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    Hurtigruten is well-known for cruises through the breathtaking fjord lands of Norway. Furthermore they cruise to fascinating places like the Arctic Circle, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroes and Orkney Islands. CruiseAway offers a wide range of cruise deals with Hurtigruten. For example they cruise from Kirkenes to Bergen within 7 days or from Bergen via Kirkenes to Trondheim within 10 to 12 days.

    The ones who enjoy wild natural beauty will love cruising with Hurtigruten. The mid-sized ships enable an intimate setting for the passengers. Interested? So, what's about a cruise to the most northern point of Europe? Or cruising through northern Norway while the midnightsun is shining in summer?

    Furthermore Hurtigruten has a range of pre and after tour options which you can easily combine with your cruise. For example they offer overnight stays in a hotel built out of snow and ice. Moreover Hurtigruten offers a very unique and extravagant shuttle service. Since November it's possible to book a ride on a dog sledge. The ride from the airport of Kirkenes to the snow hotel takes you about 45 minutes. 45 minutes to lean back and enjoy arctic wildness.

    For more information about Hurtigruten you are welcome to call our service team!