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Given the award for “Best Cruise Line Itineraries“. You'll feel comfortable amidst the luxury and opulence on board the Princess Cruises ships.

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Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises, founded in 1965 as „the little cruise line that could“, is now a cruise industry giant, taking people to top destinations all over the world. Be it a laid-back domestic around Australia; a sail to the vanilla plantations of Raiatea in the South Pacific or an exploration of the tranquil shores and bustling boulevards of Asia – Princess Cruises has the itinerary to suit.

Wherever your Princess cruise holiday takes you, you will come back refreshed and enlightened. Onboard activities like “Discovery at Sea” and “Movies Under the Stars” or cabin amenities like the “Princess Luxury Bed” are bound to keep you occupied and comfortable during the days at sea. “Anytime Dining”, a Princess Cruises innovation, will make for relaxed cruising.

To add to the comfort of a cruise holiday, some Princess Cruises ships are based in Australia. Dawn Princess is anchored Down Under all year-round and uses the Aussie dollar onboard. Sun Princess has recently been refurbished and has a very high percentage of Balcony Cabins for spectacular views.

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Princess Cruises

Caribbean Princess
The Caribbean Princess started enriching the Princess fleet in 2004. Her highlights include the “Movie Under the Stars” open-air cinema and the local specialties offered in the Café Caribe, among many others.
  •  2004
  •  290 m
  •  3100
  •  19
  •  5 out of 5
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Coral Princess
The Coral Princess was built in 2002 and offers her guests a luxurious cruise environment with plenty of exciting discoveries. This ship is very well-equipped, perhaps most notably with her endless array of culinary delicacies.
  •  2002
  •  294 m
  •  1974
  •  12
  •  4 out of 5
from  AU$ 469 See Offer
Crown Princess
The Crown Princess is the most majestic ship in the Princess fleet. Luxuriously designed cabins and a great variety of modern features make this ship the perfect place to spend your dream holiday.
  •  2006
  •  290 m
  •  3080
  •  15
  •  5 out of 5
from  AU$ 249 See Offer
Dawn Princess
The Dawn Princess is the twin ship of the Sun Princess. Both offer an endless variety of delights and experiences. Let yourself be pampered with aroma therapies aboard the Dawn Princess while enjoying incredible views of the passing landscapes.
  •  1997
  •  261 m
  •  1950
  •  15
  •  4 out of 5
from  AU$ 339 See Offer
Diamond Princess
Experience the cruise of your dreams with the Diamond Princess! Enjoy the wonderful ambiance and the many entertainment opportunities aboard this modern cruise ship. You're guaranteed a fantastic holiday.
  •  2004
  •  290 m
  •  2670
  •  18
  •  5 out of 5
from  AU$ 589 See Offer
Emerald Princess
The approximately 3000 passengers aboard the Emerald Princess will be thrilled with all the exciting features on board, including everything from a cinema to multiple specialty restaurants to an exclusive spa area.
  •  2007
  •  290 m
  •  3070
  •  19
  •  5 out of 5
from  AU$ 139 See Offer
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Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises

Founded in 1965, Princess Cruises is an American-British owned cruise company of renown and has recently entered the top 10 most successful companies in the market. It has evolved exponentially over the past 35 years and now boasts a remarkable fleet of 18 magnificent vessels.

Its majestic flagship Royal Princess joined the fleet in 2013 and is currently the world’s 10th largest passenger ship with a capacity of 3,600. Her younger sister-ship Regal Princessis the newest addition to the fleet and epitomizes the elegance and sophistication of Princess Cruises.

In comparison to other cruise companies, the ships of Princess Cruises generally have significantly lower passenger capacities which make for a more intimate cruising experience. This allows passengers to truly feel comfortable amidst the luxury and opulence on the ships of Princess Cruises.

Why Princess Cruises?

With so many cruise lines available it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one is for you. So why choose Princess Cruises?
Recommend Magazine bestowed the title of “Best Cruise Line Itineraries” upon Princess Cruises, which is unsurprising considering the vast array of shops, amenities and facilities available to passengers. Princess Cruises’ signature outdoor screens are up to 300 feet wide and broadcast Hollywood blockbusters under the stars along with complimentary popcorn and other delicious treats for guests to enjoy! Onboard options for entertainment are almost inexhaustible with fabulous amenities ranging from computerized golf-centers to virtual-reality centers!