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07 Dec 2014 SPECIAL
Insignia, Caribbean Rhythms ex San Juan to Miami
for 10 days

17 Dec 2014 SPECIAL
Insignia, Amazon Allure ex Miami Return
for 24 days


10 Mar 2015 SPECIAL
Nautica, Emperors & Empires ex Beijing to Tokyo
for 16 days

26 Mar 2015 SPECIAL
Nautica, Mythical Asia ex Tokyo to Bangkok
for 20 days

26 Mar 2015 SPECIAL
Nautica, Asian Delights ex Tokyo to Istanbul
for 55 days


04 Nov 2014 SPECIAL
Regatta, Amazon Odyssey ex Miami Return
for 24 days

28 Nov 2014 SPECIAL
Regatta, Tropical Breeze ex Miami Return
for 7 days

08 Jun 2015 SPECIAL
Regatta, Coastal Alaska Cruise ex Seattle Return
for 7 days

15 Jun 2015 SPECIAL
Regatta, Alaska Passages ex Seattle Return
for 10 days

25 Jun 2015 SPECIAL
Regatta, Glacial Explorer ex Seattle Return
for 10 days


05 Mar 2015 SPECIAL
Riviera, Mayan Mystique ex Miami Rtn
for 10 days

15 Mar 2015 SPECIAL
Riviera, Colorful Caribbean ex Miami Return
for 7 days

22 Mar 2015 SPECIAL
Riviera, Heart of the Caribbean ex Miami Return
for 10 days

22 Mar 2015 SPECIAL
Riviera, Voyage of Artistry ex Miami to Barcelona
for 24 days

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  • Enquire on Oceania cruises for an Oceania cruise deal in 2014. CruiseAway has booked over a 100 Australians on an Oceania cruise so far in 2013 and it is becoming a firm favourite. You can see our  Oceania Cruise deals on all five intimate and luxurious passenger ships, Marina, Regatta, Riviera Insignia & Nautica cruise ships.

    With the demand growing among Australian cruisers for smaller luxury cruise ships it is worth considering a luxury Oceania cruise from their global portfolio of cruises in South America, the Caribbean, the Pacific, Europe, The British Isles, The Atlantic or up in Canada and New England. Enquire on online or via the phone on an Oceania Cruises for 2014-15 or fllow the quick links and look for a last min Oceania cruise specials.

    Currently our most popular Oceania Cruise deals are spring 2014 speicals, the Oceania Alaska & Canada May cruise from San Fransico and the Europe cruises for Spring 2014 espcially the Oceania Mediterranean Cruise deals including a few Mediterranean fly cruise options and a June Venice with  2 day Florence city stay option.

    If you would like review the ships check out Oceania Cruise lines Regatta Class ships on this CruiseAway Ocean Cruise Youtube clip.