India & Indian Ocean Cruises

The diverse, colourful and fascinating cultures and the exotic and flawless nature of the many countries and islands that compose the Indian Ocean.

India and Indian Ocean

India is a spectacular, spiritual sublime. Some of the world's most astounding architecture can be found in this area, ranging from the Taj Mahal to the Royal Palace. Beautifully scenic landscapes also contribute to India's lasting impression on tourists. The Himalayan Mountains are amongst the most talked about mountain ranges in the world, and they can be easily accessed here during your exploration through this mind-stirring country.

The limitless diversity of this region allows for constant discovery of cultures, landscapes and traditions that will remain in your memory long after you leave the Indian shores. Along the coast of India lies the Indian Ocean which is emerging as a thriving cruise destination. This ocean borders a vast range of countries ranging from Southern and South East Asian countries to Australia which allows for a huge variety of destinations to please all individual preferences.

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Ports in India and the Indian OceanTop India and the Indian Ocean Ports
Colombo, Sri Lankafrom
AU$ 1644
Colombo is a popular trading port and has many attractions to offer. The most popular attraction is the town hall in the suburb of Cinnamon Gardens. Other notable buildings are located in the historic center, the fort of the city. An interesting mixture of colonial and modern architecture exists here.
Kochi, Indiafrom
AU$ 1644
Kochi is located in southwestern India on the coast of the Arabian Sea. Local attractions include Fort Kochi, St. Francis, a 16th Century Franciscan church, the Mattancherry Palace and the famous Chinese fishing nets.
Mumbai (Bombay), Indiafrom
AU$ 1644
The Indian port city of Mumbai, known as Bombay until 1996, is located on the island of Salsette, off the west coast of Maharashtra. Mumbai is not only India's economic center, it is also one of the most populous cities in the world with an estimated 14 million residents. The city has a wide variety of cultural eventy. It is known to be home to many artists of classic and modern indian music as well theaters and dance performances. Some of the most popular attractions include the Fort quarter in which many banks and companies have been established, as well as the neighbouring quarter of the Old Town. Off the coast, on a small island, you will also find the impressive Haji Ali Dargah Mosque.
Port Louis, Mauritiusfrom
AU$ 2069
Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and is located in the Indian Ocean. With a population of around 170 000, the city is the largest as well as the cultural and economic center of the country. There are many attractions that you will be able to discover on a trip to the city. Visit the Meenakshi Hindu temple or the UNESCO World Heritage Immigration Depot, the remains of which used to be a camp for Indian laborers in the 19th century and should be on top of your to-visit list.
Mormugao / Goa, Indiafrom
AU$ 1727
Goa is the smallest state in India and is located centrally along the west coast of India. The surrounding area of Goa boasts a diverse landscape with its palm-lined beaches and emerald jungle. However, Goa does not only count on its nature to impress, visit some of the many impressive and well-perserved churches with their gilded altars!
Le Port, Réunionfrom
AU$ 2263
The city of Le Port is on the west side of the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean and is the commercial and industrial center of the island. The city offers its visitors a great port and a beautiful tropical landscape. Visit the Insectarium and take a stroll on the white beaches.
India and Indian Ocean

The splendour of the Indian Ocean not only lies within India itself but spans over various continents.

Some highly frequented ports include; Perth (Fremantle), Durban (South Africa), Mumbai (India) and also Singapore. This vast Ocean also contains some of the most paradisiacal islands on the planet. Locations such as the Seychelles, the Maldives and Mauritius are counted among the most popular tourist destinations worldwide and all call the Indian Ocean home.

Moreover, the beautiful Lakshadweep coral atolls, reefs and Sri Lanka’s unique flora and fauna all combine to make this one of the most untainted locations in the world.

Cruises to India Itself

India’s majesty is a result of its auspicious past steeped in spirituality and rich culture. India has thrived by repeatedly adapting and reshaping itself. It is constantly producing new forms of culture and absorbing new influences. Within India, there are numerous ports which are frequented by the most renowned cruise companies such as Mumbai (or Bombay) where Bollywood comes alive and energy pervades the streets. This bustling metropolis is both multicultural and traditionally Indian. Other ports include Cochin, a natural harbour, which was once the focal point for the Indian spice trade. Here you can explore the many palaces, museums, and forts of the city as part of an exciting onshore excursion.