise in comfort, a transatlantic cruise gives you the chance to do it all.

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Atlantic Awakening
Atlantic Awakening
25 Nights with the Sirena
p.p.from AU$ 9490
Pathway to Sunshine from Barcelona to Miami
Pathway to Sunshine from Barcelona to Miami
14 Nights with the Riviera
p.p.from AU$ 4380
Continental Explorer
Continental Explorer
26 Nights with the Riviera
p.p.from AU$ 8120
Caribbean and Transatlantic Excursion
Caribbean and Transatlantic Excursion
20 Nights with the Queen Mary 2
p.p.from AU$ 2792
Fascinating Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona
Fascinating Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona
14 Nights with the Silver Wind
p.p.from AU$ 6050
Ports of Transatlantic CruisesTransatlantic Ports
Jamestown, St. Helena, United Kingdomfrom
AU$ 3274
Jamestown is the capital of the British overseas territory of St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic. The city has about 700 inhabitants and is situated on the main island of St. Helena. The island is of volcanic origin. The main attraction of Jamestown, is "Jacob's Ladder", a staircase with 699 steps. In a climb, you can enjoy an impressive view. Other attractions include the Longwood House, the Plantation House and St. Paul's Cathedral.
New Island, Falkland Islandsfrom
On Request
New Island is a treeless island located west of the Falkland Islands. Cliffs, sandy beaches and offshore islands are all on the northern side of New Island. The island is home to many varieties of animals such as elephant seals, sea lions, Belcher-petrels, gentoo penguins, red-billed gulls, black and brown albatross and Magellan geese.
Tristan da Cunha, St. Helenafrom
AU$ 11498
The island group of Tristan da Cunha is located in the southern Atlantic Ocean and is described as the most remote inhabited island in the world. Tristan da Cunha is a British overseas territory of St. Helena and is inhabited by about 280 people.
Nightingale Island, South Atlantic Oceanfrom
AU$ 11498
Nightingale Island is an active volcanic island located in the south atlantic ocean, only 3 square kilometers in size.
Sea Lion Island, Falkland Islandsfrom
On Request
Sea Lion Island is, at 9m², the largest of the Sea Lion Island Group of the Falkland Islands. It is home to the Sea Lion Island Nature Reserve.

Rediscover the romance of a classic transatlantic cruise. While most cruises serve largely as a mode of transport to sail from one port to the next, a transatlantic cruise offers you the chance to relax and unwind with anything between 6-8 days at sea at a time.

Journey Back In Time

Transatlantic Crossings are historically synonymous with exploration and emigration. However, today a transatlantic cruise is something of a luxury sailing with long days at sea. Voyages across the Atlantic often conjure up images of uncertainty and nostalgia, with the first Transatlantic Crossing taking place prior to the 19th Century. Examples of some famous transatlantic liners engrained in maritime history include the RMS Lusitania, RMS Mauretania, RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 and RMS Queen Mary 2.

Wide Range of Destinations

Today transatlantic cruises incorporate the classical sail ideals of elegant cruising and sophistication, along with top-class amenities and entertainment for days at sea. A transatlantic cruise makes innovative travel possible by combining journeys to/from the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Americas so you can expand your exploration. This unforgettable experience enables you to discover a wide range of fantastic destinations, with cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Civitavecchia(Rome), Copenhagen, Fort Lauderdale (Florida), New York and more.