Island Escape Cruises

Luxury intimate adventures to Tahiti and New Zealand.
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Island Escape Cruises

Island Escape Cruises

Island Escape Cruises is a New Zealand based cruise line. The company was established in 2005 to offer a more intimate voyage experience around the incredible islands of New Zealand, Vanuatu and Fiji. The most significant feature of this cruise line is the small-ship cruises that facilitate the exploration of the more remote locations that large ships cannot access. On a typical journey around New Zealand you can expect stopovers at other smaller islands such as the glorious Waiheke Island, Great Barrier Island and Kawau Island. The final destination of this journey comes to a climax in the wonderful city of Auckland, the epicentre of New Zealand.

Island Escape cruises also includes cruise lines to the amazing sun-soaked islands of Fiji. The beauty of Fiji is unparalleled. It is becoming a more popular cruise and holiday destination as the years go by. The Island Escapes ship enables cruisers to travel between all of these little unique islands.

Island Passage – The Ship


Step aboard their 24-guest ship the Island Passage and revel in all of the luxury it has to offer. Having this amount of guests makes for a more communal and intimate experience. Accommodation consists of spacious staterooms and en-suite cabins filled everything a person staying on a luxury cruise ship would expect. The Passage was designed to prevent guests from feeling cramped and it has certainly succeeded in doing so.

Helicopter Excursion

The ship also comes with a specially mounted helicopter pad. The 6 seater helicopter is used to transport the cruise passengers around all the breath taking islands. This bird’s eye view of paradise offers an unforgettable exhibition of beauty and grace. Cruises such as ‚Secrets of Auckland‘ and ‚Bay of Islands‘ include a 15 minutes spectacular helicopter flight that departs from, and returns, to the ship. Passengers will be left wanting more!