North American Cruises

This large diverse continent is waiting to be explored. With the rugged Rocky Mountains, sophisticated cities, never ending forests, and dramatic coastlines there is truly something for every type of traveller.

North America

North America is the story of ancient civilisations, a monumental history, nature's greatest template. It is simply an example of awe-inspiring ingenuity. Iconic cities, high-plain deserts, wild forests, undiscovered beaches and wilderness treks are just a few attractions that come to mind at the mention of North America. North America is home to countless visitor attractions ranging from the Yellowstone National Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and so is extremely popular amongst cruise enthusiasts. The list of things to do and see is endless and guaranteed to take your breath away.

North American Cruises promise excitement and adventure, be it trekking through undulating rolling fields, listening to the roars of rushing waters, or uncovering ancient rites. The diversity of cultures, customs and landscapes in North America makes it the ideal destination for satisfying tourists with varied tastes. With endearing natural wonders, mouth-watering cuisine, exotic wildlife and extravagant cultures, North America is an area where you will wish to return to again and again, and how better to do so than onboard a luxurious cruise ship?

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Fall Colour and Eastern Canada
Fall Colour and Eastern Canada
19 Nights with the Crown Princess
p.p.from AU$ 4549
North American Vistas from New York
North American Vistas from New York
10 Nights with the Crown Princess
 September 2017 - October 2017
p.p.from AU$ 1959
Canada and New England Cruise
Canada and New England Cruise
9 Nights with the Grandeur of the Seas
 June 2017 - October 2017
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Seaside Medley from New York
Seaside Medley from New York
11 Nights with the Insignia
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Cottages, Coves and Coasts from New York
Cottages, Coves and Coasts from New York
10 Nights with the Insignia
 August 2017 - September 2017
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North American PortsTop Ports in North America
Vancouver, Canadafrom
AU$ 139

Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada, between the sea and mountains, which provide a beautiful backdrop. A cosmopolitan city which is nestled in the great outdoors, Vancouver is the ideal place to discover the best of Canada, where you can enjoy skiing on the internationally renowned mountains Whistlers and Blackcomb and also experience a huge array of fine bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Stanley Park is a highlight of Vancouver, featuring beautiful beaches, paved and dirt trails and Canada's largest aquarium.

Highlights of Vancouver
  • Visit Stanley Park by bike, boat or hiking the trails
  • Dine on fresh seafood and enjoy B.C wine
  • Discover the wealth of shopping options in Vancouver
New York, United Statesfrom
AU$ 771
New York is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the world. The fascinating town which lies on the Hudson River is home to many different nationalities and cultures. The best-known and most popular attractions of the city, which are all worth a visit, include the Empire State Building, Broadway, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. If you have some spare time afterwards, it is also worth paying a visit to Coney Island.
San Francisco, USAfrom
AU$ 529
The metropolitan city of San Francisco is located in the Pacific. The urban landscape is characterized by the hippie movement of the 70s, the Victorian architecture and skyscrapers of the business district. The city and San Francisco is home to the world famous "Golden Gate Bridge." The city also offers a unique opportunity to take a trip by cable car across the hills of the city. The "Golden Gate Park" is also worth to visit due to its famous museums and gardens.
Los Angeles, California, USAfrom
AU$ 389
Los Angeles offers a variety of attractions and neighborhoods, including Hollywood will and Beverly Hills. Los Angeles is also famous for its beaches, such as Santa Monica Beach, Long Beach and Venice Beach. This city offers something for everyone from theater and architecture to theme parks and water sports.
Juneau, Alaska, USAfrom
AU$ 1037

Juneau is the capital city of the State of Alaska and is full of natural and cultural attractions. Surrounded by the stunning Alaskan landscape, there is a huge amount of activities available to embrace nature, such as flightseeing, kayaking, whale watching and fishing. There is also a wealth of cultural experiences to be discovered with museums, historical sites, art galleries and more. Juneau is sure to impress all visitors, whether you would like to visit glaciers and fjords or see the whales and dolphins local to the region.

Highlights of Juneau
  • Take a boat tour to glaciers, fjords and other natural wonders
  • Explore the history and culture at the shrine of St. Therese & Alaska State Museum
  • Enjoy some fresh Alaskan crab and seafood in a variety of restaurants
Ketchikan, Alaska, USAfrom
AU$ 1037

Ketchikan is an American city in Alaska, which is known mainly for its tourism and fishing. The city provides a perfect platform to explore the Misty Fjords National Monument, which is characterised by its steep valleys formed by volcanic activity providing spectacular views. There is a strong cultural history in Ketchikan with evidence of Native Alaskans seen in the totem poles and the Totem Heritage Center. Known as the 'Salmon capital of the world', Ketchikan will serve up fine salmon, crab, oysters and more in a variety of restaurants.

Highlights of Ketchikan
  • Discover beautiful nature at Tongass National Forest & Misty Fjords National Monument
  • Taste fresh seafood in any of Ketchikan's restaurants
  • View the wildlife of Ketchikan by land, sea or air
North America

North America is steeped in history from its rich colonial past to its present day fusion of diverse races, religions and cultures. This far-reaching continent has an abundance of diverse climates, terrains and vistas, revealing America in all of its spectacular wonder. A North American cruise promises to delight with a diverse range of impressive landscapes, iconic cities and rich history. These are just some of the reasons as to why the continent of North America is becoming increasingly popular among cruise adventurers and enthusiasts.

Canada & New England

Discover the vast expanses of natural beauty that Canada has to offer, while bearing witness to northern Canada’s diverse eco-systems and spectacular landscapes of unspoiled wilderness. Wine and dine along coastal areas of sophisticated ports with tall lighthouses in the quaint towns of Newport, Portland and Bar Harbor. Cruise the west coast of the USA and discover the delights and serene charm of New England. America’s Northeast coast has so much to offer, boasting some of the world’s most iconic cities and home to some awe-inspiring sights. Attend a delightfully dynamic Broadway musical in New York City, or discover the outstanding natural beauty of Niagara Falls which lies between the USA and Canada and witness the glittering water cascade into the basin below! Taste the south-eastern beauty of Florida, the US gateway for cruises to the Caribbean and home to aquamarine seas, sun-drenched beaches and year-round sunshine. Shop in some of the Sunshine state’s finest malls and sample the exciting nightlife in the area’s diverse bars.